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Instagram Action Block: How to Fix It and Get Back On Track

Milena Popova

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No matter how experienced an Instagram user you are, getting the action blocked error message is still possible. Maybe you’re using the platform to unwind in your free time or promote your business; either way, the Instagram action block is a challenge you want to solve quickly to get back to your usual activities on the platform.

In this article, we’ll break down the possible reasons for getting action blocked on Instagram and the best ways to fix it. Before we start, let’s explain what this action block error means and why it happens.

What Is an Instagram Action Block?

An Instagram action block is the platform’s way of limiting certain activities on your account, such as liking, following, commenting, or posting content.

In order to protect itself and its users from bots, spammers , and other malicious actors , Instagram uses AI tools to monitor and enforce its rules.

If they detect a possible bot activity associated with your Instagram account, they will send you an action blocked message , and you’ll no longer be able to like, comment, follow, post, etc. This way, the platform can see if your actions pause or if you persist, similar to bot behavior.

However, Instagram’s AI is not perfect, so you may also get this error message even if you haven’t done anything wrong.

The bottom line is that whether it’s a genuine issue or a mistake, getting action blocked disrupts your online activities.

This can be frustrating for casual Instagram users and even more for businesses trying to build their presence on the platform .

Types of Instagram Action Blocked Errors

Not all Instagram action blocked errors are the same. Let’s check out the main action blocks .

Temporary Action Block

The temporary block can last for up to 24 hours. It can happen after using a particular feature too quickly or violating Instagram Community Guidelines.

If you think you’ve been temporarily blocked by mistake, you can contact the support agents to speed things up.

Action Block Without an Expiration Date

This Instagram block can last anywhere between several hours and two weeks. It usually doesn’t come with a “Tell us” button, but you can use the “Report a problem” option found under “Help” from Instagram Settings to contact support agents.

Action Block With an Expiration Date

This action block tells when exactly it will expire, ranging between 24 and 48 hours. It usually happens when the platform thinks you’re using a third-party service to get more likes or followers, which is against its Community Guidelines .

Permanent Instagram Action Block

This is the most serious type of block, meaning your account has been blocked for life. It usually happens after getting temporarily blocked multiple times or when many users report your account.

Common Causes of Action Blocked on Instagram

Why are your actions blocked on this social media platform? Well, the Instagram action blocked message can be caused by various reasons . Let’s explore the most common ones.

Exceeding the Instagram Hourly/Daily Action Limits

The platform has daily limits on actions that can be taken by a single user per hour or day. They refer to the number of comments, follow/unfollow actions, likes, and a user’s data loading.

However, the exact limits are unknown and may differ for each account , depending on its activity level and age.

Using a Too Young Account

Younger Instagram accounts have more limits than others. This means that if your account is only a few months old, you should take it easy. Don’t take too many actions at once, and make sure you gradually increase them.

Otherwise, you risk getting your boost of activity detected as suspicious , even if you don’t use automation tools.

Violating Instagram Rules

If you break Instagram Community Guidelines, the number of allowed daily actions on your account will drastically reduce.

For example, posting inappropriate content such as violence or hate speech or sharing fake news.

Keep in mind that breaking the platform’s rules from one account will affect all other profiles associated with the same IP address .

Being Too Active

Posting too much content every day can trigger the action block on Instagram. That’s because being too active on the platform can be detected as a spam activity.

Therefore, it’s best to post 3 to 7 times per week, provided that your followers are active.

Being Inactive

While being too active can make you see the action blocked error, being slightly active can also trigger this error message. The fewer your actions, the lower the limits.

So, if you tend to open your Instagram account just to like a few people, try to be more active on the platform by sharing stories, uploading images, or interacting with other users.

Spamming in DM or Comments

Promoting your Instagram page by sharing your link under other users’ posts or in their direct messages is considered spamming.

As a result, other people may report your account, or Instagram’s AI will detect you on its own and punish you with a block.

