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Understanding Mobile Proxies: How They Work & How to Use Them

Vilius Dumcius

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There’s a growing concern over security and privacy today. Hacking and data breaches are an ever-present threat in our connected world. There are genuine concerns about protecting both business and personal information. As a result, using proxies for business and privacy protection is the new norm. But for many, the term “ mobile proxy “ is relatively new. Subsequently, the details and applications of this category of proxies remain unknown to many internet users. Let us delve deeper into mobile proxies and determine how they can work for you.

What are Mobile Proxies?

Just in case you need a reminder or do not know what they are, let us first tackle what proxies are. When you’re browsing, proxies are the go-between that separates you from the rest of the internet. When browsing without a proxy, all requests are sent directly between you and the websites you visit. This direct connection means your IP address and other potentially sensitive information are visible to people who are not supposed to see it. A proxy shields you by keeping your IP address and other information private. Proxies mask your IP address by collecting all your browsing requests and sending them through their IP address instead of yours. All the responses are then sent to the proxy, which receives them and then forwards them to your device. In this way, proxies give you online anonymity. Mobile proxies are portable devices such as tablets or smartphones with access to the internet through mobile data. These proxies mask your actual IP address by replacing it with that of the device when you connect to it. Mobile proxy networks operate by rotating IP addresses and forwarding traffic through several mobile devices connected to 3G or 4G cellular network. The structure of mobile proxies comprises actual 3G or 4G connections that the service provider allocates to specific portable devices. This structure makes it challenging to detect masked IP addresses, resulting in increased privacy, security, and anonymity. The devices that are a part of IPRoyal’s mobile residential 4G proxy network make up one of the largest and fastest-growing global real peer 4G IP networks. Mobile proxies are always authentic. That means there’s an actual physical device behind every IP address. By making you look like a resident of the selected region, mobile proxies give you real, local IP addresses and make you untraceable. We typically use mobile proxies as pools of residential proxies , capable of switching the mobile IPs and transmitting traffic through various devices. Doing this makes it difficult to notice the masked IP. The result is a more anonymous and secure connection that’s just as accessible and convenient as a regular one. Mobile proxies will refresh on each website request when you visit any website through such a proxy. While it is possible to use the same IP extension for an extended period, it usually limits this to a few minutes. If a website blocks you for any reason, refreshing your IP address gets you around these blocks. Additionally, refreshing the IP resolves most internet connection issues and glitches. IPRoyal’s 4G mobile proxy service allows you to automatically replace your proxy IP at set intervals, every 20, 30, or 60 minutes, depending on your needs.

Why Do We Need Mobile Proxy

If you have encountered a CAPTCHA accessing Google on your device while connected to the mobile network, it’s usually because of the IP address you’re using. Mobile networks give you a new IP address from their pool every time you connect to the 3G/4G network. Once you log off the internet, the IP address goes back to the pool and gets assigned to the next user. If the previous user of the IP you’re using engaged in suspicious online activity, Google will flag it. As the next user of the IP address, Google will make you undergo CAPTCHA verification. A mobile proxy helps you avoid this inconvenience by masking your real current IP address with a clean one, meaning Google will never flag you as suspicious. If you never want to experience CAPTCHA, or have any mobile IP issues, get yourself an exclusive IP address.

Mobile Proxy and Social Media Management

Mobile proxies are useful for social media management. Most social media platforms see logging into multiple accounts from a single IP as suspicious. Those accounts will either face closure or suspension. Using proxies will allow you to log in as many times as you please without issues, as the IP addresses will vary for each account. There is just one rule - keep the same country for each account. IPRoyal’s 4G proxy service allows you to access up to 10 or more social accounts simultaneously. Our 4G proxy will enable you to run up to 40 social media accounts quickly and safely by operating in shifts. Price comparisons are another excellent reason to use mobile proxies. It is unfortunate, but some online vendors often present different prices for their products, depending on your mobile service provider or device location. In these cases, the only real way to verify the correct prices without being hindered or hoodwinked is to use a 3G/4G mobile proxy.

What About Free Mobile Proxies?

Though it may look appealing, we don’t recommend using free mobile proxies. In our experience, they come loaded with ads, add-ons, and sometimes may contain malware, putting your sensitive data at risk. It takes investment and hard work to set up and maintain a mobile proxy network. At IPRoyal, we have built and configured our server network to give you the best service available in the market today. IPRoyal offers you IPv4/22 and IPv6/29 address leasing services that you can use for data centers, ISP, wireless, marketing agencies, co-location providers, VPN, etc. All our IP leasing products comply with the RIPE NCC policies. IPRoyal’s 4G mobile proxies , private proxies , and sneaker proxies are very affordable, and we offer a variety of pricing options to suit your needs. With us, you can comfortably select the number of IPs you require without leaving a dent in your wallet. We also offer tailored solutions, so get in touch to see what we can do for you.

In Conclusion

Today, the majority of people browse the internet via their mobile devices. Modern tablets and smartphones allow us to work on the go. The increasing importance and use of mobile devices in our daily lives further support the need to secure these devices and the data we exchange with the world. Mobile proxies provide an excellent solution to present and future data security and privacy threats. Contact IPRoyal to learn more about how 4G mobile proxies can keep your data secure and keep you ahead of your competitors.

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