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The Latest IPRoyal Features: What They Mean for Your Business

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Justas Palekas

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At IPRoyal, we’re committed to providing all our clients with the best online experience. One of the ways we ensure each client gets exactly what they need when they need it is by constantly innovating and introducing new features for our entire proxy lineup.

We understand that each client has unique needs, which can change over time. Our mission is to ensure our services always provide the latest and greatest features you need to succeed.

In this blog, we’ll explore how the latest IPRoyal features benefit you and why we believe that innovation is essential for our ongoing success as a proxy provider.

Constantly Growing IP Pool

We’re constantly increasing our proxy server pool, which is currently at 8 million available IP addresses. The greatest benefit of this ongoing growth is improved performance and reliability of all our services. By distributing the traffic across more IPs, we can avoid overload and improve the response times of the entire network.

What does this mean for you? Accessing the internet safely and anonymously at all times. There’s no need to worry about slowdowns, running out of available IPs in a particular location, or any similar issues.

Flawless Anonymity and Performance

Our datacenter, sneaker, and static residential proxies recently got the option to use IPs from mixed subnets . The most significant benefit of this important feature is that it significantly enhances anonymity and helps you avoid IP blocking.

Mixed proxy subnets offer significantly better IP variety. Being able to rotate through different IP addresses makes it nearly impossible for websites and other online services to block you. Even if a whole subnet you’re currently using gets flagged or blocked, you’re always a single click away from a new one!

Easier Order Management

Static residential and datacenter proxy users also got the ability to filter their orders. You can now sort them by IP address, country, order status (confirmed, expired, or refunded), and notes.

We’ve received many requests for this feature and we delivered! Being able to filter your orders will make it a lot easier to track invoices and find what you’re looking for with just a click or two. More importantly, it will save time and effort and make the ordering process more efficient.

More Convenient Ordering Experience

Along with filtering, the order renewal process has gotten an overhaul. This new feature covers datacenter proxies , static residential proxies, sneaker proxies , and mobile proxies . You can now select how long you want to extend your orders instead of waiting for the existing ones to expire.

Here’s the most important part - this feature introduces additional discounts you can take advantage of. If you decide to extend your order for 60 days, you get 5% off. Make a 90-day extension and get 10% off. These new discounts stack with the existing ones, so being a returning customer pays off!

Greater IP Variety

Lastly, adding support for new countries is an ongoing effort. Our static residential proxies lineup has recently been reinforced with proxies from Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland. The same goes for our datacenter and sneaker proxies - you can now get proxies from Hungary, India, Lithuania, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

Adding new locations to our proxy pool benefits all our clients in terms of flexibility and choice. Aside from making it easier to access geo-restricted content, greater variety also improves connection speeds and privacy. It’s a win-win situation!

Here’s to Growing Together!

Our top priority is enabling you to optimize your online activities and maintain privacy with proxy solutions you can rely on. Whether it’s web scraping, SEO, social media management, or any other scenario, we’re looking forward to helping you reach your goals more efficiently.

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Justas Palekas

Head of Product

Since day one, Justas has been essential in defining the way IPRoyal presents itself to the world. His experience in the proxy and marketing industry enabled IPRoyal to stay at the forefront of innovation, actively shaping the proxy business landscape. Justas focuses on developing and fine-tuning marketing strategies, attending industry-related events, and studying user behavior to ensure the best experience for IPRoyal clients worldwide. Outside of work, you’ll find him exploring the complexities of human behavior or delving into the startup ecosystem.

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