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IPRoyal vs. Rayobyte - An In-depth Feature Comparison

Simona Lamsodyte

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Not sure whether you should go with IPRoyal or Rayobyte? Well, you’ve come to the right place. While both proxy providers offer ethically sourced residential proxies and high-performing datacenter IPs, they come with different features and pricing.

As reliable and trusty names in the industry, both deserve an honest review that will compare their services and reveal their biggest strengths and weaknesses. Only that way can you pick the best proxy service for you. Let’s go!

Note: All data collected on September 2023 from the official company websites and bestproxyfinder.com.

IPRoyal vs. Rayobyte – Who Are They Built For?

Both companies offer multiple types of proxies for private and business users. However, Rayobyte’s main targets are search engine marketers, offering a scraper API along with their proxies. On the other hand, IPRoyal focuses on affordable proxy solutions for everyone, including small users and businesses.

Here are the key features of both providers.

Provider IPRoyal Rayobyte
Residential proxies • Ethically-sourced
• 32+ million in 195 countries
• City-level geo-targeting
• Non-expiring traffic
• Sticky & rotating
• Dual authentication
• High-end pool option
• Unlimited concurrent sessions
• Ethically-sourced
• 100,000+ in 100 countries
• City-level geo-targeting
• One-time payment
• Non-expiring traffic
• Sticky sessions
• Dual authentication
• Unlimited concurrent sessions
Datacenter proxies • Dedicated
• Unlimited traffic
• 30+ countries
• API support
• Dedicated & shared & rotating
• Unlimited traffic
• 27 countries
• API support
User experience • Simple registration
• Easy ordering
• Instant delivery
• Intuitive dashboard
• Quick integration
• Easy registration
• Limited self-service
• Two dashboards (complicating)
• Quick integration
Support • Available 24/7
• Instant response
• Dedicated managers
• Ample documentation
• Available 24/7
• Slow response
• Dedicated managers
• Ample documentation
Pricing • Highly customizable
• No subscriptions
• Pay-as-you go option
• No minimum deposit
• Various payment methods
• Subscription-based and one-time payment
• No crypto payments
• A free trial

Residential Proxies

Both providers offer ethically sourced residential IPs from real ISPs worldwide, making them highly trustworthy. Their proxy services include dual authentication, unlimited concurrent requests, and city-level targeting .

Also, the traffic you buy from these companies is yours until you use it completely. This is a fantastic feature that’s really hard to find in the industry.

In terms of differences, here’s what makes each service unique.


IPRoyal has over 32 million residential proxies from over 195 countries worldwide, providing more than enough IPs and locations for any private and business online task.

The service comes with flexible rotation options and precise sticky session control, allowing you to get a new IP per each request or hold the same from 1 second to 7 days .

The proxy service offers a few more convenient features:

  • auto top-up to add traffic as needed and automate orders without interruptions
  • high-end pool option to select the fastest IPs and filter out slow and nonfunctional proxies
  • self-service

The company follows exclusively the pay-as-you-go pricing model regarding their residential proxies. There are no subscriptions or monthly plans, making them extremely convenient. You only pay for the traffic you use, and you get to keep it until used entirely.

The starting price per GB is $7 per GB with great bulk discounts reducing the price to only $2.45 per GB. Enterprise clients can get even better deals.



Rayobyte controls over 100,000 residential IP addresses across more than 100 locations worldwide. If this is not enough for your business needs, the company says you can contact the support team to discuss your needs.

The proxies are rotating by default, changing your IP per each request with no option to select custom rotation intervals . You can only keep the same IP until it’s available, which is a bit limiting. Regarding protocol support, these proxies support only HTTP and HTTPS connections.

Rayobyte uses a unique pricing model for its residential IPs. It’s neither a pay-as-you-go nor a subscription. You can order as much traffic as you want without the option for ‘going’ or monthly minimums. However, you need to get approved to access the pricing plans because the company doesn’t support self-service for these proxies.

The starting price is $7.5 per GB , which is a bit surprising considering the lack of SOCKS5 support and precise sticky sessions. On the good side, the price per GB decreases as you order more traffic, making the service more suitable for large-scale users.

Take a look at the key differences between IPRoyal and Rayobyte’s residential proxy service.

