Passive income online

Make passive money online by sharing your internet

Make Money Online

With IPRoyal, start making money online in just a couple of minutes. Simply install the app on your device, register for a free account, lean back, and watch your account balance grow.
Earn Without Compromising Security

Only our trusted partners use your internet traffic. The app itself does not have access to your device’s storage. With IPRoyal, you can earn without having to worry.

Make a Difference by Helping Out

Help other internet users just like yourself, as well as reputable companies. Your shared traffic allows making essential online operations and streaming geo-blocked content possible.

How it works?

Install the app on the devices you wish to use and connect them to the internet.

Run the IPRoyal Pawns app, which securely shares your internet connection with no access to personal data.

We use your connection to gather bits of information from the internet. You can check the business cases to see a more detailed explanation.

Companies use these gathered bits for various services.

How Much Can You Expect to Earn?

Your earnings will depend on the amount of traffic (in GB) you share with the IPRoyal network. The more data you share, the more you earn!

However, our users can earn from 10USD to 500USD per month on average for just keeping our app active on the device.

At the start, we pay 0.10USD per 1GB shared. However, for each hour keeping the app online, we add an extra 0.02USD per GB shared. For example, if you keep our app online for 12 hours, you will earn 0.34USD per 1GB shared.

A Few Other Factors Influence How Much You Will Earn

The amount you earn depends on the traffic sent to your devices. Here are the main factors that impact traffic flow:
Your location

The location of your IP address is an essential factor determining your earnings. This is because some locations are more valued by our partners than others.

The number of IP addresses

Your earnings are determined mainly by how many devices you have connected to different IP addresses. The general rule is that the more IPs you’re connected to, the more you will earn.

Network ping/speed

Your network speed and ping also affect your earnings. You’ll get the best performance on networks with speeds of 50Mbps and more and ping lower than 50ms.

IPRoyal Respects Your Data and Privacy

  • The app never accesses your storage or any other personal data
  • Protected from illegitimate device usage
  • No bundled software or ads


  • By installing and using IPRoyal Pawns on multiple devices spread throughout different networks.
  • By using one device per IP address. This would be the optimal way to use traffic.
  • By switching to the mobile network connection to spread the traffic itself.
  • By using our referral program. This way, you would get 10% of all of your referrals’ earnings!

Right now, we offer payouts from 1USD earned. As fast as you make 1USD, you can withdraw that to your preferred payment method.

Right now, we offer payouts to Paypal or Payoneer.

IPRoyal is the first-ever app that helps its users make money online by sharing their internet connection. People can now reach their data plan’s full potential and not leave any unused data behind! It’s a really passive income – effortlessly!

In short, you essentially employ your internet connection to make money for you. The IPRoyal network is actually used by researchers from e-commerce, marketing, and web intelligence companies. These companies gather insights from the web to enable market analysis, ad-fraud prevention, brand protection, pricing intelligence, travel transport aggregation, and SEO monitoring services.

Read more about how the IPRoyal network is used on our blog.

The app facilitates proxy services to third-party entities, such as data MarsProxies, CloverProxies, and other trustworthy companies.

Is it safe? Yes! Your security is important to us. And we do everything to know our partners!

Read more about the use-cases for IPRoyal on our Blog posts: SEO, travel transport aggregation, advertising industry, brand protection.

We don’t gather any data from our pawns. The only data we will need is what will be necessary for the service to work. This includes your email, IP address, and your preferred payout methods.

IPRoyal pawns app connection is inaccessible by outsiders and is fully encrypted, guaranteeing that the private information is unreachable. Enjoy peace of mind and make money from home without any security risks!

The legal age of majority depends on the country you live in. We advise you to check what it is. If you are underage, you might need to get your parent’s or guardian’s permission to use IPRoyal pawns.

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