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E-Commerce Proxy Advantages for Businesses and Individuals

Justas Palekas

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Web proxies are reliable ways to connect to a given website securely and anonymously. Using a proxy optimized for accessing an e-commerce platform is super-useful for customers and enterprises who want to perform competitive research. Today’s article will explore how customers and competitors can benefit from proxies no matter where on Earth they live.

E-Commerce Proxy Can Change Your Life

Here are three ways a business can utilize e-commerce proxies:

  • Circumvent IP limitation for uninterrupted data scraping

Some e-commerce platforms impose a virtual restriction on a particular IP accessing a website frequently. This approach is to eliminate non-human access. However, it becomes frustrating when a market researcher sends a request to a website for data scraping purposes and gets blocked instead. Hence, an e-commerce proxy service with a rotating IP pool can come in handy. It uses multiple IP addresses at set intervals to bypass this block.

  • Combat geo-blocking in market research

Geo-blocking is a form of censorship that applies to a particular geographical region. For example, some shopping websites are unavailable outside the country of origin or in less popular markets. In such cases, one has to perform market research via a proxy server. This tool enables the business to access the region-specific website without getting blocked.

  • Store localization via a translation proxy

Apart from market research, if you want a better reach to the global audience, you should consider a translation proxy. It is a method for localizing a website by providing the content in a different language.

The proxy server positions itself between the customer’s computer and the original e-commerce site. This server renders the original site’s content in a region-specific language for the buyer to understand easily. When the customer requests access to the platform in their language, the proxy can intercept the request and route it to another web server. Additionally, this approach increases page loading speed and the overall performance of your e-commerce website.

Boost Your Shopping Experience

How can proxies save a customer money and elevate the fun of shopping? Here are some brilliant points:

  • Buying at the best price

An e-commerce proxy can be a potent tool to find the latest deals and discounts worldwide. Lightning deals and opportunities don’t wait for anybody. As a result, a vigilant shopper must be ready to grab them before they are gone. Using a proxy can help you get region-specific deals by circumventing geolocation restrictions and getting the best price for your purchase. Reliable residential proxies will help you get the best bargain every time.

  • Place orders anywhere in the world

Some websites are country-specific and ship only within the country. Two excellent examples include the German online store Real Markt and the Lithuanian e-commerce shop Varle.lt . A proxy can easily bypass location restrictions and allow you to purchase unique products from around the world. This way, you will be able to get your order delivered to an acquaintance and get the product shipped to your country later.

What to Look For in a Proxy Provider

Here are some features a good proxy provider should offer.

  • Instant IPs

You should be able to change your IP address merely with a click of a button. Also, look for API requests to make IP modifications when you need them.

Make sure your provider doesn’t allow anyone other than you to use the IP at a given time. In short, no splicing or sharing.

  • Rotating IPs

Your e-commerce proxy provider should alternate every 10-30 minutes to provide new IPs if necessary. Check if the feature is manual or automatic.

  • Sticky Sessions

You may require an extended online session. Hence, make sure you can request a sticky proxy session for up to 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, e-commerce proxies are great for business and personal activities. They can undoubtedly be fantastic productivity instruments in your toolbox, which ensure adequate online security and anonymity.

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