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Setting Up a Safari Proxy in Three Easy Steps

Milena Popova

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Staying secure online is extremely important these days. As our lives continue to become more interconnected, maintaining privacy and safety during online banking, shopping, or even medical purposes is crucial. Proxy servers are a fantastic way to increase security when accessing private information online or merely remaining anonymous. This article will explain the quick and easy process for setting up a web proxy for Safari on macOS.

Mitigate Attack With a Safari Proxy on Mac

Safari is the default browser on Macintosh computers and enjoys a reasonably large usage among users running macOS . Setting up a Safari proxy server is a straightforward process and quite useful for enhancing security. Follow the quick steps below to set up a proxy on Safari:

  • From within Safari, open the Safari menu and select Preferences (or press ⌘ and ,). Safari Preferences2. In the Preferences window, select Advanced , and then near the bottom of the window, click Change Settings next to Proxies .Safari Proxy Change Settings3. You will now see the Network Proxies Configuration window. Here, you can enter the specific settings provided by your administrator or proxy service. Typically you will be using the HTTP or HTTPS proxy as pictured below, but the exact settings depend on your particular proxy.

Once you have entered the required information for your proxy, click the OK button to save the changes. Your Safari proxy settings will take immediate effect without needing to restart the app. Proxy Settings

Type With Care to Avoid Despair

If your settings are incorrect, you will know it instantly as you will not be able to browse any websites. In that case, repeat the steps to re-open the Networks Proxies Configuration window and double-check your settings.

Common tips include mistaking a zero for the letter O or a lower-case L with a capital I. Be sure sure to also carefully inspect any dots, full-stops, or commas in network addresses . It is quite typical for such mistakes to cause a lot of frustration and confusion.

Increase Safari Security via Proxy

Using a Safari proxy offers an easy way to stay secure and don’t require a lot of effort to set up. There are many proxy vs VPN available to choose from, each with their strengths and specific functionality.

Choosing the right proxy for your particular needs can drastically increase your security and sometimes your connection speed as well. With the right proxy securing your connection, you will be able to browse with confidence, knowing that your private data remains private.

IPRoyal provides premium quality proxies at affordable prices for all of your online security needs. With plans for private residential, commercial, and specialty proxies available, we can accommodate all of your privacy and security needs. Contact us today to get started!

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