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How GoTranscript Uses IPRoyal to Increase Online Visibility and Enhance Operations

Simona Lamsodyte

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About the Client

GoTranscript is one of the top online transcription and translation agencies in the world. The company provides high-quality, human-generated transcription, translation, and other language-focused services for different types of clients, from students to international enterprises.

The backbone of GoTranscript is its diverse international team of experts spread across different continents. Every team member enhances the quality of their services and enables the company to cater to a wide range of clients worldwide.

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The Challenge

“As an international company that offers services in over 50 languages, GoTranscript faces a unique challenge with search engine optimization,” states Mycah Roño, Head of Customer Success at GoTranscript. “All SEO-related endeavors require a nuanced multilingual approach to ensure the company’s online presence is equally strong in each supported language.”

Ms. Roño also added that GoTranscript faces a somewhat unique challenge related to information access control. “The platform serves as a centralized access hub for employees across the globe, handling medical, legal, and other sensitive customer data.” This approach requires robust access controls on an individual level, ensuring compliance with stringent privacy standards.

The Solution

According to Ms. Roño, the company explored various solutions with different SEO agencies and experienced both success and setbacks. Cost-effectiveness remained a crucial concern. Certain solutions proved effective but came at a high price, while more budget-friendly options fell short of expectations.

“Faced with this dilemma, we made the decision to bring GoTranscript’s SEO efforts in-house, which led to the discovery of IPRoyal.”

Proxies turned out to be a game-changer for GoTranscript’s SEO strategy. IPRoyal offers a global network of authentic residential proxies in 195 countries, with precise geo-targeting at the country, state, and city level. Thanks to a traffic-based pricing model paired with bulk discounts and non-expiring traffic, GoTranscript found a cost-efficient and sustainable solution for gathering accurate, organic SEO data across diverse regional markets.

Beyond revolutionizing the company’s SEO approach, IPRoyal extended its solutions to address the challenge of information access control through proxies. During the initial testing phase, team members from different countries accessed the GoTranscript platform and client files using dedicated static proxies as follows:

  • One static datacenter proxy per employee
  • Access granted exclusively to proxy IPs
  • Quick and easy OS-agnostic deployment (browser-based)

The Results

“IPRoyal was incredibly accommodating right from the start,” Ms. Roño said. “The team truly went above and beyond. They guided us in identifying the most suitable proxies and helped us choose the best web scraping tools for our needs. Support even shared their expertise to ensure proper setup.”

IPRoyal’s residential proxies played a critical role in collecting valuable SEO-related information from different regions. After processing and structuring the gathered data, it became a cornerstone for optimizing landing pages. This approach turned out to be a game-changer, as the first round of optimized pages led to a conversion rate increase of 40% .

Proxies have also helped fortify GoTranscript’s privacy protection and security. “Our employees connect to the platform from different devices and different networks,” says Ms. Roño. “Tracking this activity, especially with such a large team, requires significant resources. Besides, usernames and passwords are easy to share, but sharing a dedicated IP address is nearly impossible.”

Using proxies for access control has been nothing short of a revolution. As Ms. Roño pointed out, “Thanks to IPRoyal, getting new people on the team becomes a breeze. We also appreciate the fact that we can modify our orders without much hassle and we can count on support 24/7 whenever we run into any issues. Making the switch from a premium employee management solution resulted in a 50% cost reduction per employee.

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