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All You Need to Know About IP Blocking

Simona Lamsodyte

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To most people, the internet can seem like such a scary and confusing jungle. Not to worry, with a little explanation, even the most complicated mathematical equations can be resolved. To start us off, let’s first discuss what an IP address is. IP is short for Internet Protocol, while “address” refers to a unique number given to each online device. Whether you’re checking your emails, chatting on social media platforms, or shopping online, our laptops, mobile phones, and PC devices require IP addresses to direct us to the correct destinations. In turn, we are then able to get a responsive outcome. As mentioned, each IP address is unique: think of it as a personal identification tag. Even by merely switching your home router off and on, your IP address changes in an instant. This quick shift means that if you log onto the hotel’s Wi-Fi using your phone, your IP address will change once again. Besides, your IP address will differ from another person sharing the same Wi-Fi network. Fortunately, it’s not your responsibility to master this continually changing information.

What Is IP Blocking?

As you may already know, this world is not short of malicious people. That said, it is crucial to protect yourself from any potential external risks. Fortunately, internet gurus are continually finding innovative ways of protecting us from such attacks. If you discover that your website, for instance, is being tracked, you can easily confirm its “safety” by checking the IP addresses the hackers are connecting from. As a result, you’ll have full control of your website and stop intruders in their tracks through IP blocking services.

Why Do We Need IP Blocking Services?

As mentioned, IP blocking services are crucial since they provide us with security against intruders. Below we’ll address some other reasons people use these services worldwide. - To block spam and bots

Some online stores, such as designer shoewear companies, often experience overcrowding by bots purchasing goods in bulks. These websites may also receive numerous spam comments that may result in slow transactions and even crashing when combined with bulk purchases. - For content localization

Have you ever noticed how YouTube ads change to suit the country you’re visiting? This change is a result of IP blocking. Remember, your IP address changes as you change your location and internet service. It would make no sense to watch a French ad if you’re currently visiting Germany, right? - To control traffic surges

Have you ever been unable to access your favorite shopping site during sales? This is because retail stores nowadays employ IP blocking services to prevent crashes due to surges. - To prevent fraudulent transactions

If you’re a business owner, you can spare yourself from experiencing fraudulent transactions with untrustworthy IP addresses. You can do so by blocking buyers from the suspect region or country.

Why Is My IP Address Blocked?

If you realize that you cannot access some websites, the chances are that your IP address is blocked. Here are a few reasons why your address might be blacklisted: - It is easy to pick up a virus after surfing the web or opening spam emails. As a result, you might not have access to some strict websites. Fortunately, you can later visit these sites after removing the virus.

  • A live stream provider might want to prevent online users from viewing their content.
  • You might have recently engaged in “dark” internet activities such as cyber-crimes or illegal trade.
  • The website you’re visiting could be having inappropriate content that your employer may not want you to see.
  • Your employer might have blocked access to particular programs and browsers due to their contradiction with company policy.

Final Thoughts

IP blocking services serve to help online users, whether you’re a business owner or a simple internet user. If you find that you’re blocked from your favorite sites, do not panic. Simply identify the cause and unblock your connection to the website by changing your IP address using a proxy or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) . At IPRoyal , we have your back! You can enjoy content from your favorite websites, no matter your location. You are also guaranteed excellent service and affordable rates. For more information, visit our website today! Partner: 7bet

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