Datacenter Proxies with Unlimited Bandwidth

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Datacenter Proxies with Unlimited Bandwidth
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What Is a Datacenter Proxy?

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies, like any other type, act as an intermediary between your computer and a destination server. Datacenter proxies are acquired from other businesses, which are running large clusters of servers. These servers are used to create many datacenter IP addresses.

Where Datacenter Proxies Excel

While datacenter proxies are easier to detect than residential proxies, they are significantly faster and more stable. Data centers will usually have a better internet connection than any household while also being less prone to being turned off when compared to a regular internet user’s device.

Since the proxy infrastructure is acquired from another business, datacenter proxies are usually more reliable and consistent in performance. A more reliable proxy infrastructure makes managing your business costs easier as well.

Shared vs Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Additionally, some datacenter proxy providers sell shared and dedicated datacenter proxies. Shared datacenter proxies allow many different users to use the same IP address. As a datacenter proxy provider ourselves, we believe that dedicated datacenter IPs are best as they allow you to take full advantage of the speed and reliability that datacenter proxies.

IPRoyal Datacenter Proxy Advantages

IPRoyal Private datacenter proxies are incredible at three things—speed, reliability, and price.


Each datacenter proxy comes from a dedicated server with a top notch internet connection and hardware. They beat out every other proxy server in speed by a large margin.


All our datacenter IPs are legitimately sourced from carefully vetted providers, which allows us to achieve huge uptimes of 99.9%, making them perfect candidate for a long-term project.


Datacenter proxy IP addresses are often the cheapest due to them being easy to procure and manage. At IPRoyal, we also provide discounts for bulk purchases, making each IP address even cheaper.

Datacenter Proxy Use Cases

Datacenter Proxy Locations







/ per proxy per month


We accept

  • Unlimited traffic

  • 99.9% Uptime

  • Not Shared

  • Industry-Leading Performance

  • SOCKS5 Supported

  • API access

Have a Large Project?

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Frequently asked questions

Should I use free datacenter proxies?

Free datacenter proxies can be tempting, however, most of them will be shared, at the very least. Performance will definitely take a hit and you’ll likely be missing many vital features such as the selection of datacenter proxy network locations or static IP addresses.

That’s the best case scenario. With free datacenter proxies you’ll also likely leak data to the provider who might decide to sell that information to third parties. So, you’ll be paying with your data instead of money. So, the best datacenter proxies are those that you pay for directly as they’ll give you better performance, reliability, and security.

How do I get started with datacenter proxies?

Setting up our datacenter proxies is extremely simple and quick. We’ve created a few quick resources to help you get started such as our step-by-step datacenter proxy quick-start guide .

If you’re still having troubles when setting up your datacenter proxies, don’t hesitate to contact our support by using the “Chat” button at the bottom right of the screen!

What is the difference between ISP and datacenter proxies?

ISP proxies are stored in data centers, but have an IP address that’s registered to an Internet Service Provider. They combine the benefits of residential and datacenter proxies into one package, providing speed, reliability, and low detection rates. Additionally, they’ll also usually be dedicated proxies, allowing you to take advantage of all these features according to your own needs.

Are datacenter proxies detectable?

Detection capabilities will depend upon the website, but, in general, datacenter proxies can be detected more easily than residential IPs. Datacenter proxy servers have IPs that originated from business-owned machines, which makes them seem a little more suspicious. As such, some websites may choose to ban datacenter proxy IPs earlier than those of residential proxies.

Datacenter and residential proxies: which is better?

Neither datacenter proxy servers nor residential proxy servers are strictly better. Datacenter proxies are better at tasks where speed and stability is the most important while residential proxies are better at tasks where IP bans and CAPTCHAs are highly likely.

Finally, both residential and datacenter proxies can let you bypass geo-restrictions. Residential IPs might be slightly better than datacenter proxies at doing so as they have more IP addresses in most proxy provider pools.