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A List of Ethical Hacking Forums to Check Out in 2024

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Ethical hacking forums can be extremely valuable for ethical hackers, cybersecurity professionals, and enthusiasts looking to improve their skills or stay informed. These forums serve as platforms where people can share their knowledge, experiences, and insights while seeking help and solutions to their problems.

However, there are hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity forums online, so finding a good one is not easy. To simplify the process, we’ve created a list of the best ethical hacking forums currently available.

You’ll also learn about the importance of these forums, their key features, and the things to keep in mind when accessing these sites.

Let’s begin!

What Are Ethical Hacking Forums and Their Significance in the Cybersecurity Community?

Ethical hacking forums are online communities where individuals interested in ethical hacking, also known as white hat hacking, come together to discuss hacking tools, methodology, strategies, and vulnerabilities.

The main goal of white hat or ethical hacking is to identify security issues before they are exploited by black hat hackers or hackers with malicious intent. It is only done with the consent of the person who owns the system or software using ethical and responsible hacking practices.

These forums provide a space for members to seek assistance and solutions to technical challenges during security assessments , vulnerability analysis, or penetration testing. Experienced members often offer guidance and advice to help others overcome specific issues.

These recommendations can help you select the right tool for your security assessments. As a member, you can stay informed about the latest security news, cyberattacks, data breaches, and vulnerabilities. This awareness enables you to proactively defend against emerging threats.

Besides finding the answers you need, you can also connect with like-minded individuals, potential mentors, or collaborations on security projects. This can lead to job opportunities and career advancement.

How Can Ethical Hacking Forums Facilitate Knowledge Sharing and Skill Development?

Cybersecurity forums play a crucial role in facilitating knowledge sharing and skill development within the ethical hacking community. They provide a platform where members can share their knowledge, experiences, and expertise.

Users can post tutorials, guides, and educational resources to help others learn about hacking techniques, security tools, and best practices. As a member, you can seek answers to specific questions or solutions to problems you encounter during security assessments or ethical hacking projects.

Experienced members often respond with solutions and guidance, which will help you improve your problem-solving skills. By sharing your knowledge and experience, you help learn from one another and stay informed about the latest trends and techniques in cybersecurity.

Most importantly, you learn the value of protecting data and systems using only legal hacking techniques.

What Are Some Well-known Ethical Hacking Forums and Their Key Features?

Now that you know the importance of white hat hacking forums, it’s time to find out the best ones out there. Here are eight ethical hacking forums and why joining them is a good idea.


The Hackaday forum is a community forum for hardware hackers, DIY enthusiasts, and engineers. The forum has various topics, including electronics, reverse engineering, robotics, 3D printing, and more.

If you are stuck on a project, you can post a question on the forum and get help from over one million members. The best place to do that is in the comment section on the project of your interest, where people running it monitor and moderate it on a regular basis.


The r/hacking subreddit is a community on Reddit dedicated to discussions, news, and topics related to hacking, cybersecurity, and computer security. With over 1.9 million members and over 30 posts a day, you’ll never run out of content.

The content on r/hacking can vary widely. You can find news and updates, tutorials and guides, questions and help, tool and software recommendations, hacking challenges and CFTs, and hacking culture and ethics. Luckily, spam is not allowed, so you’ll only post and view high-quality content.


This hacking forum is dedicated to providing resources and information for ethical hackers. A strict code of conduct prohibits malicious and illegal activities, and you must follow the rules and guidelines of the forum if you want to be a member.

You can find many resources, such as tutorials, articles, tools, and challenges. As soon as you create an account, which is 100% free, you can take advantage of any resource and participate in any challenge you want. Even though the forum is free to join, anyone has the option to fund it and become a Patreon on EvilZone.

Hacker News

Hacker News is a popular website among those interested in computer science and entrepreneurship. It has over 10 million visitors monthly thanks to its high-quality and up-to-date content and active community.

You can find a wide range of topics, including software development, programming, venture capital, and startups. The discussions on the forum are highly informative and thoughtful, so you’ll easily find the answers to your questions.


MalwareTips is one of the most popular ethical hacking forums focusing on cybersecurity topics and white hat hacking. The forum consists of multiple sections, including malware analysis discussions, malware tools and resources, Windows malware removal help and support, malware prevention tips, etc.

So whether you want to protect yourself from malware or remove malware from your Windows device, you’ll most likely find the answer here. MalwareTips is moderated by professional security experts who ensure members can discuss their malware issues safely.


