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How to Get Into the Sneaker Game

Simona Lamsodyte

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If you’re all about judging a book by its covers, then the sneaker game is the perfect fit for you! Besides making a fashion statement by themselves, shoes say a lot about someone’s personality. Long gone are the days when people would wear sneakers for sporting activities only. It is not unusual to find professionals wearing their sneakers to work on the famous “casual Fridays” or women matching their cute sneakers with their fashionable dresses and skirts. Today, wearing sneakers rather than high heels is considered highly fashionable. Besides buying sneakers to wear them, did you know that people are making a killing by reselling sneakers? If you’re only just learning about this, brace yourself! The sneaker game is bigger than you ever imagined. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to expand your horizons, this article will help you fulfill your dreams.

Getting Started on Your Sneaker Business

Before getting started, there are several things you’ll need to understand. One of the first things you need to know is that you won’t get your limited edition sneaker collection by simply walking into your local retailer’s store. If it were that easy, then everyone else would be doing it. Even better, the shoes wouldn’t be limited editions anymore. You’ll need to learn where to get the latest releases and buy them in bulk. Most businesses struggle with inventory, primarily if they don’t manufacture the goods themselves. The sneaker business is no different. To successfully grow your online sneaker business, you’ll need to buy in bulk and fast. You’ll need to be on top of your game to ensure that you get the latest editions as soon as they are released. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind, given how quickly fashion evolves. And this is where sneaker bots and proxies come in.

Sneaker Bots and Proxies

Most retailers won’t let you buy even more than two pairs of limited-edition sneakers. Why? Because doing so will limit their clientele. Let’s not also forget the long queues you’ll have to endure to buy the shoes in the first place. As a business owner, this is not a viable option for you. For your business to succeed, you need to have a wide selection of sneakers. Luckily, sneaker proxies come in handy in such situations. A proxy will conceal your identity and geographical location. Employing multiple proxies allows you to purchase sneakers in bulk. Proxies use a different IP address with every purchase, making it look like different people are buying. In addition to proxies, you’ll also need to use sneaker bots. Sneaker bots are automated software applications programmed to complete your checkout process and purchase sneakers in bulk through proxy accounts. Bots generally work faster than humans since they are programmed to respond to set deadlines. This means that the moment Nike releases their latest sneaker edition, you can use bots and proxy accounts to make swift purchases. Isn’t this just the epitome of working smart rather than hard?

Reselling Sneakers

It is crucial to note that reselling sneakers is not considered illegal, as long as they were legitimately purchased. It’s best to start with a few sneakers first to get your online business going. This approach will allow you to get a feel of the industry, and also spare you any unforeseen capital loss. However, once you get the hang of it and establish yourself in the industry, there’s enough room to expand and grow your business. As for finding your clients, social media has your back. Facebook and Craigslist are two of the best platforms to help you get started. With time, you can get onto other popular websites such as StockX and Flight Club. Did you know that you can earn between 100 to 200% mark-up from reselling in-demand models? These margins can translate into a couple of hundreds of dollars per pair, depending on the sneaker brand. Whether you’re starting big or small, time is of the essence in this industry. Use your sneaker bots and proxies wisely, and you’re sure to be raking in huge profits in no time.

To succeed in the fashion and footwear industry, you need to differentiate what’s hot from what’s not. To figure this out, you need to know what people are raving about on social media, and the release dates. Of course, this depends on what brands you’re looking to focus on. Most popular brands, such as Adidas and Nike, post their upcoming releases and the actual dates and times to excite their clients. Such information is vital for the success of your sneaker business. Remember, the early bird catches the worm.

The Perfect Solution

It’s never too late to get started. At IPRoyal, we’ll help you turn your sneaker collection hobby into a profitable business. Our sneaker proxies are private, secure, completely safe, and optimized for any sneaker bot and website out there. For more information on what our solutions can do for you, get in touch with us today.

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