UDP Proxies

UDP stands for User Datagram Protocol and is an essential element of internet communications. UDP is unique in that a traditional handshake is not required to initiate the connection. Many computer games utilize UDP for its robustness, speed, and simplicity. A proxy adds a much-needed security layer to UDP, combing ease of use with top-notch encryption and caching. This guide will help you get the best of both worlds so that you never need to sacrifice privacy for speed.

Types of Proxies

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Want to know most important points about UDP Proxies?

It’s helpful to understand how UDP operates to know how valuable the protocol is and how a proxy can benefit you over a UDP connection.

Protocol advantages

The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is called a stateless protocol. In this case, stateless refers to the fact that there is no formal handshake. UDP is generally faster than the typical Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) used for most web communications. Because of its speed, UDP is ideal for tasks that rely on high transfer rates, such as voice and video communication, media streaming, and gaming.

Due to not having a handshake and boasting a streamlined header, UDP generally takes fewer system resources to maintain a high-throughput UDP connection. Resources may not be much of an issue with today’s computers, but for embedded systems and consoles, every little bit helps. Devices such as routers, game consoles, and set-top boxes can all benefit from UDP’s speed and lightweight operation.

Reliability considerations

UDP features the same checksumming routine as TCP, verifying that the data received matches what was sent. What UDP lacks, however, is the ability to maintain ordinal integrity. Data transmitted over a UDP connection may arrive out of its intended order.

For example, if a client sends a numerical sequence like “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9” over UDP, the chunks may arrive at their destination like this “3 4 7 1 6 9 2 8 5”. Each part of the sequence will be data-accurate, but positional order should not be relied upon.


What is a UDP Proxy?

As the name implies, a UDP proxy is a relay similar to a standard HTTP proxy, only that it works over a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) connection. UDP proxies enjoy all of the same features and benefits as their HTTP and TCP counterparts.

How do I set up a UDP proxy?

The exact method for configuring a UDP proxy depends on your specific system, although we have several guides on our blog for the most popular devices. You can always contact us 24/7 if you need help setting up a computer, phone, or other peripheral.

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