Misusing Automation

Automation can be very beneficial, but only if you use it properly. Otherwise, using third-party automation tools can look suspicious and spammy, causing an action block.


Multi-accounting on Instagram is crucial for businesses, but it’s becoming more challenging with the platform’s increasing restrictions and limitations.

We’ll talk more about how to use automation and manage multiple accounts on Instagram without triggering action blocks a little bit later.

How to Identify an Instagram Action Block

Not being able to like, share, or comment on posts or follow or unfollow users is a sign that you’re dealing with an action block.

Here are the main error messages you can get when action blocked on Instagram. Remember, you may see these or similar variations.

IMG 1.png

IMG 2.png

IMG 3.png

IMG 4.png

How to Recover from an Instagram Action Block?

Whatever the reason for your Instagram action block error, here are a few ways to solve this problem.

  • Take a break from the platform

This is the easiest way to try overcoming Instagram action blocks. Stop liking, saving, commenting, or DM anyone for one to three days.

In other words, forget about the Instagram app for a few days and see if this will solve your Instagram action block error.

  • Reinstall your Instagram app

Another easy way to try to fix this issue is to delete and reinstall your Instagram app.

This way, you will delete Instagram cookies and all other data collected by the app that may cause the action blocked error. It will also ensure you use the latest version of the Instagram app.

  • Switch your mobile data

In case Instagram blocked your IP address instead of your account, you can try switching to mobile data or turning your Wi-Fi connection off and on.

You can also try logging in with another device .

  • Report the block

If you think you’ve been action blocked on Instagram by mistake, you can report the problem. You can do this in two ways.

You can either choose the “Tell us” option from the action blocked message on your screen or manually report a problem from your Settings .

  • Link your Instagram account to Facebook

If you’re encountering a block and still haven’t linked your Instagram account to Facebook, it’s time to do it.

This may help Instagram’s AI see that you’re not a bot but a genuine user. You can even link it to other social media platforms to make it more trustworthy.

How to Avoid Future Action Blocks on Instagram?

To avoid getting action blocked on Instagram, you should prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are the best ways to do it.

  • Take it easy

If your account is still young or you want to grow it without dealing with blocks, make sure you stay slow and steady.

Since younger and inactive accounts have more limits, it’s best to take your time when liking, following, commenting, etc.

Don’t exaggerate and gradually increase the number of actions to avoid getting an action block.

  • Engage authentically

Behaving like a bot or doing repetitive actions increases your risk of getting action blocked on Instagram.

Therefore, avoid doing only one type of action, such as liking, and mix it up with others, such as uploading stories or commenting to engage authentically.

It’s also important to take breaks during your botting game.

  • Don’t break Instagram rules

Get familiar with the platform’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Use to ensure you don’t break any rules. For example, avoid posting prohibited content, using banned hashtags, etc.

  • Use reliable proxies

If you use multi-accounting managing tools, it’s essential that you pair them with residential proxies from a reliable provider.

This way, your multiple accounts won’t be linked to a single IP address but many different IPs, avoiding suspicions and all kinds of IP or account blocks.

For maximum privacy and reliability when managing or automating multiple social media accounts, it’s best to consider only premium, ethical, and compliant residential proxies .


Dealing with Instagram action blocks can be incredibly frustrating, especially for businesses using the platform for promotion. While there are many different causes for an action block, there are also many ways to solve and avoid it altogether. So consider all these tips and tricks to avoid and recover from this common issue and keep your Instagram experience seamless!


How long does an action block typically last?

It depends on the type of block you get – temporary or permanent. If it’s temporary, it can last from one day to two weeks, although it usually disappears within 48 hours. If it’s permanent, it can last forever.

Can I lose my account due to an action block?

An action block means not being able to perform certain actions on the platform. However, your account may be permanently banned if you keep violating its Community Guidelines.

What if I accidentally triggered the action block?

In that case, you can reach out to Instagram’s support agents and explain your situation. Once they realize your block was a mistake, they will immediately lift it off your account.

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