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This post aims to familiarize you with one of the most reliable proxies for Playwright. By the end, you should understand how Playwright works, why it needs a proxy, and how to integrate proxies into your automation tasks. Read on!

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Want to know most important points about Playwright Proxy?

laywright is a high-level API that allows you to control and automate headless Chrome, Firefox, and Webkit browsers. You can think of it as a more advanced version of Puppeteer because it uses different browsers to automate web app testing and scraping. Supported languages include JavaScript & TypeScript, Python, C#, and Java. 

laywright has several features that make it stand out:

High resiliency

laywright has no flaky tests. Before taking action, Playwright waits for components to be actionable. It also features a diverse collection of introspective opportunities. Moreover, artificial timeouts, the principal source of flaky tests, are no longer required. The claims made by Playwright are designed exclusively for the dynamic web. Checks are retried until all of the necessary conditions are met. Alternatively, you can eliminate flakes by configuring the test retry strategy and capturing the execution trace of videos and images.

No trade-offs or limits

Browsers process online content from various sources in different ways. Playwright follows the design of current browsers and conducts tests in the background. As a result, it is free of traditional in-process test runner software limits. Numerous tabs, multiple origins, and multiple users are tested in one scenario. The tool allows you to create strategies for many users with varied contexts and execute them against your server in one test.

That’s not all. Hovering over elements causes them to interact with dynamic controls, resulting in trusted events. Playwright takes advantage of an actual browser input pipeline virtually indistinguishable from that of a real user. Lastly, Playwright selectors pierce the shadow DOM and allow seamless entry into frames.

Impressive speed

For each test, Playwright builds a browser context. A new browser profile is comparable to a new browser context. This ensures complete test isolation with no additional overhead. It simply takes a few milliseconds to create a new browser context, save the context’s authentication status and use it across all tests. This eliminates the need for repetitive log-in processes in each test while ensuring complete isolation of separate trials.

Powerful tools

laywright creates tests by keeping track of your actions. You can save these tests in any language. That’s not even the best part. You can examine the page, create selectors, walk through the test run, click points, and look at the execution logs. Playwright has several features that can gather all relevant data to investigate the test failure. These features include test execution screencasts, live DOM snapshots, action explorer, test source, and many others.


How proxies improve automation?

The best way to test the performance of your website from different locations is by emulating real visitors via proxies. They're a crucial component of web scraping because your requests come from different IPs and are impossible to track.

Why use IPRoyal proxies for Playwright?

IPRoyal is a top proxy service provider with robust proxies bound to meet your Playwright needs. With our own pool of residential proxies from around the world, we offer 100% anonymous and reliable web scraping and testing solutions.

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