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Choosing the Right Mobile Proxies for Instagram Automation

Mobile proxies

Thanks to the internet, the incredible strides businesses have taken in the past two decades are mind-blowing. That said, it is crucial not to be left behind, especially if you have an online business. Fortunately, you need not be a genius to figure things out. In this article, we’ll tackle the best mobile proxies to boost your Instagram presence while maintaining anonymity safely.

What is a Mobile Proxy?

So what happens when you surf the web? Each time you connect your smartphone to the internet, you are assigned a new IP (Internet Protocol) address. This address is unique to each session. What this means is that when you disconnect, or connect to a different internet provider, your IP address changes as well. Even by rebooting your phone, you still acquire a different address.

A proxy server provides a link between you and the websites you browse. A proxy server receives and forwards your requests to the internet, then routes the response to you. So if it’s that simple, why not just connect to the websites directly? Proxies provide firewalls and web filters for your protection. Mobile proxies, also referred to as 4G or LTE proxies, are created by connecting sim cards via a 4G router or modem. When you surf the net, the websites you visit see that the request comes from a mobile device.

Why You Need a Mobile Proxy for Instagram Automation

If you’re establishing an online presence for your new business, you know that getting genuine followers is a painstaking process. Fortunately, this is where Instagram (IG) automation comes in. Most big brands and businesses utilize Instagram automation tools to take care of this hectic process. You can use Instagram bots to handle your interactions with your followers, i.e., by liking and commenting on posts. Another way of utilizing this useful tool is by automating when you publish posts. A  social media analytics report should be created to discover this type of marketing activity’s success.

However, before we delve further, it is essential to note that mobile proxies are vital in ensuring your IP addresses aren’t blocked. How so? Because IG rarely blocks mobile proxies. As previously mentioned, your IP address is always changing since these addresses aren’t designated to specific users. Remember that Instagram bots work better with mobile proxies since mobile IP addresses resemble real users rather than fake users. That said, it becomes pointless and almost impossible for IG to block any particular IP address.

Conversely, if you’re using a data-center proxy, your IP address can easily be blocked due to someone else’s error on your network. When Instagram picks up on your blocked IP address, you’ll be banned from accessing your account. To avoid this, mobile proxies are the best solution for your business. Below is a list of the best 4G mobile proxies for Instagram:

  • Luminati

Luminati is a pioneer in the mobile proxy industry. It is very popular on Instagram and has the highest number of Instagram proxies in its IP pool. To give you a clearer picture of their influence, Luminati has approximately 7.5 million mobile proxies. This massive number, combined with their data-center and residential proxies, makes them the world’s largest proxy network. Their mobile proxy starter plan comes at a hefty cost of $500.

  • Rsocks

Rsocks provide excellent Instagram proxies. They are cautious to avoid detection and rotate their IP addresses every two minutes. However, their services come at a premium price. To be precise, it’ll cost you $60 to get 1GB bandwidth that is only valid for one week.

  • AirSocks

Unlike Luminati, AirSocks has focused on providing private mobile proxies only. They have an extensive IP distribution spread around the US, UK, Russia, Ukraine, among other nations. They re-assign their mobile proxies frequently to prevent detection by Instagram. What’s even better is you can use their services for two hours free of charge before making any commitment. Unfortunately, their proxies are alsoexpensive.

  • Proxy-cheap

As their name suggests, Proxy-cheap mobile proxies are quite affordable. Although they aren’t as popular as the competitors listed, they provide some of the best IG mobile proxies. Unfortunately, you can only use their services if you don’t reside in the US or EU regions.

Your Ultimate Solution: IPRoyal 4G Mobile Proxies

Last but not least is  IPRoyal . With over 10,000 IPs distributed across Romania and Lithuania, you’ll enjoy premium and reliable service across your 4G network. We have weekly, monthly, and annual packages with unlimited bandwidths at affordable prices to suit your needs. When it comes to anonymity, worry not - we’ve got you covered! Get in touch with us today to get started.

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