Online Proxy Checker

Our high-speed proxy checker allows you to test your proxies and see which of them works while learning more information about them. Test an entire proxy list quickly and efficiently at no charge!

Why You Need IPRoyal's Proxy Checker?

How to Use It?

What Can Our Proxy Checker Reveal?

IPRoyal’s proxy checker is compatible with all free proxies in IP:PORT format. You can use it to check all proxy types and get the information you need to decide if they are the right fit for your tasks.

Some of the information the proxy checker reports include:

  • The status of proxies, which helps you see if they are available or not

  • The location of proxies, which is crucial for tasks such as geotargeted advertising, localized testing, and anything else that requires using IPs from a specific location

  • The proxy type, which ensures you use proxies with the right protocol

Testing your proxies should be the first thing to do when acquiring them, especially when they are free. Their effectiveness depends on correct testing to see if you have the proxy type that suits your needs and can provide the desired results. And with our state-of-the-art proxy checker, you can be sure you use the right anonymous proxies for your job instead of dealing with non-functional IPs.