ISP Proxies: Speed & Reliability Combined

  • 500K+ ethically-sourced unique IPs in 31+ countries

  • Dedicated IPs

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Unlimited traffic

  • SOCKS5 support

  • API access

  • UDP and TCP connections

ISP Proxies: Speed & Reliability Combined
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IPRoyal ISP Proxy Features

  • IP rotation flexibility

    Rotate IPs manually or through our API. Make your own rotating ISP proxies if necessary—our features will let you do that.
  • Premium ISPs

    We want to create the best ISP proxies, so our entire pool is sourced from reputable and high-quality Internet Service Providers.
  • Static residential IP addresses

    ISP proxies give you datacenter-like stable IPs that are as legitimate as residential proxies.
  • Dedicated IP addresses

    Every ISP proxy belongs only to you—no one else can use the same IP addresses as you.
  • Unlimited traffic

    Once you purchase any amount of ISP proxies, you can use them as much as you need.
  • 24/7 support

    Get help on any questions you may have, whenever you need—our experts are always ready to help.
  • Accessibility

    As long as your use case is legal, we place no restrictions on how you use our ISP proxies.
  • No contracts required

    Buy our proxies and jump straight into usage—we don’t ask you to sign complicated legal contracts.
  • 31+ locations

    Our ISP proxy pool has IP addresses in many of the most sought-after countries, allowing you to access most geo-restricted websites.
  • Top ISP Proxy Locations

    Premium ISP Proxies

    Get all of the benefits of a datacenter proxy while maintaining the legitimacy of residential proxies. Every proxy in our pool is sourced from the most premium Internet Service Providers, making them a great option for those who value quality. Our ISP proxies will make any use case effective whether it’s web scraping or ad verification.

    Unlimited traffic

    Whether you buy a single proxy server or many, we’ll only charge you per IP address.

    SOCKS5 support

    Connect to your ISP proxy through your preferred protocol—HTTP(S) or SOCKS5.

    Intuitive Self-Service

    Our self-service dashboard is intuitive and easy to use while giving you complete control over your ISP proxies. Add more ISP proxies to your pool, get in-depth usage statistics, and transparent pricing—all available in just a single click.

      Detailed data usage insights
      Many payment methods
      31+ locations
      And much more

    In-depth Documentation

    Our ISP proxies are easy to integrate for complete beginners and advanced users alike. Read through our quick-start guides to set up your proxies or create advanced features through our API access.

    Trustworthy ISP Proxies

    Our goal is to become a proxy provider that would support businesses both large and small all across the world. ISP proxies are no different as they provide the necessary tools for use cases such as data collection or ad verification, allowing our customers to focus on creating value.

    10.000+ Clients Trust Us

    • Ibrahim Yavuz

      I had a fantastic experience with iProyal! Their service exceeded my expectations in every way. The website is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and access the services I needed. Moreover, the customer support team was incredibly helpful and responsive, addressing all my queries promptly and professionally. I highly recommend iProyal to anyone looking for reliable and efficient service. Thank you for providing such an excellent platform! Thank you for all your help Ray.

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    • Humphrey Mwaniki

      IPRoyal has been my go-to proxy service for the past year, offering quality and stable proxy services in a user-friendly interface, coupled with their stellar customer support. Their proxies have seamlessly supported both my home use and small startup business, providing consistent performance at reasonable prices. What truly sets IPRoyal apart, is their friendly customer support team that addresses challenges with efficiency and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.

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    • BeDaht Pro

      FINALLY I got something that was not detected as vpn/proxy. Tried everything before this and finally when purchasing a static residential proxy from IPRoyal I got an IP that was not detected by all the vpn/proxy checker services. Very happy. Also I added custom instructions to the order that I wanted IP that was not detected, manager May could have (or not) influenced the result. I tried a dedicated IP from large VPN providers, and it was detected immediately.

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    Trusted & Secured Proxy Network

    Customer-First Pricing Model

    Tailored pricing solutions for businesses of all sizes.







    / per proxy per month


    We accept

    • Unlimited traffic

    • Premium ISP providers

    • SOCKS5 supported

    • 99.9% uptime

    • Dedicated

    • API access

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    Our proxy experts are always available to help you find the right solution.

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    Our Proxies Compared

    SOCKS5 support
    Unlimited data
    Access the whole IP pool
    Traffic never expires
    City/state targeting



    Static Residential
    SOCKS5 support
    Unlimited data
    Access the whole IP pool
    Traffic never expires
    City/state targeting



    Frequently asked questions

    What are ISP proxies?

    ISP proxies (sometimes also called static residential proxies) are IPs acquired directly from Internet Service Providers. While they are hosted in data centers with all the speed and reliability benefits, their IPs are provided by ISPs, so they seem like regular internet users.

    How do ISP proxies work?

    ISP proxies are leased directly from ISPs, which use the same method as with datacenter proxies. ISPs, however, have the power to assign IPs to devices, so they can assign household IPs to their proxies. As such, an ISP proxy is a combination of datacenter and residential proxies, inheriting the benefits of both while providing none of the drawbacks.

    What is the difference between datacenter and ISP proxies?

    Regular datacenter proxies are created in a server with a single parent device providing IP addresses to the entire pool, making them easy to detect since websites can see that the traffic is coming from a server. ISP proxies (also known as static residential proxies) use the same process, but the ISP provides household IPs, making it seem as if the traffic is coming from a regular device.

    What is the difference between residential and ISP proxies?

    A residential proxy is created in household devices by users who want to share their internet traffic. Maintaining the same IPs is difficult as users can freely disable the service, their internet, or the device and the internet speed isn’t always crisp. ISP proxies (also called static residential proxies) get their IPs directly from ISPs, so they’re no different from a residential proxy in that regard, however, they are sourced from servers, which are completely stable and have top-notch internet speeds.