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6 Best CAPTCHA Solving Tools

Milena Popova

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Everyone who’s ever spent a few minutes online knows what a CAPTCHA is. Countless websites we use often ask us to prove we’re human using the Completely Automated Public Turing tests to tell Computers and Humans Apart. If you’re just browsing casually, you can solve them yourself. However, what happens when you’re using an automation tool? This is where CAPTCHA solving tools come in.

Six Most Efficient CAPTCHA Solving Tools You Can Get Right Now

Bots can perform countless tasks, from web scraping, sneaker copping, and SEO research, to ad verification and beyond. These automation tools work faster and send more requests than humans can, so websites detect them quickly and counter this behavior with CAPTCHAs. Fortunately, you can bypass this limitation with decent CAPTCHA solving tools. Here’s a list of our favorites!


Capsolver‘s automatic captcha solver offers the most affordable and quick captcha-solving solution. You may rapidly combine it with your program using its simple integration option to achieve the best results in a matter of seconds. With a success rate of 99.15%, Capsolver can answer more than 10M captchas every minute. This implies that your automation or scrape will have a 99.99% uptime. You may buy a captcha package if you have a large budget.

At the lowest price on the market, you may receive a variety of solutions, including reCAPTCHA V2, reCAPTCHA V3, hCaptcha, hCaptcha Click, reCaptcha click, Funcaptcha Click, FunCaptcha, aws captcha, picture-to-text, and more. With this service, 0.1s is the slowest speed ever measured.

Death by CAPTCHA

With over 13 years in the business, Death by CAPTCHA is one of the oldest and most recognizable CAPTCHA solving tools out there. All you need to do is connect their API to your automation platform. You’ll send them your CAPTCHAs, and they’ll return the solutions.

While DBC uses OCR solving algorithms, human solvers deal with most requests, so their results are pretty impressive. You’ll get your solutions really fast, with an average time of under 10 seconds. Also, their pricing is fair for the accuracy they offer (92% at the time of writing), starting at $6.95 for 5,000 CAPTCHAs.


This tool promises to break any type of CAPTCHA you may come across. The software is versatile, offering integration with any platform, support for different CAPTCHA types, and the option to add new ones. Most importantly, in case GSA fails to solve a CAPTCHA, you can automatically forward it to another service.

Also, you can “train” the software to deal with new CAPTCHA types or improve existing ones. The GSA CAPTCHA Breaker offers a 5-day free trial, after which you need to purchase a lifetime license which costs $147. Finally, it’s important to note that free updates, new features, and support are included in the price.


With over 31,000 active users and more than 62 million solved tasks per day, CAPTCHATronix is a favorite of many. It’s 100% automated, so it works very fast, solving CAPTCHAs in less than a second on average. The tool is open source and well documented, so you can access the code and alter it to your liking.

With CAPTCHATronix , you pay for a monthly subscription instead of paying per task. Their Starter package costs $15.97, offering 25 software threads and 5 CAPTCHA threads. The most expensive option is the CX500 package (2,500 software threads, 500 CAPTCHA threads). However, you can contact support and discuss a custom plan if needed.


This one claims to be the best of the best CAPTCHA solving tools and the only solution you’ll ever need. From what we’ve seen, many users would agree with this claim. Unlike other options, CAPTCHA Sniper has a clear list of supported CAPTCHA types (3,669 at the moment) and their current success rate.

The software gets regular updates with new CAPTCHA types added, but you also have the option to add them yourself. It’s a one-time purchase at $57 with free lifetime updates, so it’s worth considering if you’re spending a lot of money on human-based CAPTCHA solving tools and services. More importantly, they also offer a 5-day free trial.


DeCaptcher is a true veteran of CAPTCHA solving tools. It uses custom OCR algorithms and human solvers for the tasks. In other words, it can deal with math, text, and image-based CAPTCHAs. It features quite a few APIs, so you can pick the one that’s easiest to integrate with your platform.

In terms of pricing, 1,000 tasks will set you back $2, which is higher compared to other options listed above. However, if you’re dealing with the most challenging CAPTCHAs where other tools fail, you can count on DeCaptcher to get the job done.

What do Proxies Have to do With Solving CAPTCHAs

Any website will start bringing up CAPTCHAs if you send a large number of requests in a short period. Without a proxy server, all these requests come from the same IP address, so they’re easy to detect. However, if you use multiple IP addresses in different locations, the website will “see” them as different visitors. In other words, your requests will appear organic and you won’t get any CAPTCHAs.

So, the best way to solve CAPTCHAs is not to solve them at all. Using reliable proxies with IPs that look 100% authentic allows you to stop worrying about CAPTCHAs and the efficiency of your preferred solving solution. Here’s where IPRoyal can help. We have our own global IP pool of genuine residential proxy servers covering 190+ countries. Each IP comes from a real desktop or mobile device using a real ISP internet connection. In other words, we can’t make them more authentic even if we tried!

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