Root-me is a great choice for anyone looking for educational resources and security challenges for practicing hacking skills. You can find plenty of security training resources, such as the Root-me forum , where members ask questions and discuss cybersecurity-related topics.

The forum consists of multiple sections, including challenges, discussions, tutorials, help and support, and announcements, so there’s something for everyone. It has an active community that will help you find the answer to your security problem.


This online news website was founded by cybersecurity and technology journalists. It publishes security tutorials, in-depth reports, and daily news articles on topics such as cybersecurity, privacy, technology, cyberwarfare, surveillance, and hacking news.

HackRead is quite popular among IT security enthusiasts, cybersecurity professionals, and anyone interested in cyber threats. You can find a lot of accurate and up-to-date information on these topics, and as a member of the forum, you can discuss them with experts in the field. The site has a newsletter that will help you get daily updates on cybersecurity.

Hack Forums

We end our list of the best ethical hacking forums with Hack Forums – a well-established forum focusing on computer security and hacker culture. The forum has an active community of thousands of members worldwide, helping each other by sharing news and tips about hacking and network security.

However, besides sections devoted to computer security and vulnerabilities, the forum also includes sections about hacking techniques, pirated software, hacking tools, and illegal content. For that reason, it’s important to avoid sharing your personal information on Hack Forums.

How Can Participating in Ethical Hacking Forums Benefit Individuals Interested in Cybersecurity?

Becoming a member of ethical hacking forums can be very useful for anyone interested in cybersecurity. These forums serve as valuable platforms for learning, networking, and staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity.

Key advantages of engaging in ethical hacking forums include:

  • Accessing a wealth of information on various cybersecurity topics, including new vulnerabilities, tools, techniques, and best practices.
  • Learning from tutorials, guides, and real-world experiences shared by other members.
  • Getting help from the forum’s community, which includes experienced members who provide solutions and insights to overcome obstacles.
  • Facilitating connections with like-minded individuals, potential mentors, and colleagues in the cybersecurity field, leading to career advancement or job opportunities.
  • Access to resources, including ethical hacking tools, scripts, and reference materials, to save time and effort when seeking the right one for a particular task.
  • Staying informed about the latest security news, data breaches, vulnerabilities, and emerging trends.

Are There Any Guidelines or Ethical Considerations to Keep In Mind When Engaging With Hacking Forums?

Yes, there are important guidelines and ethical considerations to consider when engaging with hacking forums or any online communities related to cybersecurity and hacking. Adhering to these principles will ensure you stay active on the forum and get the best possible experience.

  • Know and follow the law

Following the rules and guidelines of ethical hacking forums will help you contribute to creating a positive and safe space for members to learn, collaborate, and share knowledge. This often includes avoiding any offensive or harmful behavior or comments to show respect to other members.

  • Contribute

Whether you start or reply to a discussion on the forum, make sure you provide useful and accurate information. Don’t forget to share your knowledge, resources, and expertise with the forum members instead of just seeking help on the forum.

  • Secure yourself before accessing the forums

You can never know if all forum members are there for ethical hacking reasons. Therefore, it’s best to protect your system and data from possible malicious software and hacking attacks by using tools such as residential proxies . Our reliable proxies will help you access these forums anonymously and keep your personal information private, including your IP address. This will add an additional level of security to your device and ensure you visit ethical hacking forums safely.


Cybersecurity professionals and hacking enthusiasts can greatly benefit from joining ethical hacking forums. This allows them to engage with like-minded individuals who share knowledge, experiences, and resources related to white hat hacking, penetration testing, and cybersecurity. Our list of the best ethical hacking forums will help you get all that by offering a supportive environment for learning, networking, and staying updated on the latest trends and techniques in the field.


Are ethical hacking forums legal?

Yes, ethical hacking forums are completely legal. These forums serve as platforms where individuals can discuss and exchange information related to ethical hacking, cybersecurity, and related topics.

Can beginners participate in ethical hacking forums?

Yes, beginners can absolutely participate in ethical hacking forums. In fact, many ethical hacking forums welcome newcomers and beginners interested in learning about cybersecurity and ethical hacking, such as The Evil Zone and Hackaday.

How can one ensure the authenticity and credibility of information shared on ethical hacking forums?

Look at the user’s reputation or credibility within the forum community. You can also check if the information is consistent with what you find in well-known cybersecurity websites. Most importantly, join a forum with a high level of credibility, known for its high-quality discussions and expert members.

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