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How to Use IPRoyal Proxies With AdsPower

Milena Popova

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AdsPower is an excellent account management tool that provides an independent fingerprint browser along with an isolated environment for every single account. This functionality can significantly reduce account environment costs. It supports all platforms that require a login and a password. AdsPower offers advanced account management features, including automatic operation, batch support, opening multiple independent browsers to prevent association, team collaboration functions, and others. We’ve even prepared a discount - use the code IPROYAL on their site as the invitation code when you register and get 10% off!

All these features need proxies to function correctly. AdsPower does not provide them as a part of the service, so you need to find a proxy provider on your own. This is where IPRoyal comes in. Our residential proxies are a great solution for AdsPower. With a global pool of genuine residential IP addresses, you can pick the location of your proxies, session duration, rotation, and other features.

IPRoyal Setup

We’ll use the Royal residential proxies for this example. After creating your account, you’ll gain access to the IPRoyal dashboard. You can make a new order here, access the API documentation, and monitor your traffic.


You can also use the dashboard to set up your proxies. Pick a country, state or region, rotation settings (randomized or sticky), protocol (HTTP(S) or SOCKS5 ), and TTL if you’re using sticky IPs.


Finally, you can choose the number of proxies you need and get them in an appropriate format.


AdsPower Setup

Once you’ve got your list of proxies, open AdsPower and select Single Import.

In the Single Import tab, scroll down to Proxy Type and select HTTP. If you used the “hostname:port:username:password” format in the IPRoyal dashboard, you can copy one of the proxies directly into the Proxy Host field. AdsPower will automatically fill the remaining fields with the necessary data. Click on Check Proxy to verify if it works.


You’re Ready to Go!

Once you’ve made sure everything works, you can start adding accounts and using AdsPower to its full potential. Keep in mind that certain websites like LinkedIn and PlayStation are not accessible. This is to ensure the safety of our Royal residential IP pool. All new users need to verify their identity to gain access to these websites.

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