Provider IPRoyal Rayobyte
Pool size 32+ million 100,000+
Targeting Country, state, and city-level Country, state, and city-level
Non-expiring traffic
Sticky sessions From 1 second to 7 days Until available
SOCKS5 support Yes No
Self-service Yes No
Starting price $7/GB $7.5/GB

Datacenter Proxies

Both IPRoyal and Rayobyte offer fast datacenter proxies with unlimited bandwidth, API access, SOCKS5 support, and self-service. While all IPRoyal’s datacenter proxies are dedicated, Rayobyte’s datacenter IPs come in three versions: dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating or shared.

Let’s discuss the differences between both dedicated datacenter proxy services.


IPRoyal controls a datacenter proxy network covering 30 countries worldwide, allowing you to specify the country but not the city. No matter what location you choose, the price stays the same and the IPs are dedicated.

The company uses a subscription pricing model for this service, giving you three options to choose from – 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days . The low prices and great order customization options make the service an excellent choice for budget-conscious users.


You can order as little as 5 IPs for $9 a month or reduce the price per proxy to only $1.39 by making bulk purchases. The service offers speeds of up to 10 Gbps and 99.99% uptime.

On the downside, it doesn’t support IP whitelisting, allowing you to authenticate only with credentials.


Datacenter proxies are Rayobyte’s flagship product. Even though the provider offers three types of datacenter IPs , we’ll only discuss the dedicated ones so we can compare them with IPRoyal’s datacenter proxy service.

You can order dedicated datacenter IPs from 27 countries with no option for city targeting. Just like IPRoyal, a minimum purchase of 5 IPs is required, only this time, the location affects the price .

For example, 5 US dedicated datacenter proxies cost $12.50 per month, while 5 Australian dedicated datacenter proxies cost $17.5 per month.

The service uses the subscription model, giving you four possible options – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months . The longer the plan you choose, the lower the price per proxy.

Significant features worth mentioning are free IP replacements that allow you to refresh individual IP addresses whenever you want and dual authentication support that lets you authenticate with IP addresses or credentials.

Let’s take a look at the key differences between IPRoyal and Rayobyte’s dedicated proxies .

Provider IPRoyal Dedicated Rayobyte Dedicated
Targeting Country and subnet-level Country-level
IP whitelisting
Starting price $9 for 5 IPs/month $7.50 to $17.50 for 5 IPs/month (depending on the location)

User Experience

User experience is essential when choosing one proxy provider over the other. Overall, both services have intuitive dashboards with a few differences in registration and usage.

Let’s find out more about them.


To register with IPRoyal, you only need an email address and password . You get a verification email instantly and you’re ready to make an order. The KYC policy may limit your orders a bit, but you’ll have more than enough to test the service as a new client.

Everything on the easy-to-use dashboard is organized, with sections, helpful information, and quick-start guides for each product. Making an order is easy, and getting a confirmation takes less than a minute.


The registration process with Rayobyte depends on the proxy service you choose. That’s because there are two dashboards – one for their residential IPs and another for their datacenter and ISP IPs. This can give you the impression that you’re using two different proxy services, which can be a bit confusing

If you’re interested in Rayobyte’s residential proxies , you only need to provide your email address and password . You get access to the dashboard when you verify your email address. The user-friendly dashboard shows you the plans you can choose to get approved for.

If you want to make a purchase, you’ll need to complete a KYC form requiring your name, proxy use case, bandwidth requirements, and targets. Due to the lack of self-service , you need to wait until someone from the sales team contacts you.

For the datacenter proxy service, you need to fill out a lengthy form because the registration is combined with the purchase. This means you’ll need to pick a package, number of IPs, location, and subscription period before entering your email address, phone number, and billing information.

Self-service is fully supported for datacenter proxies, so you can get your proxies after entering all this information. The dashboards are equipped with all the information you need to use the service correctly.


Both providers claim they offer 24/7 customer support via several contact channels, but is it really that way? Let’s learn more about them and the support tools each proxy service offers.


If you want to reach out to IPRoyal, you can do it via email, live chat, and Discord . The support agents are always on hand, ready to answer all your questions immediately. Enterprise clients get dedicated customer managers who provide them with expert knowledge for an ultimate experience.

