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Copping Nike Sneakers the Smart Way with SNKRS Proxies

Simona Lamsodyte

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Copping Nike sneakers on your own can be tough. They work like a raffle system where you enter, and then the winners are picked at random. Nike only allows one entry per person and could ban you if you try to enter multiple times from the same IP address. Needless to say, only putting your name forward once and hoping to score some new sneakers is like winning the lottery. This is where SNKRS proxies come to the rescue.

SNKRS Proxies Are a Vital Tool for Copping Nike Drops

Using Nike SNKRS proxies allows you to order bots to work for you, each with their unique IP address. These bots give you a workaround to Nike’s one entry per person rule as they’re designed to look like unique individuals. This strategy will dramatically increase your odds of scoring the sneakers you’ve been waiting for. The more bots you use, the higher your chances will be.

The Nike SNKRS System Explained

For their limited-edition releases, Nike has moved away from the typical first come, first served system that most people are used to. Limited or hot shoes are released either on desktop or their SNKRS app. These releases fall into one of three distinct types. They are FLOW, LEO, and DAN.


It stands for first come first serve, and it is the least common of Nike’s release types. FLOW releases are usually used for surprise restocks or for general release shoes. A SNKRS proxy is not necessary for this type of release, but it’s good to know the distinction as we move into other releases.


Unlike a FLOW release, a LEO release relies on a raffle system. When the shoes become available to buy, you press the purchase button and enter your details. This will redirect you to a page that states you are in a line and to check back in a few minutes, or the purchase button will say “pending” on it. After a short period, Nike will pick winners at random from everyone who clicked the purchase button.


Nike usually reserves this type of release for their more exclusive limited-edition drops. It’s similar to a LEO release. Nike prompts you to enter a draw when the shoe is released and picks the winners sometime between 10 to 30 minutes after the draw starts. This release type moves the fastest, so being slow to open up the app or login can significantly minimize an individual’s chances of winning.

Use SNKRS Proxies for LEO and DAN Drops

Nike keeps its best drops behind a lottery system. The more accounts you have to enter into their draw system, the better your winning odds become. A capable proxy is necessary if you want to avoid getting red-flagged by Nike’s system. Using the right bot alongside a SNKRS proxy will automate the purchasing process for you. There’s no need for you to worry about manually logging in and making purchases one at a time.

Don’t Rely on Luck Alone

With so many people wanting to get their hands on the latest sneakers, Nike SNKRS proxies have become essential if you want to win. To get started, head on over to IPRoyal sneaker proxies . We specialize in providing dedicated proxies that are compatible with any sneaker bot. Anonymity, instant delivery, and unlimited bandwidth are all guaranteed with even our most affordable plan. Don’t get left behind and miss out on some great sneaker drops. Choose a SNKRS Proxy today to stay ahead of the competition!

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