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What Are Private Proxies?

Vilius Dumcius

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Let’s start from the top - what are private proxies? A private proxy is just one of the handful of ways you can use a proxy server to connect with the internet. The short story is that a proxy server is like a filter that keeps your identity, location, and other personal information private and secure while still allowing you to explore everything the internet has to offer. There are several kinds of proxies based on service:

  • Public proxies

These proxies are available to everyone and usually free. You’re sharing them with an unknown number of other users at all time, so they’re often unreliable and slow. They offer minimal privacy protection (if any) and can be a security risk.

  • Shared proxies

If you’re looking for a reliable option at a budget, shared datacenter and residential proxies are worth considering. You purchase them from a proxy provider and share them with other clients only. They offer decent performance and features at an affordable price.

  • Private proxies

These are also known as dedicated proxies , as they’re reserved for a single client. Since there’s no sharing involved, they offer the best performance and privacy protection, but come at a higher price than shared proxies.

Our focus here will be to explain what are private proxies, what they can offer you, and things to consider when choosing one.

The Definitive Guide to Private Proxies

A private proxy is a dedicated IP address that only allows one person to use it at a time. Because you can’t share the proxy, you retain complete control over when you use it and for what purpose.

When you’re using a private proxy, all requests pass through the proxy server. The proxy server masks your IP address and other identifying information like your location, while also protecting you from data mining, targeted ads, and email hacking.

What Are Private Proxies Going to Do For Me?

The better question is, what won’t a private proxy do for you? Here are some of the key advantages of using a proxy server:

  • Privacy

Private proxies are, well, private. Nobody else can use or otherwise access them, so you can rest assured that your information remains safe. This gives you a higher level of security, and also added peace of mind. You can browse anonymously, which is great when accessing bank information, health records, and other sensitive data.

A further privacy and security level is added because private proxies will always show up as a different IP address than the one you’re using. This feature is crucial for those that don’t want their location identified.

  • Location Services

Private proxy providers, as a rule, offer IP addresses from various locations around the world. This feature allows you to use a proxy in Europe or Asia while sitting in the US or South America. Some advantages of doing this are to access websites that have geographic blocks or to access localized data that you wouldn’t be able to with a foreign IP address.

  • Speed

A significant advantage of private proxies over shared proxies is speed. Since they are assigned to a single user, private proxies won’t slow down your browsing. Private proxies also stop bandwidth overload problems, simply because most of them have unlimited bandwidth, making them more reliable than shared proxies. Because private proxies act as caching servers, they load web pages faster.

What Should I Consider?

The most significant factor in choosing a private proxy to meet your needs is the cost. Private proxies aren’t cheap, and in this case, you get what you pay for. Cheap proxies are cheap for a reason.

Sometimes they’re actually owned and run by hackers who will use the fake proxy to steal your identity or clear out your bank account. This is why research and vetting are essential!

How to Research The Best Proxies

Private proxies are not free. However, the cost is not the only thing you need to consider. Some solutions offer improved security and anonymity than others, along with better protection from IP Leakage. Here are a few tips to help you find the solution that fits your needs:

  • Read reviews

This is paramount. If a company doesn’t share testimonials or reviews from customers , stay away.

  • Contact companies directly

A great proxy provider will be willing and able to answer any questions you have, and their customer service team should provide you with all the tools necessary to get you started.

  • Look at what they’re offering

Do they have a free trial that you can use to actually try out their proxy solution? How about a money-back guarantee? Does their product do what you want it to, and is their technology suitable for your needs?

  • Do your research

Advertisements are everywhere, and we’re all familiar with the ways search engines and social media sites target users. A little bit of due diligence now will prevent having your data mined by a sham company later.

A Few Words of Caution

There are a couple of disadvantages to choosing a proxy server, but knowing what they are will help your decision-making. That cache system that allows web pages to load really fast can also hold onto passwords and other sensitive data.

Your data may end up compromised, but you can avoid this by doing your research, as discussed above. A private proxy can allow access to blocked websites, so be aware of who else has access to your proxy, especially minors.

In Conclusion

Using a private proxy is simple and secure. A good proxy provider with proper customer service can have you surfing the web anonymously in no time while keeping your personal data safe. There are always risks on the internet, but you can mitigate all of them through vetting and research.

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