The company has also provided answers to a lot of questions regarding their service in the Help Center available on their dashboard and homepage. Integration tutorials, quick-start guides, and FAQ sections are also available for easier usage.


You can also use the free proxy tester to get only the fastest proxies and the free Chrome and Firefox proxy extensions for easier proxy management.


Rayobyte offers several contact support options – email, live chat, and a ticket system . Although they claim agents are available 24/7 to assist you, we had a slightly different experience. When we reached out to them via live chat, we got a response that the live chat agents were currently unavailable.

An hour later, we tried again, and we succeeded in contacting one of their live chat agents, who gave us all the answers we needed. So, although Rayobyte customer support can be slow, it still functions. This, however, is not ideal for emergencies, so we hope they will improve soon.

The Knowledge Base in the dashboard and homepage contains almost everything you need to know about the Rayobyte proxy service.

Regarding additional tools, the company offers Proxy Pilot software for easier proxy management. It also has a paid scraper API called Scraping Robot that will take the hassle out of scraping.

Provider IPRoyal Rayobyte
24/7 support
Instant response
Multilingual support team
Dedicated account manager Enterprise clients All clients
Browser extensions Chrome, Firefox
Proxy tester
Scraper APIs


This is one of the most important parts of the IPRoyal vs. Rayobyte review, especially for budget-conscious users. Both offer several payment options, self-service and subscription plans priced per proxy for their datacenter proxy services, and residential traffic that never expires.

Let’s see how each of these services differs in terms of pricing.


If you want to purchase residential proxies from IPRoyal, you have only one option – to pay as you go . This is a very convenient purchasing method, as you only pay for the traffic you use.

The pricing starts at $7 per GB , but if you order in bulk , you can reduce the price to $2.45 per GB . No matter how much traffic you order, it will never expire.

For the datacenter proxy servers, you can choose between a 30-day, a 60-day, and a 90-day plan . The minimum purchase amount is 5 IPs , and the price stays the same no matter the IP location - $9 . IPRoyal allows you to get a better deal if you order more IPs and opt for a higher plan, reducing the price to $1.38 per IP .

IPRoyal supports self-service for all of its products. It also supports various payment methods, including PayPal, wire transfer, credit cards, Giropay, EOPS, iDEAL, Bancontact, and over 70 cryptocurrencies.


Rayobyte uses a pretty unique pricing model for their residential proxies, letting you order as much traffic as you need with no option for going (from pay-as-you-go). The traffic you buy doesn’t expire , but in order to buy it, you have to get approval – so there is no self-service for this product.

Residential proxies start at $7.5 per GB with discounts if you order in bulk.

The company supports self-service for their dedicated datacenter proxies , letting you buy proxies without contacting the support team. The pricing model is based on subscriptions, letting you choose the duration period – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months , the IP quantity – at least 5 IPs, and the location .

Location and plan duration affect the prices, so you can get 5 Pakistani datacenter dedicated IPs for $7.5 a month and 5 Australian datacenter dedicated IPs for $17.5 a month.

Regarding payment methods, Rayobyte supports only Stripe and PayPal , with no option to pay with cryptocurrencies. On the bright side, the company offers a free trial , letting you try their residential and datacenter proxies for free.

For the residential proxies , you can create an instant trial account and get 50 MB , and for the dedicated datacenter proxies , you can get a 48-hour trial .

Service IPRoyal residential proxies Rayobyte residential proxies IPRoyal datacenter proxies Rayobyte dedicated datacenter proxies
Pricing model Pay-as-you-go One-time payment Subscription Subscription
Starting price $7/GB $7.5/GB $9 for 5 IPs/month $7.5-$17.5 for 5 IPs/month (depending on location)
Lowest price $2,45/GB $1/GB $1.39/IP $2.50/IP
Non-expiring traffic

IPRoyal vs. Rayobyte: Final Thoughts

IPRoyal and Rayobyte are very similar proxy providers, offering the same proxy types with similar features. However, they are still different in many aspects, so you need to know everything about them before deciding which is best for you.

IPRoyal is great for budget-conscious users who like to get premium features like SOCKS5 support, high-end pool, and precise sticky session control without paying additional costs.

On the other hand, Rayobyte offers flexibility and a scraping solution , so it’s a good option for businesses interested in web scraping.

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