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Music is a pinnacle of both modern and traditional society. Studies have shown that it helps raise mood and get listeners excited. Perhaps this is why it is a common denominator in all human societies. With this in mind, this post aims to show you how proxies are essential to the world of music. How? It all boils down to one platform: Pandora. Read on to find out how proxies can enhance your listening experience and help you get the most of this streaming service.

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Pandora: What Is It?

Pandora is a popular music streaming platform based in California, USA. It is the third-largest music streaming service in the US, with 31.47 million active users as of September 2019. Furthermore, Pandora is restricted and only serves users in this region. Aside from contemporary music, the platform also acts as a podcast streaming tool. 

With a premium subscription of either $4.99 per month for Pandora Plus and $9.99 per month for Pandora premium, users can access the platform’s intricate features. Keep in mind that Pandora also offers free subscriptions but with significantly limited options. For instance, you have to watch ads to unlock certain features on the platform. Furthermore, you are exempted from listening to music offline and creating and sharing music with others. Finally, the application is available on both the App Store and the Google Play store. There is also a desktop app for Windows users. 

Why You Need a Proxy for Pandora

As mentioned earlier, Pandora is only accessible to users based in the United States. Therefore, if you want to use the platform anywhere else in the world, you will need a proxy for the same, which brings us to the core purpose of the present post. 

An IP address is used to represent your device on the internet, be it a PC, smartphone, tablet, TV, gaming console, or something else. This address shows the type of device you are using and your current location. Consequently, IP addresses for users outside the US will reveal their location leading to restrictions. 

Listen to Pandora Anywhere

This is where proxy services come in handy. In simple terms, a proxy comes between your current device and Pandora’s website and apps. How? Your request first goes through the proxy, which then forwards it to Pandora. In summary, your computer loses all direct contact with the streaming service. 

How does this help? While an IP will reveal your actual location, using a proxy from a specific location will make it look like you’re somewhere else. It is worth noting that our proxy pool contains millions of IP addresses from different regions all around the globe. However, for Pandora’s purposes, you should select a US-based proxy for you to get access to the platform. 

Web Scraping With Pandora: Why You Need Proxies

The world today is data-driven. In fact, information is well on the way to becoming the most valuable currency. With this in mind, data collection can be a real challenge and take an incredible amount of time and resources if performed manually. Since you do not have the time for that process, automation is the sensible path to take, and this is where web scraping comes in handy. However, we have still not answered one question sufficiently – what is the purpose of web scraping in Pandora?

It all boils down to the scope and kind of data you need. For instance, you might need to collect information regarding the US’s top 100 radio stations in 2020. This is a perfect representation of a situation that might require Pandora web scraping.

Typically, users employ bots for data gathering purposes, and these tools send many requests at a single instance. Therefore, too many requests coming from a single IP address will most likely raise eyebrows and lead to an IP ban. Hence, you need a large number of proxies for you to perform this process without detection.

The Best Proxy for Pandora: IPRoyal

When it comes to proxy services, IPRoyal has proven itself as a formidable player in the field. By offering proxies from real devices, the company has withstood the test of time and garnered a considerable customer base. With IPRoyal’s proxies for Pandora, you can listen to the music you like from anywhere in the world without having to worry about geo-restrictions. Contact us today!

The primary reason for using proxies for accessing Pandora is to bypass the platform’s strict restrictions. A proxy will display an IP address with a location of your choosing, which in this case is the United States.
Pandora proxies are intended to bypass the platform's geo-restriction policy that limits services to US-based users. With a proxy, your requests will be indistinguishable from other genuine US-based users.
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