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The Story of IPRoyal Pawns: A Proxy That Pays!

Every few minutes, another identity is stolen, and an IP address is blocked or banned. IPRoyal has been serving the community with the best network of proxies for years, and our reputation as a trusted leader in the proxy world is well-earned. While we are proud of what we’ve accomplished, we still strive to innovate in the proxy market.

In the last year, we launched a groundbreaking new service, called IPRoyal Pawns. This extraordinary new branch is a great way to earn passive income by simply sharing the bandwidth you already have.

So who are we? How did IPRoyal Pawns come to be? How secure is the process?

Here you will find these answers, learn more about us, and understand the process and security measures we have in place.

The Humble Beginnings of IPRoyal Pawns

The development of IPRoyal Pawns began in early 2020 and currently has a team of six people, with plans to expand in the coming months. We already had an excellent network infrastructure with IPRoyal and came up with the idea of allowing our users to earn profit by sharing data.

While there have been services that offer proxies mainly for business clients for many years, there haven’t been many services offering profitable residential proxy services.

It didn’t take long to realize that we came up with a remarkable idea! Using our custom-designed software and taking full advantage of our networking prowess, we have created a system where everyone wins.

In these challenging economic times, everyone is looking for easy ways to make extra cash. With IPRoyal Pawns, you can actually make money while you sleep! It’s a dream come true and a potential lifesaver for many people.

Profit in Surety With Top-Notch Security

All of this talk about our success and making money while you sleep would be meaningless without strong security to back it up. Thankfully, this is where we indeed are leaps and bounds ahead of our competition. At IPRoyal Pawns, the safety of our members is our chief responsibility and concern. 

Our company was founded on safety, security, and privacy, and we have not strayed from those ideals. We recognize that without strict safeguards, everything else will crumble. 

Just as our proxies cannot be used for spam or other nefarious purposes, IPRoyal Pawns maintains similarly strict safeguards. We designed our app with security and privacy as the primary focus. Our IPRoyal Pawns app:

  • Never accesses the local storage of your device
  • Doesn’t scrape your contact list
  • Doesn’t read your personal data, messages, or e-mail
  • Will never use your bandwidth for illegal activities
  • Does not contain adware, spyware, or malware
  • Isn’t bundled with other bloatware

So from a company born with privacy in mind, we recognize the concerns, and you can use our service with confidence. After all, your privacy and security are the most valuable assets you possess, and we understand that.

Built on a Solid Infrastructure

When it comes to proxies, speed and reliability are crucial performance metrics. A slow proxy will turn even simple tasks into excruciating torture as you watch progress bars stall and little “wait” icons spin endlessly. Likewise, an unreliable proxy will not merely try your patience but can lead to a vast loss of data and business.

IPRoyal Pawns may be relatively new on the scene, but we certainly aren’t inexperienced! Our Pawns service is built on a solid foundation and reliable infrastructure established by our parent company. IPRoyal has been serving the IP proxy community for years and has the networking expertise to offer outstanding service you can trust.

IPRoyal enables people to conduct business through our fast and stable network without worrying about delays, network dropouts, or data loss.
IPRoyal Pawns inherits this same excellent network performance and expertise, ensuring seamless operation regardless of time or location. If you ever have any questions, you can contact our friendly and knowledgeable support staff to quickly solve any issues.

Our Service Continues to Grow

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Even though IPRoyal Pawns is relatively new, we are growing exponentially and have plans to launch an affiliate program in the coming months. Our affiliate system will allow you to invite others to the Pawns system and earn an additional 10% from their traffic.

The best news is that there is no limit to the number of affiliates that you can invite. If you want more income, invite more people, sit back and let the money roll in; it really is that simple!

In these financially uncertain times, every little bit helps. With the IPRoyal Pawns affiliate service, you can get the extra income you and your family need without adding additional work stress.

That’s why our Pawns service is so innovative. The one resource everyone has in abundance today is bandwidth. Without ever leaving your home or doing any complicated work, you can use what you already have to generate much-needed income.

Join the Only Proxy Service That Pays

With over 100,000 members already taking advantage of our service and hundreds more signing up every day, why wait? You pay for your bandwidth already; it’s time to get some of that money back.

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions or are ready to get started earning some cold hard cash! And be sure to check out our other proxy services for all of your commercial and residential needs.

No hidden fees, blackout dates, and completely blacklist-free - whatever your need, IPRoyal has you covered!