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How IPRoyal Made Its Residential Proxies Pool

Justas Palekas

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With so many people online, growing internet censorship, and so many security concerns, online privacy is more important than ever. Your IP address determines whether you’ll be able to access the information you need. Government agencies, ISPs, and different online platforms keep the data flow under strict control.

With certain countries restricting VPN usage or banning them entirely, more and more users turn to proxy servers as the last method of ensuring unrestricted internet access. With that said, reliable, authentic proxies are needed now more than ever. So, how did our residential proxies pool come into existence, and what makes it stand out from the rest? Read on to find out!

A Brief History of IPRoyal’s Residential Proxies Pool

IPRoyal started its journey as a reseller of proxy servers we obtained from other providers. While this business model worked well, our goal from the very beginning was to build our own network. We wanted to know where our proxies came from, and the only way to offer complete transparency to our clients was to build a residential proxies pool from scratch.

Why does this matter? Many proxy providers hide the origin of their IPs. More importantly, some of them don’t hesitate to source their proxies illegally . There’s no way to build trust without transparent and ethical IP sourcing, so we focused on that from the start.

The Birth of IPRoyal Pawns

In January of 2021, we released the first version of IPRoyal Pawns. This simple app enabled every person in the world to join our network and share their unused bandwidth. Our users got compensated for the traffic, and we got authentic residential IPs with the highest possible reputation.

We understood that everything would fall apart without strict safeguards and security in place. The privacy of our clients and users was a priority. IPRoyal Pawns didn’t gather any data from the users’ devices (and it still doesn’t). We don’t share any information about our users with any third parties. Most importantly, all traffic is encrypted.

However, the focus on security alone wasn’t enough to ensure the steady growth of IPRoyal Pawns. To ensure the highest possible user adoption, we decided to offer the best payout per GB of traffic - two times higher than other similar apps. Combining it with the lowest possible threshold proved to be a winning combination. In just three months, our residential proxies pool grew from 0 to 250.000 IP addresses .

Thanks to our marketing initiatives and the affiliate program we offered to our users, IPRoyal Pawns kept growing. We celebrated the end of 2021 by reaching 400.000 IPs in over 190 countries worldwide!

The Rebranding to Pawns.app

Early this year, we decided to rebrand IPRoyal Pawns. The idea behind this decision was simple. The app used IPRoyal branding and the same design. We wanted to separate Pawns from IPRoyal for one key reason - avoiding confusion for IPRoyal clients and Pawns users.

Our team also thought IPRoyal Pawns deserved a makeover and a fresh coat of paint to make it look and feel less corporate. Another reason for the change was our decision to turn Pawns from an internet-sharing app to a full-fledged money-making app. Along with the transition to Pawns.app , we introduced the Surveys feature. Aside from sharing their internet connection, our users can now share their opinions on different topics and earn even more.

Looking Ahead

Our global community is growing steadily, and so is our residential proxies pool. Today, we’re able to offer our clients unique, authentic residential proxy servers in every corner of the world. But most importantly, we can proudly confirm that each residential IP address you get from IPRoyal is sourced ethically and used with the owner’s consent.

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Justas Palekas

Chief Marketing Officer

Since day one, Justas has been essential in defining the way IPRoyal presents itself to the world. His experience in the proxy and marketing industry enabled IPRoyal to stay at the forefront of innovation, actively shaping the proxy business landscape. Justas focuses on developing and fine-tuning marketing strategies, attending industry-related events, and studying user behavior to ensure the best experience for IPRoyal clients worldwide. Outside of work, you’ll find him exploring the complexities of human behavior or delving into the startup ecosystem.

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