IPRoyal Proxy Tester

Perform proxy testing safely
Our clients often ask where they can test the proxy speed, so we figured out that it would help a lot for the proxy community to create a tool where they can test the speed of proxies easily and safely. We created an application that helps you test any proxies you want and see which proxies work fine and how fast they are.
Proxy Tester

The free Proxy Tester provides direct and accurate ping times to any website in the world through any type of proxy.

Currently supporting:

  • Domain IPs
  • user:pass
  • IP auth proxies


The ability to test an unlimited number of proxies at once

You can test sticky and rotating proxies

Direct and accurate results for any website in the world

Support for IP authenticated proxies and user:password proxies

Support for IP and Domain proxies

Exporting working proxies to a txt file