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How to Use IPRoyal Proxies With SocksDroid

Milena Popova

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Let’s say you installed SocksDroid from the Google Play store , you got your IPRoyal proxies , and you’re ready to start enjoying anonymous internet access. Here’s how to set everything up!

First off, set up your proxies on IPRoyal. As an example, we’ll use residential proxies from Toronto, Canada, and keep the same IP address for 1 hour. The process is also the same for other types of proxies - select the location and other characteristics (where available), make sure you set SOCKS5 as the proxy type, and that’s it.

IPRoyal proxy location, rotation, and type settings

Once you do this, copy the following information over to SocksDroid:

  • Server IP (“HTTP Proxy Host” on IPRoyal)
  • Server port
  • Your IPRoyal username
  • Your IPRoyal password

IPRoyal proxy credentials

In this case, our Server IP is geo.iproyal.com .

SocksDroid server IP

Our port is 42324 .

SocksDroid server port

In the end, your SocksDroid should look like this.

SocksDroid server IP and server port

Now, tick the box next to the Username & Password Authentication option in SocksDroid.

SocksDroid username & password authentication

Enter your IPRoyal username in the Username field.

SocksDroid username

Enter your IPRoyal password in the Password field.

SocksDroid password

Once you’re done, your SocksDroid should look like this.

SocksDroid finished setup

There’s no need to alter any other options unless you want to use proxies for specific apps only, etc. Lastly, toggle the switch in the top right corner to start using proxies on your Android device.

SocksDroid activation toggle

You’ll get a prompt. Since you know and trust the source (IPRoyal), tap on OK .

SocksDroid confirmation dialog

If you set everything up correctly, you’ll notice a little VPN icon next to your connection and “SOCKS5 proxy activated” (along with the active profile) in the notification bar.

SocksDroid active icon

Finally, go to IPRoyal’s IP Address Lookup or a similar website to check your current IP address.

IPRoyal IP lookup check

As you can see, the site “thinks” we’re connecting from Ontario, Canada. Also, the IP is recognized as an ISP-issued address since we’re using authentic residential proxies.

That’s the end of our tutorial. Congratulations, you can start surfing anonymously with SocksDroid and IPRoyal!

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