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Swft AIO Sneaker Bot Review 2022: Compatibility With Proxies

Milena Popova

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When it comes to shopping habits, a lot has changed in the last few decades. First and foremost, most people do their shopping online these days instead of going to a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

It is comfortable to get everything delivered to your doorstep, but it doesn’t come without challenges. You might’ve noticed that online shops are frequently out of stock when it comes to popular items. Remember the PS5 example . The console has been available for a year and a half, and you still can’t just walk into a store and buy one. The same is true for the sneaker market, where the latest drops get sold out almost instantly.

That’s why people came up with sneaker bots. These apps specifically focus on enhancing shopping success by automatically sending shopping requests, inputting billing details, etc. Some can even alert the users when a specific pair of sneakers is in stock on a website.

Swft AIO is one of such sneaker bots, and we’ll cover what sets it apart from the competition.

What Is the Swft AIO Sneaker Bot?

Swft AIO is a fully-developed sneaker bot for iOS and macOS users. Even though there are many sneaker bots to choose from, Apple users usually don’t have as many options. There are quite a few sneaker bots for iOS, but macOS doesn’t get a lot of love. If you want to use your mac for sneaker copping, Swft AIO might be your best choice.

Swft AIO is an all-in-one solution, offering numerous valuable features that both beginners and seasoned coppers will appreciate. One thing that stands out is its blazing speeds. It’s among the fastest sneaker bots out there, providing successful purchases within seconds.

Right now, this bot is out of stock. To get it, you should keep an eye on their Twitter account, which will alert you when the bot is available. The current price on their website is $120 for six months. However, you can also buy it on the bot broker website in an auction-like style.

Main Features of Swft AIO

Swft AIO will be a valuable grab for macOS users and anyone else looking for a reliable way to get sneakers ahead of the competition. Here are the main benefits of this bot.

  • Native macOS and iOS support

The native macOS support is probably the biggest selling point for Swft AIO. Tons of bots cover other operating systems, but Swft AIO is one of the few to focus on macOS. Native iOS support is also a useful bonus as you can control your bot anywhere you go.

  • Multithreaded and fast

With Swft AIO, you can cop more than one pair of sneakers at a time, so there’s a higher chance of landing a successful purchase and getting more sneakers simultaneously. The speeds won’t leave you wanting more since it can complete a purchase within seconds.

  • Supports many sites

Any sneaker bot needs to target major retail sites successfully and have a variety of retailers to choose from. Swft AIO excels here and allows users to snag the latest sneaker releases from the most prominent brands.

  • Easy to use

Swft AIO is an easy-to-navigate compact software. You’ll be able to create multiple profiles, save your billing information for future purchases, and manage proxies with one click.

  • Regular updates

The developers behind Swft AIO are continuously updating the availability of the service and its improvements on Twitter. It looks like this bot is here to stay to support macOS and iOS users.

Swft AIO Bot Compatibility With Proxy Servers

Sadly, macOS and iOS support are insufficient to give a sneaker bot a perfect rating. One of the most crucial aspects of any sneaker bot is its compatibility with proxy services because the latter will be unavoidable if you’re planning some serious sneaker shopping .

First of all, proxies are an integral part of modern internet shopping, especially if you’re hunting for rare and limited-edition items and looking to automate your purchases with bots. They provide anonymity, grant access to a more open internet, and can even reduce online ads and increase browsing speeds. Sneaker bots specifically require some online anonymity, fresh IP addresses, and low latencies, making these two a perfect combo.

Swft AIO has a great proxy manager tab which makes using proxies and adding new ones very easy.

A Perfect Combination

For macOS and iOS users, Swft AIO might be one of the most popular picks. It’s fast, easy to use, and has an active community. More importantly, developers are continuously improving the service to help users snatch that latest sneaker release the moment it drops.

Like most other bots, Swft AIO also works seamlessly with our premium sneaker proxies . Latency issues and connection drops are a thing of the past, and our dedicated sneaker proxies are explicitly configured for one purpose - buying sneakers in the fastest, most efficient way possible!

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