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Types of proxies

  • Rotating Residential
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    • 195 Countries Available
    • Traffic Never Expires
    • SOCKS5 Supported
    • City/State Targeting
    • Flexible Rotation/Sticky Options
  • Static Residential
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    • Unlimited Traffic
    • 99.9% Uptime
    • Premium ISP Providers
    • Not Shared
    • SOCKS5 Supported
  • Datacenter
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    • Unlimited Traffic
    • 99.9% Uptime
    • Not Shared
    • Carefully Selected And Tested
    • SOCKS5 Supported
  • Sneaker
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    • 99.8% Success Rate
    • Allowed On Most Websites
    • Suitable With Most Bots
    • Most Popular Countries Covered
    • SOCKS5 Supported
  • Mobile
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    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • 1M+ Residential IPs
    • Auto-Rotate Toggle
    • API Access
    • 5G/4G/3G support

IPRoyal prices and features

Data never expires
Pay-as-you-go option
Ethically-sourced IPs
SOCKS5 support
Pay-as-you-go prices from:


Seamless proxy integration with 650+ tools or software

Regardless of your setup, you can count on our universal compatibility for stable and reliable connections.

Why 10.000+ customers choose IPRoyal


All-in-one dashboard: simple, clear, efficient

Configure your proxies, track data, automate orders, and do more - our dashboard adapts to your needs.

How companies use our proxies

All Use Cases

Benefits you can bank on

  • Quick and easy setup

    Do you have 60 seconds? That’s all it takes to get your proxy servers up and running.

    Next step: Customize your dashboard to make management a breeze. Then integrate our IPs with your software, scrapers, and browsers for a hassle-free experience and zero downtime.

  • Value that keeps giving

    Get what you pay for, and more. We’re constantly expanding our IP pools, monitoring performance 24/7, and adding new features and higher speeds—at no extra cost to you.

  • Privacy is priority

    What you do is your business. Here’s what we do to prove it:

    • We keep zero logs, so there's no trail of your activity
    • We offer enhanced privacy protection against tracking and surveillance
    • We support payments in over 70 cryptocurrencies.
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Get the top-to-bottom support you need to succeed, with seamless collaboration between engineering teams and senior technicians - anytime, on any platform.

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  • Christine Bradshaw

    The fastest and kindest support I've ever seen. Manager May helped me with all the questions I had. They've got pretty big pool of Residential IPs and you can buy even 1GB which is awesome when you don't need like 10GBs.

  • Nada Neuman

    Very good product. I bought one of their offers and they meet my expectations. Very easy communication. After investigating the problems, I corresponded with the support and they solved the problems very quickly and helped me with some tools.

  • Peter McLane

    IPRoyal is great. I am getting good connections in the USA. The best thing about IPRoyal is their service. They are available 24/7. I am 67 years old and know nothing about proxies. They were very patient with me and did not rush me through the process. I love IPRoyal!

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