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One of the Best Proxies for Zillow

In this post, you will get acquainted with Zillow. More specifically, you will understand the importance of working with proxies while scraping data off the platform. By the end, you should have a rough idea of what data scraping on Zillow is and the benefits this process offers for users. Read along!

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What Are the Ideal Proxies for Scraping Zillow?

Real estate is considered one of the most lucrative sectors for potential investors. According to a recent report, in 2019 alone, 64.9% of American families owned their primary residences. With this info in mind, several factors influence real estate, including demographics, interest rates, economy, and governmental policies. Regardless, real estate is a lucrative industry with a massive potential for growth due to a large number of investors and the availability of resources. 

So large is the real estate sector that there are many websites solely dedicated to showcasing real estate properties to interested buyers. One of these websites is Zillow.

Why do You Need Proxies for Zillow

There are several reasons why proxies come in handy while scraping data off the real estate website Zillow. However, you need to have a rough idea of what Zillow is to understand the importance of proxies for this process.

What Is Zillow?

Simply put, Zillow is a website dedicated to helping users make the right real estate decisions. Accordingly, this website holds an extensive database of rental properties, and as we all know, information is power. Therefore, by using this information, even beginners can quickly learn the ropes of real estate trends and gain valuable market insight. 

So, how exactly does Zillow work? You can buy, sell, or rent real estate property on the platform. The website lists several categories for homes on sale, including new construction, foreclosure, sale by owner, open houses, and houses not on the market. 

One of the most beneficial features that have for a long time made Zillow stand out from the plethora of real estate websites available today is its capacity to equip the user with information that will ultimately play a key role in their real estate decisions. Some of the resources available to users include buyer’s guides and the foreclosure center. 

Zillow can be your central platform for managing all your listings and payments as a rental manager. In summary, Zillow is a must-have tool for real estate enthusiasts seeking to make the most out of the lucrative business.

Scraping Data Off Zillow With Proxies

Website scraping is critical for users seeking to stay updated with the listings on websites such as Zillow. How? Using the data available on such platforms, you can easily predict real estate trends for the next couple of years. Of course, this is with the help of data analytics tools. To put this into perspective, Zillow has data relating to more than 100 million homes. This data is a treasure for any real estate enthusiast as it can draw several trends and help in decision-making processes. This includes areas with the highest rates and potential regions likely to experience a real estate boom in the near future.

Best Proxies for Zillow Data Scraping

As mentioned earlier, Zillow contains data of up to 100 million homes. Now, manually collecting this data is a long process that will likely take months, if not years. Sounds bleak right? Absolutely not. Using bots, you can automate this process and collect massive amounts of data in a matter of minutes.

However, it is worth noting that most websites are against non-human traffic consisting of bots. Therefore, your IP will likely get blocked for using automation tools such as bots upon detection. Hence, you need a proxy that will hide your IP address, guaranteeing anonymity. A rotating IP pool will change the IP address with every request you make. This way, Zillow servers will presume the requests are coming from different devices. 

By now, you should have a brief idea of the relevance of proxies for Zillow data scraping bots. However, with the several types of proxies available, which are the best available to users? Residential proxies work best since they are the most authentic. These proxies are sourced from ISPs and point to actual devices. 

Are you a real estate enthusiast seeking a reliable proxy for scraping data off Zillow? Welcome to IPRoyal, your go-to provider for reliable residential proxies. Get in touch with us today for robust proxies guaranteed to make your data scraping experience seamless.

What are Zillow data scraping proxies?
A proxy server will mask your IP address with its own while you’re using bots to scrape data off Zillow. This prevents detection and blocks.
Why do you need Zillow data scraping proxies?
You need these tools because automated bot action is prohibited on Zillow. Hence a proxy will mask your IP address, making you anonymous and ensuring constant access to the website and all the data it contains.
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