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Proxy Servers for Online Gaming

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The worst feeling for any gamer is facing game restrictions simply because you are from the wrong region in the world. Playing online games is the ultimate thrill of adventure. Nothing can elevate one’s heart rate quite like the sound of a thousand soldiers battling it out on the battlefield. Consequently, low bandwidth or location restrictions can be quite painful for an avid gamer. Moreover, geo-targeted gaming problems are not the only issues you will most likely face. You could also find yourself facing IP blocking. That would mean that your access to a gaming website or your favorite online game is blocked. Even more frustration! So now you can’t play games because of your location, and you can’t access games on certain websites because of a blacklisted IP. So, what’s the solution? There are a couple of ways to approach online gaming. One solution is using what is called a virtual private network (VPN). The other is gaming proxies, and they will be the focus of this article.

What Is a Gaming Proxy?

Every computer or console has a unique IP address. It is a numerical ID assigned to any device that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) for communication through a computer system. It’s a way to identify and trace your online activity. Most websites use this information in the form of cookies to gather traffic data. Most people don’t have a problem with data usage, but that’s only because they are not well informed about how their data is used. Data safety is a big issue for most gamers. Sometimes data is manipulated, and this raises many security concerns. Your IP address may also hold you back from accessing thousands of games across different platforms. That is why gaming proxies are useful for anyone in the gaming space. A proxy is a device or server that provides a gateway between users and the internet. Essentially, it provides a service by sitting between two entities. So, rather than relying only on the games available in your location, a proxy hides your original IP address and assigns another one. That means that you will access to all games that are generally unavailable in your country. It also grants you access to all the content you want on websites that would have otherwise blocked or blacklisted your IP address. But most of all, and arguably the most important, it does this while keeping you safer than ever before. Therefore, game proxies can facilitate the exchange of data while maintaining the anonymity of the user.

Why would a gamer use gaming proxies?

For many, gaming is just entertainment and the occasional stress reliever. But it is increasingly becoming a recognized profession that allows many to make a living. In 2019, Fortnite pro player Tyler “Ninja” Blevins made approximately $17 million by leveraging his massive online followings into endorsements and sponsorships. He’s gotten so good at gaming that the majority of his earnings don’t come from competitions. - Get Fast Speed and Reduce Lag Time

His followers watch him play live online on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. That is why a smooth and fast connection is crucial for expert gamers like him. Game proxies can optimize your internet speed and reduce the loading time of your pages. With a game proxy in place, the connection becomes faster and more stable, drastically reducing internet lags, which are a huge disadvantage and could even get a gamer disconnected. - Botting

A bot can automate a player’s gaming experience. They are much faster and efficient than humans. That means they can help a player elevate their gaming. However, because bots can complete countless tasks in a short period, they can be flagged as suspicious behavior. As a result, game proxies are crucial for botting because they essentially hide bot activity. Our Diablo II proxies can help you hunt for that rarest legendary without worrying. With our Dofus proxies, farming has never been more convenient. If you get banned while using a proxy, your IP address is still safe! - Play Geo-Targeted Games

Gaming sites tend to prevent users from various locations from accessing certain games. That limits one’s gaming choices. That is why gamers appreciate game proxies. With a gaming proxy, you can unblock restrictions and play the games you want to play. Want to make a new account for a different location on your console? Want to buy a game that comes out a lot earlier in a particular region? No problem! - Unblock IP addresses

Sometimes IP addresses get blocked if they are not part of that game’s specific range. In some cases, however, a gamer’s IP address might be banned or blacklisted. Gaming sites don’t hesitate to block users if they go against their terms and conditions. It’s not common in gaming sites, but it does happen.

Final Thoughts

There are many proxy services in the market. So, online gamers have many choices across residential, mobile, and datacenter categories. These differ in terms of location, bandwidth, supported protocol, and cost. IPRoyal offers its customers a full range of IP address solutions with reliable gaming proxies at reasonable and attractive prices.

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