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Cyber AIO Sneaker Bot Review: Compatibility With Proxies

Simona Lamsodyte

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Cyber AIO, also known as Cybersole, is one of the older players in the sneaker bot market. The company started in 2016 aiming to automate the checkout space, and they’ve succeeded at that. Right now, the creators claim it surpassed two million successful checkouts, which is an impressive number.

Sneaker bots are all about making your online shopping easier. Since the e-commerce space is growing each year, there’s more competition to get the product first. For example, Cyber AIO advertises it works well with getting Air Jordans , a sneaker brand that’s often sold out immediately. In other words, sneakers bots are there to help when you really want to get your hands on a particular rare drop, even though the demand is enormous. It’s your way of getting an item before everybody else.

What Is the Cyber AIO Sneaker Bot?

Cyber AIO started as a checkout automation project and slowly grew into a fully-developed sneaker bot. Its primary purpose is to automate the buying process for you, among other functions. That is to go to the website, make an order, pay, and finish the process without your intervention. You probably noticed where getting ahead in line is at. When other customers fill in all of this tedious information by hand, Cyber AIO does it automatically for you.

AIO stands for an all-in-one solution. The bot currently works with 250+ sneaker retailers worldwide, so the “AIO” is very much grounded in this case. You’ll be able to cop sneakers from Footlockers, FTL Kids, Champs Sports, and buy products from Shopify, Mesh, Supreme, and other retailers. The list is really huge.

Cyber AIO is sold out at this very moment, and the exact price is not listed on their website. However, you could buy it for $371 as a one-time purchase with a renewal every six months for $124. It’s not the cheapest option out there, but they have years of reputation to justify the price.

Main Features of Cyber AIO Sneaker Bot

The most important feature of Cyber AIO is the speed and efficiency of buying sneakers. The team’s experience in automating the checkout process shows in those two million successful purchases. Here are other main benefits of Cyber AIO sneaker bot.

  • 250+ supported retailers

There are sneaker bots focused only on specific brands, like Nike or Adidas. Not Cyber AIO. You’ll get a list of 250+ working retailers you can cop products from.

  • Cybersole 5.0

The app has just been updated to version 5.0, which comes with numerous improvements, a better UX/UI experience, quality of life updates, and more.

  • Group tasks

In the app, you can create group tasks for specific retailers. That makes tracking your shipments and investments much more convenient.

  • Proxy monitor

The built-in proxy monitor lets you test proxies in the app. Making decisions on your proxy performance quality has never been this easy.

  • Minimalistic design

Cyber AIO developers sure know web design because their webpage is perfectly structured. You can expect the same from the app, which has an intuitive minimalistic design suited for shopping marathons.

Cyber AIO Sneaker Bot Compatibility With Proxy Servers

Cyber AIO is a professional sneaker bot that has valuable additional features. To max out your shopping experience, be sure to use reliable proxies with it. Without them, you can easily get flagged and miss the sneaker drop you’ve been waiting for. Since Cyber AIO is an automation software, it just can’t reach its full potential without premium sneaker proxies.

A reliable proxy will help you hide your original IP address and get a new one for every purchase you set up. After all, it’s nobody’s business what you buy online, even though many big companies would love to get their hands on that data.

However, don’t be hasty to go for free proxies. Some of these are known to gather and resell your data. Others are way too slow or keep dropping a lot, even when you need them the most. If you plan to use a sneaker copping bot like Cyber AIO, invest some money into a premium sneaker proxy service as well.

A Winning Combination

There are many proxy services to choose from, and only some of them will work well with sneaker bots. IPRoyal offers proxies configured specifically for successful sneaker copping.

Using our premium sneaker proxies with Cyber AIO sneaker bot will ensure the highest possible chance for you to get that elusive pair of kicks in front of everybody else. With proxies available in every corner of the world, we can guarantee the highest speeds and success rates at a price everyone can afford!

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