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How to Scrape Data from Agoda and Similar Websites

Vilius Dumcius

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Agoda is one of many search websites for travelers looking for the best hotels, rentals, flights, and travel agencies to use for their travels. The site is very intuitive and easy to use. You can set your parameters (destination, check-in/check-out dates, number of people you’re traveling with) and hit the search button to get the best possible deals that match your search criteria.

The website is very fast, offering results in just a second or two. Also, once you get your results, you can further filter them by rating, price, guest rating, payment options, and more. Finally, you have the option to search for a particular establishment or a travel agency by using keywords.

With so many options and detailed search results, it’s clear why you’d want to scrape data from Agoda. Although there are several ways to do it, we’ll focus on a no-code option - Octoparse. We’ll also cover the most common reasons you’d want to scrape data from Agoda and similar aggregator sites.

Scrape Data From Agoda Easily and Efficiently

Whether you’re a tourist looking for a place to stay, a local aggregator hunting for accurate data, or a hotel looking to monitor customer reviews using a customer data platform - you can scrape data from Agoda and analyze it for your purposes. Here are the types of data most scrapers gather from Agoda and similar websites:

  • Hotel names
  • Pricing
  • Ratings
  • Descriptions
  • Facilities
  • Websites
  • Contact information (phones, emails)
  • Availability
  • Photos

Scraping publicly available information is entirely legal . Just make sure to use that data in accordance with your local laws and regulations.

How to Scrape Data from Agoda With Octoparse

Automatic web scrapers like Octoparse and Parsehub offer a great way to scrape the web even if you’re not an expert. The software works on Windows and macOS. More importantly, it has a free trial available, along with a free plan that will work well for the most basic needs.

Here’s how to scrape data from Agoda using Octoparse:

  • Create a new task

Click on New on the left and select Custom Task . Enter your URL from Agoda. Click Save .

creating a new task in Octoparse

  • Select the data you want to scrape

Wait for Octoparse to finish loading the page and create a workflow. Select the data you’re interested in. You can set pagination, loop, Xpath, and more to get the data you need. In this particular case, we want to get the ratings for a particular hotel. Click Run when you’re ready.

selecting elements for scraping in Octoparse

  • Select the task type

We’re using the free version, so we’ll go with the Standard Mode .

selecting task mode in Octoparse

  • Export your data

Once Octoparse is finished with the task, you can click on Export Data , remove any duplicate lines, and select the appropriate format. However, keep in mind that the task itself can take a while, depending on your settings and the amount of information you’re looking to scrape.

supported data formats in Octoparse

  • Use the data as needed

Congratulations, your data is ready for analysis. We got our ratings in a convenient Excel sheet.

Octoparse scraped data in .xlsx format

How to Set Up Proxies in Octoparse

When you start a new task, click the Settings icon next to the target site URL.

adding proxies to Octoparse

Scroll down to Anti-blocking Settings and tick the Access websites via proxies box. Select Use my own proxies and click Configure right next to it.

using your proxies in Octoparse

Select the rotation interval and paste the proxy list you’ve generated through your IPRoyal dashboard. Click Confirm when you’re done, and you’re ready to go!

adding custom proxies to Octoparse

Best Proxies to Scrape Data From Agoda

Certain websites are very strict about web scraping and often block access if too many requests come from the same IP address. However, you can avoid these limitations by using reliable proxy servers. Not all proxies are created equal, though. A bad proxy can reveal your IP address, location, and other sensitive data. Hence, using reliable proxy servers is a must for any entity looking to scrape data from Agoda successfully and anonymously.

If you’re looking for the best web scraping proxy servers at great prices, look no further than IPRoyal. Our authentic, ethically-sourced residential proxies will help you scrape Agoda or any other website. You’ll be able to gather accurate and reliable data without worrying about bans, blocks, or any other restrictions!

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