Residential Proxies: No More Blocks or Restrictions

  • 32M+ ethically-sourced unique IPs in 195 countries

  • Target country, state, and city-level

  • Rotating and sticky sessions

  • ~99.7% success rate

  • 24/7 support

  • No monthly commitment

Residential Proxies: No More Blocks or Restrictions
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IPRoyal Residential Proxy Features

  • Dedicated residential IPs

    Use residential proxies all your own—no one else gets to share your IP addresses.
  • 195+ locations

    Get real residential IPs from any area of the world and access all localized content without any issues.
  • Sticky residential IPs

    Maintain the same IP address by creating a sticky session for up to 7 days.
  • No contracts required

    You won’t have to sign any complicated contracts or commitments to start using our residential proxies.
  • Unlimited sessions

    We place no restrictions on the amount of concurrent sessions—use as many as you need.
  • Accessibility

    Our residential proxies work on every website as we place no access restrictions.
  • Auto-rotate

    Replace your residential proxy IP automatically by setting a second, minute, hour, or day-based interval.
  • Manual IP change

    Switch your residential proxy IP address with a single click in the dashboard or via an API request.
  • Never get blocked

    IP blocks are no match for our residential proxy network as you can change IPs at any moment.
  • Top Residential Proxy Locations

    All Locations

    Why Choose Residential Proxies

    Premium Residential Proxies

    Take advantage of our real residential IPs that will let you easily avoid all of the common obstacles. IP blocks, CAPTCHAs, and geo-restrictions will be a thing of the past with our residential proxy network. Exceptional performance is ensured by our engineering team that monitors our proxy pool around the clock.

    Never-expiring internet traffic. You’re in control — use our residential IPs as needed, no expiration.

    Empowering businesses worldwide. Fuel your success with a global residential proxy network.

    Complete Self-Service

    Get full control of your residential proxy plan through our intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard. On-demand and pay-as-you-go purchasing, traffic control, and full self-service will help you create an uninterrupted workflow for web scraping and other operations.

      Detailed data usage insights
      Manual or automatic top-up
      Whitelist IP addresses
      And much more

    Tailored for Both Developers and Everyday Users

    Manage your residential proxies in a way that best suits your needs. Our residential proxy API and many other integration features will fit all projects, ranging from account creation to advanced web scraping.

    Trustworthy Residential Proxies

    We strive to create the best residential proxies on the market with the most seamless user experience. Our consistent work on trust, performance, and customer-centricity allows us to create a business environment that helps our customers succeed in all ventures.

    10.000+ Clients Trust Us

    Trusted & Secured Proxy Network

    Customer-First Pricing Models

    Tailored pricing solutions for fast-growing businesses of all sizes.








    We accept

    • Traffic never expires

    • Flexible rotation options

    • SOCKS5 supported

    • Sticky sessions

    • City/State targeting

    • API access

    Have a Large Project?

    Our proxy experts are always available to help you find the right solution.

    How Are Companies Using Our Residential Proxy Service?

    All Use Cases

    Our Proxies Compared

    SOCKS5 support
    Unlimited data
    Access the whole IP pool
    Traffic never expires
    City/state targeting
    Static Residential
    SOCKS5 support
    Unlimited data
    Access the whole IP pool
    Traffic never expires
    City/state targeting

    Learning Center


    What is a residential proxy?

    A residential proxy is an intermediary server that collects requests from a device and forwards it to a destination website or application while making it seem that residential proxy is the original source of the connection request. Unlike other proxies, residential IP addresses are acquired from household devices, which makes them seem like regular internet users.

    Are residential proxies safe?

    Yes. Residential proxies are connected to household devices, which get their IP addresses from reputable internet service providers. Proxy servers have the highest IP scores for trust and reputation, so you don’t need to worry about your safety while using them.

    Can residential proxies be detected?

    No. There’s no way for a website, app, or any other online service to determine if you’re using a residential proxy. Only free residential proxies may have the possibility of being detected. As such, you should always use residential proxies that you pay for.

    What are static and rotating residential proxies?

    Static residential proxies provide you with an IP address for a long period of time with no bandwidth limit. A rotating residential proxy, on the other hand, changes IPs at set intervals or with every request, letting you avoid IP blocks with ease.

    Are residential proxies legal?

    Yes, a residential IP address is acquired from a regular internet user’s device. Usage of residential proxies for some use cases, however, may be subject to certain laws and terms.

    How do you test residential proxies?

    You can test your rotating and static residential proxies for any website with our IPRoyal Proxy Tester . It works on Windows and allows you to check your proxy type, speed, and the current status of multiple proxies at once. You can also filter the results and export working proxies in .txt format.

    Does IPRoyal offer pay-as-you-go residential proxies?

    Yes. Our residential proxy service is based on a pay-as-you-go model where you only pay for the traffic you use. Buying a larger amount of traffic at once includes significant discounts (up to 75%). The traffic you purchase never expires - your residential proxies work for as long as you use up everything you paid for.

    Does IPRoyal offer unlimited bandwidth for residential proxies?

    Yes. Our static residential proxy pool offers genuine residential proxies with no bandwidth or session limitations. Static residential proxies use the same IP address for your plan’s duration (leases are available for 1, 30, 60, or 90 days), and offer unlimited bandwidth during this time. Note that these are not rotating residential proxies, which have a different pricing plan.

    Can I use IPRoyal residential proxies for DDoS attacks?

    No. IPRoyal residential proxies (or any other service) explicitly prohibit any activities that cause damage, service disruption, or engage in any other illegal activity. You can find more information in our Terms of Service.

    How much do residential proxies cost?

    The cost of rotating residential proxies is based on traffic and purchase plan. Plans start at $7 per GB, and can be discounted as low as $1.75 per GB when purchased in bulk. Your traffic never expires, so purchasing traffic in bulk is an extremely cost-effective option.