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What Are Rotating Proxies and How Do They Work?

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Rotating proxies are the perfect solution when you must make numerous connection requests to a single domain without getting detected or blocked. They automatically assign you a new IP address for each request, providing you with a new online identity every time.

This way, you can automate tasks on the web efficiently and safely and do almost anything (legal) online anonymously.

What Is IP Rotation?

Just as the name implies, IP rotation involves a rotation of IP addresses to ensure maximum anonymity. It refers to the process of regularly changing the IP address used to access a website or online service. Instead of doing this manually, you can simply use rotating proxies.

By rotating your IP address, rotating proxy servers will make you appear like a new or different user each time you access the target website. This makes it more difficult for the website servers to detect and block your activity or original IP address.

How IP Rotation Works

IP rotation does the obvious – it rotates the IP address you use every time you make a connection request. Rotating proxies do this automatically, allowing you to send numerous requests from numerous IP addresses while keeping your original IP hidden the whole time.

When you send a request through a rotating proxy, the proxy server selects an IP address from a pool of available addresses. The server then uses the new IP to forward the request to the desired website or service. After a certain period of time or a certain number of requests, the proxy server automatically switches to a new IP address from the pool, and the process repeats.

For tasks that require using one IP address longer, you should look for rotating proxy providers that offer sticky sessions. The sticky sessions depend on the provider, but most of them allow you to keep the same IP for predetermined periods of time.

We’re one of the few providers that offer flexible rotation options, allowing you to get a new residential IP address from a pool of over two million ethically-sourced IPs, on each request or keep the same IP for up to 24 hours. Residential rotating proxies are much more reliable than datacenter rotating proxies, especially if you need them for activities that require optimal anonymity and privacy.

What Are Rotating Proxies Used For?

Like any other proxies, rotating proxy servers increase your online privacy and security, only better. They make it extremely difficult for anyone to track you down or monitor your online behavior, at the same time protecting you from various cyber attacks.

However, the ability to change your IP address constantly makes them particularly useful when you need to send multiple connection requests to a specific website or service.

There are numerous situations where the ability to get a new IP address as needed can be helpful:

  • Web scraping, market research, SEO monitoring
  • Competitive analysis
  • Website and app testing
  • Social media management

In other words, rotating proxies are critical for projects that involve gathering large amounts of data as quickly as possible while preserving privacy.


In a nutshell, rotating proxies are the best choice for online tasks requiring an automation tool or bot or creating and managing multiple accounts efficiently and anonymously. They are your best bet if you’re looking for optimal online privacy, especially if you get them from a reputable residential proxy provider.

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