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Why YOU Should be Using a YouTube Proxy

Simona Lamsodyte

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If you’ve clicked this page, that means that you’re one step closer to experiencing the freedom that YouTube proxies allow. Before we delve into the multitude of benefits, first we must discuss what exactly is a YouTube proxy. Think of your computer as a home. Like any home, your computer has an address. Websites and services use this address to identify you as well as restrict you from certain things. A YouTube proxy allows your computer to change its “address” temporarily. Changing your IP address has many benefits, especially when it comes to the internet’s favorite pastime: YouTube videos!

The Benefits of YouTube Proxies

Everyone loves spending time on YouTube. From watching your favorite band’s latest video, checking out your favorite streamer’s latest antics, to simply following a recipe you bookmarked six months ago, the platform has a lot to offer. Below, we’ll go over the host of benefits that come with using a YouTube proxy. - Privacy

Let’s be honest. While the internet is amazing, it can be, well, creepy. Have you ever found yourself scrolling, and then you receive an ad for the exact thing you were looking at the other day? Websites will gather your data and use it to target you with ads, and YouTube is no exception. Using a proxy on YouTube encrypts and protects your data. Lots of information can be taken from your IP address, including your name, your actual address, and any other personal details. Using a proxy helps protect your privacy AND your data. - Geographical Restrictions

How familiar does this situation sound to you? You’re surfing through YouTube videos, and you come across one that looks interesting. Maybe someone sent it to you, or maybe you stumbled onto it yourself. When you click it, you get the disheartening message: “This video is not available in your country.” Usually, this is a mild inconvenience, but sometimes these videos are important for school, work, or personal projects. Using a YouTube proxy allows you to bypass these geographical restrictions. Changing your computer’s address will allow you to access content that may not be available in your country because your computer appears to be accessing these videos from a different location. - Workplace or Campus Restrictions

Maybe the video you want to access is available in your country, but you can’t access YouTube due to locks and restrictions imposed by your school or workplace. While yes, we all understand that the main purpose of these places is productivity, everyone needs a break once in a while! Whether you want to catch up on the news or see your favorite artists’ new music video, a YouTube proxy is the way to go. With a proxy, you’re not accessing YouTube directly from your workplace or school, so you can enjoy unrestricted access to your favorite video hosting site.

Before You Buy

One of the essential tips when talking about YouTube proxies is to avoid free proxy services! It’s hard to pass up the temptation of a free offer, but when you’re talking about proxies, “free” is usually bad news. If you find any free proxies, chances are you’ll suffer massive speed limitations. More importantly, the service provider can collect your data and sell it to the highest bidder. When you’re looking at proxy options, there are two main types: dedicated and semi-dedicated. - Dedicated Proxy

The dedicated proxy is the best type of proxy on the market. The address you are using is reserved only for you and no one else. Dedicated proxies will cost a little more but are more secure, faster, and easier to use. We recommend always going with a dedicated proxy if possible. While it might run you a little bit more in terms of cost, you’ll be getting a fast connection without worrying about privacy. - Semi-Dedicated Proxy

A semi-dedicated proxy is one where the address you are using will be shared with others. While these will cost you less than the dedicated proxy described above, the connection will be slower. With a semi-dedicated proxy, there is no way to tell how many people will be using it at once, so your connection will depend on that number. Some days may be faster and some slower.

What Proxies are on the Market?

With the rapid advance of technology in the last few years, there has been no shortage of proxies to choose from. When looking for the right one, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of proxy choices out there. There are some key traits you should be looking for when choosing the right proxy: - Trust

Do you trust the site you’re on? Does it have positive reviews? A confidential payment method? These are all things you should be looking for when you’re searching for a proxy. Because of the number of options out there, some sites will be looking to scam you. Always keep your eyes open! - Affordability

You want to make sure that you’re getting good value for your money. Perhaps one site has a semi-dedicated proxy for the same price that another site has a dedicated one. You always want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. - Practicality

The last and most important trait in a good proxy is practicality! More than anything else, you want to make sure whichever proxy you choose is serving your needs as best it can. Make sure to read through all the different purchase options to be sure you’re getting exactly what you need!

Stream On!

If you’re looking for reliable datacenter proxies , look no further than IPRoyal. We offer solutions for all your needs, along with competitive pricing and maximum security. Get in touch with us today to take your YouTube experience to the next level!

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