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What Is the Anti-Detect Browser GoLogin

Justas Palekas

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There are countless tools for different platforms that allow you to create and use multiple accounts safely. The anti-detect browser GoLogin is one of the more popular solutions. The browser works with Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites, as well as marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and more.

Manage Multiple Accounts With Anti-Detect Browser GoLogin

GoLogin allows users to create and deploy custom browser profiles, controlling every bit of information about your device a website can see. Every profile you create has its own browser fingerprint that’s completely unique, so there’s no way of linking two or more profiles together.

The browser stores each profile you create in the cloud, so you can use or modify them as needed. Again, this can be very useful in many different scenarios. Besides, the anti-detect browser GoLogin has a large customer base (100,000+ users at the moment) and over 720 million custom profiles.

The Key Features of Anti-Detect Browser GoLogin

Every available multi-account solution offers different features and levels of control you can use to make your tasks seem as authentic as possible. Here’s what sets GoLogin apart from the competition.

  • Advanced fingerprint management

With the anti-detect browser GoLogin, you can customize every single parameter of your browser’s digital fingerprint - the platform, time zone, color depth, fonts, resolution, CPU class, pixel ratio, and other options. There are over 50 parameters you can alter in GoLogin.

  • Isolated profiles

GoLogin keeps all profiles separated. Each of them is stored in the cloud, with protocols in place to ensure they don’t mix with each other.

  • Team support

The anti-detect browser GoLogin also works for teams and helps streamline cooperation. Team members can delegate tasks and share browser profiles, proxy servers, etc. Moreover, they can easily share a profile created on one device with another.

How to Use the Anti-Detect Browser GoLogin

Countless brands, marketers, entrepreneurs, and data scientists regularly rely on GoLogin for various tasks. Here are the most common use cases.

  • eCommerce

Since GoLogin works with multiple online marketplaces, it’s a great solution for dropshipping. Obviously, GoLogin can help you create different merchant accounts on a single platform to avoid limitations while driving more sales.

  • Marketing

Creating multiple accounts on social media and similar platforms allows marketers to make their account seem authentic. In other words, this opens up a variety of options in terms of automation - scheduling posts, comments, follows, likes, and more.

  • Web scraping

Different browser profiles also help web scraping and other data gathering efforts stay undetected. When requests come from different browser profiles, there’s no way to link them together.

  • Development and testing

If you want to check how your website or web app behaves from the perspective of a user, GoLogin can help. You can use it to test traffic, web filters, and anything else with an unlimited number of software and hardware configurations.

What Are the Best Proxies for Anti-Detect Browser GoLogin

Just like all other similar solutions, GoLogin relies on proxy servers to reach its full potential. After all, creating separate browser profiles won’t get you far if they all use the same IP address. To ensure full authenticity, GoLogin’s profiles need reliable, authentic residential proxy servers.

In other words, to get the best proxy servers , you have to find a reliable provider that has the right solution for your GoLogin tasks. At IPRoyal, we offer 100% authentic, ethically-sourced residential proxies in over 190 countries. Each proxy is a genuine desktop or mobile device with a real ISP internet connection, so they’re an ideal solution to ensure your precious accounts never get banned, blocked, or flagged!

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