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How to Use IPRoyal Proxies With Kameleo

Milena Popova

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Most internet users have no idea that their browser constantly transmits certain data with the servers of every website they visit. This information, also known as browser fingerprints, allows websites to identify visitors, track their online activity, and recognize any automated traffic. It’s a tracking method that identifies visitors via their browser and specific device settings. This data helps websites ward off bots, gain marketing analytics, and do some other things.

Keep Your Browser Fingerprinting Under Control

Fingerprinting already disrupts web scraping. Looking forward, it’s safe to say that it will make all types of data gathering and crawling even more difficult. Fortunately, there’s a way to beat browser fingerprinting and ensure bulletproof privacy on the internet.

Kameleo is an excellent browser management tool available for Windows and Android. It helps users avoid all commonly used browser fingerprinting methods for completely stealth browsing. Users can run multiple virtual browsers on the same PC, each with a different fingerprint, so websites you visit recognize them as different users.

IPRoyal’s proxies take things a step further. By using a proxy IP address, you can change your location. This way, the websites you visit will see each virtual browser as a genuine visitor from a different part of the world. In other words, Kameleo changes all identifiable information, while IPRoyal’s proxies add an extra layer of privacy to make your traffic indistinguishable from other genuine users.

Setting up IPRoyal Proxies in Kameleo

Kameleo doesn’t provide a proxy service on its own, so users have to find one that works best for their specific needs. Needless to say, it’s crucial to go with a service you can trust to keep all your private data safe. IPRoyal offers residential proxies that are fast, reliable, and private. Each one comes from our very own global network of real users for 100% authenticity. There’s no sharing of any kind, so you can be sure your brand new IP address is reserved just for you.

Get the Kameleo app for Windows or Android from their website and install it. Once you open it, click on New Profile . Select your device type, operating system, browser, and language. Pick a profile from the list and click Select .

Kameleo main window

In the following window, look for the Connection box and enter the necessary proxy information. You can get your proxy information or generate a list in the IPRoyal dashboard and transfer the data from there. You can select the country of origin, state or region, rotation type (randomized or sticky), protocol (HTTP(S) or SOCKS5 , and the session duration (up to 24 hours) for sticky sessions.


Copy the proxy information to your Connection box in Kameleo. Check the Authentication toggle and make sure you insert your username and password you got from IPRoyal.


Click on Test Proxy button below, and you’ll get notified that everything is running properly.


Now you’re ready to go. You can now launch your brand new anonymous browser by clicking the Start button at the bottom.

Enjoy Smooth Web Scraping

Keeping your browser fingerprinting under control is essential for seamless web crawling and data gathering processes. If you’re tired of dealing with restrictions, bans, and blocks, Kameleo has you covered. As the app itself does not offer proxies, you need to make sure you’re using the best residential proxy service for effective web scraping and gathering accurate data you can rely on.

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