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How to Scrape Expedia Without Coding

Milena Popova

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Expedia is a great platform that allows visitors to compare plane and hotel pricing from different sources. As long as you know your destination, airports, and travel dates, Expedia will help you find a great deal. If your vacation time is not set in stone and you’re looking to figure out the best time to travel, you could use data scraping.

Using Octoparse to Scrape Expedia in Just a Few Clicks

Searching the website manually is time-consuming, and you’ll still probably see just a fragment of the results. With web scraping, on the other hand, you’ll have all the information you might need. A human can’t process all this data, but a reliable web scraper can do it in a split second.

You can get hotel names, pricing, ratings, addresses, contact information, availability, and all other data offered on Expedia. Once the scraper is done, you can sort or filter the gathered data to find what you’re looking for and figure out the ideal time for your trip . The process is fully automated.

Create a Task in Octoparse

For this article, we’ll explain how to scrape Expedia with Octoparse to automate the scraping process and get hotel names, pricing, address, current ratings, and an image from each entry.

  • Get complete results

To start off, open your regular browser and perform the search on Expedia. Make sure you enter the location, check-in and check-out dates, and all the other relevant information. Once you hit “Search” and get your results, copy the link to the page over to Octoparse’s built-in browser.

We’ll gather data from all available result pages on Expedia, so make sure to click the “Show More” button and enable “loop click the selected link” in the Action Tips menu. This way, Octoparse will go through all results while scraping.

  • Open the details page for each hotel

Click the name of each hotel on the listing page until all the titles are selected and highlighted in green. After that, select “Loop click each element” in the Action Tips menu. This way, Octoparse will click through all available listings from your search.

  • Select the data you wish to extract

The last thing to do is click on the data fields you want to scrape (hotel name, price, address, rating, and the image). Once you’re done, all that’s left is to run the task and let Octoparse work its magic and get you the data you’re interested in!

Why Do You Need Proxies for Scraping Expedia?

Regardless of the method you use to scrape data from Expedia, you’ll need reliable proxy servers. Most modern websites have protection mechanisms that prevent successful scraping if a single IP address makes a large number of requests in a short period. Expedia is no exception. As soon as the site detects scraping activity , all your requests will be blocked automatically.

You can avoid this limitation and gather all the data you need with a reliable rotating proxy. Instead of using your real IP address, you’ll get a new one for each request. It’ll look like these requests come from different users in different locations, so there’s no reason for any site to block them.

How to Set Up Proxies in Octoparse

Like all other web scraping tools out there, Octoparse has proxy support. The software even has a pool of public IP addresses you can use. However, their efficiency is not guaranteed. Here’s how to add your own proxies for your scraping projects.

  • Open Octoparse, click the New icon in the top-left menu and create a task
  • Paste the target URLs or import them, then click Save
  • Click the Task Settings icon next to the URL and scroll down to Anti-blocking Settings
  • Tick the Use IP proxies option and click on Settings right under it
  • Once the Proxy Settings pop-up window opens, adjust your proxy switching interval
  • Paste your proxies in the IP Proxies field and hit Confirm .

How to Choose the Best Proxy for Scraping Expedia?

At IPRoyal, we offer rotating residential proxies in over 180 locations worldwide. Each IP address comes from a real device with a residential IP connection, so it’s impossible to distinguish from organic visitors. All proxies are 100% authentic since they come from our very own ethically sourced IP pool to ensure successful scraping regardless of the target!

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