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How Growth Bite Uses IPRoyal to Enhance Marketing Services and Drive Growth

Simona Lamsodyte

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About the Client

Established in 2021, Growth Bite is a leading marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses scale their marketing efforts through optimized SEO, content marketing, and PPC campaigns. The agency offers comprehensive marketing solutions to a diverse clientele, ranging from startups to international enterprises.

Growth-Bite’s success is built on its team’s expertise in various marketing domains and data-driven strategies, ensuring clients receive top-tier services that drive measurable results.

The Challenge

“To ensure we can deliver the best SEO services for our clients, we need access to large volumes of localized online information,” says Adomas Šulcas, the Co-Founder of Growth Bite. “This approach requires access to a large pool of IP addresses, which enable us to gather accurate SEO and SERP data from different regions.”

Moreover, Growth Bite faced challenges in PPC campaigns, particularly regarding ad verification efforts. “Understanding the operations of our clients’ competitors in different regions is crucial. Without accurate and localized data, our PPC strategies would be less effective,” Mr. Šulcas added.

The Solution

After evaluating and testing several options with varying success levels, Growth Bite turned to IPRoyal, which promised a reliable and cost-effective solution. Thanks to IPRoyal’s extensive network of residential proxies across 195 countries, offering precise geo-targeting down to the city level, it seemed like exactly what Growth Bite needed.

“IPRoyal provides us with the infrastructure we need to gather localized SEO data more accurately and efficiently,” Mr. Šulcas explains. “Its traffic-based pricing model, access to the entire network, and sizable bulk discounts made it a great choice for us.”

Enhance your marketing opertations with the best proxies in industry

For PPC ad verification, IPRoyal proxies allowed Growth Bite to monitor competitors’ ads in various regions seamlessly and in real-time. This capability enabled the agency to refine its PPC strategies and offer better results for its clients.

The Results

“IPRoyal has been a game-changer for us,” says Mr. Šulcas. “Their support team helped us identify the most suitable approach and guided us through each step of the setup process, ensuring we avoid any issues.”

With IPRoyal’s residential proxy pool, Growth Bite experienced a significant improvement in the data-gathering processes. The ability to access localized SEO and SERP information led to more precise optimizations and an 18% increase in client satisfaction due to improved SEO results.

Proxies also helped bolster Growth Bite’s PPC services. By verifying ads accurately in different regions, the agency was able to develop even more effective strategies, leading to a 24% increase in ROI for their clients.

Furthermore, IPRoyal’s infrastructure enabled Growth Brite to enhance lead generation and conversion rates. “We can now gather detailed information on potential clients and approach them with data-driven insights,” Mr. Šulcas notes. “By embracing this proactive approach, we’ve grown our client base by 8% , and it’s just the beginning.”

Aside from streamlining operations, using proxies for these purposes also reduced overhead costs for Growth Bite. “The switch to IPRoyal allowed us to stop worrying about monthly plans and expired traffic, cutting down on unnecessary expenses,” Mr. Šulcas concludes. “More importantly, we’re able to focus more on what we do best and delivering value to our clients.”

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