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The Most Reliable Iran Proxies at Your Fingertips

At IPRoyal, we offer various proxy services to fit consumers' needs. Our residential and datacenter proxies have a higher than 99.9% uptime, and we ensure that no connection drop will expose your private data. Our 127,399 Iran proxies are ideally suited for private communication, accessing banned websites, and opening up the internet that some authoritarian regimes try to limit. 

Remaining safe online is of utmost importance, especially if you're from a country known to track online activities. At IPRoyal, you can get the ideal Iran proxy server that responds to your needs. We'll ensure they provide sufficient protection and we'll continuously expand our Iran proxy server network to keep up with demand.

127,399 IPs
Residential Proxies
From 0.80USD/GB
  • 180+ countries available
  • City/state targeting
  • Flexible rotation/sticky options
  • Traffic never expires
  • SOCKS5 supported
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Datacenter Proxies
From 1.30USD/proxy
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth & threads
  • Not shared
  • API access
  • SOCKS5 supported
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Sneaker Proxies
From 0.80USD/proxy
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & threads
  • Instant delivery
  • Unbanned on most websites
  • 1-day plans available
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Static Residential Proxies
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Premium ISP providers
  • Unlimited bandwidth & threads
  • Not shared
  • SOCKS5 supported
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Cities: Sa’in Qal`eh, Qasr-e Shirin, Poldasht, Pir Bakran, Varzaneh, Ahram, Rezvanshahr, Charmahin, Famenin, Kushk, Fereydunshahr, Ardestan, Khomam, Chamgardan, Amlash, Dastgerd, Dehaqan, Tiran, Shahr-e Jadid-e Hashtgerd, Sedeh Lanjan, Dizicheh, Taft, Kabudarahang, Mahmudabad Nemuneh, Abrisham, Khowrzuq, Gaz, Khvansar, Goldasht, Sheyban

Why use a Iran proxy server?

Privacy protection and online security are the main reasons to use an Iran proxy service. However, there are several more use cases for these particular regions. Check out the use-case list below and drop us a message if you have any questions!

Increased privacy

Domestic online surveillance is no joke when it comes to authoritarian countries. If you’re planning on accessing Iranian news sources, using their social media, or traveling there with unrestricted internet usage in mind – you should invest in online security. By using IPRoyal Iran IP addresses, you will get an extra layer of security so you can browse whatever you want with the peace of mind.

Data scraping

If you’re planning on expanding your business in Iran, you should consider using a reliable Iran proxy provider for market data gathering. With it, you can keep an eye on the competition, compare prices, discover the most popular products, and gather intelligence even from the most challenging places. This is an excellent way to get ahead of the competition!

Content administration

Let’s say you’re running a successful digital marketing business in Iran, but have a problem with your employees’ productivity during working hours. You can use proxies to control what your workers can access during working hours. For example, you can forbid going to online video game sites, which will positively impact the general performance.

Social media management

Social media is an efficient way to interact with your target audience directly. Whether you want to run a Facebook ad campaign or discuss the quality of your service with other people, you can use an Iran IP address to create and manage multiple social media accounts. We also guarantee privacy while you’re at it.

Unrestricted content

Iran is a country that tightly controls what its citizens can access on the internet. A reliable Iran proxy service allows access to a broader array of newsletters and to receive critical information on the state of affairs in Iran without compromising privacy. You can also use a proxy to unblock content restricted to that region only, which is otherwise inaccessible.

Market analysis

Online goods prices greatly vary from one country to another. With an Iran IP address, you can compare local prices with other regions and spot an opportunity to save money. You can use proxies to compare plane ticket prices, holiday deals, latest tech products, footwear, handbags, fashion items, gaming consoles, and more.

Who can take advantage of Iran proxies?

Proxies are an excellent choice for people who want to avoid government surveillance. Many governments track their citizens via IP addresses. IPRoyal proxies will obfuscate your original IP address and change it to an alternative one. Tracking you via IP address while using a proxy becomes a highly complex procedure that significantly boosts your online privacy.

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What is a proxy?
Simply put, a proxy is a device connected to the internet with its own IP address. It works as an intermediary between you and the rest of the internet. A proxy handles all your requests and keeps your IP concealed while providing various other useful functions along with privacy and security benefits depending on your needs.
How to use Iran proxy?
A proxy server doesn't just keep your private information safe. Iran proxies feature all sorts of options for different types of users. Companies can benefit from anonymous data scraping, global ad verification, and improved corporate privacy. Home users have the option to restrict access to specific content types and enjoy better deals on goods and services online.
What is an SSL/HTTPs proxy?
SSL proxies are a transparent proxy type that enforces Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and decryption of traffic between clients and servers. Both the server and the client are unable to detect its presence. HTTPs proxies ensure communication between the client and the server with end-to-end security by establishing a secure channel for requests and returning information.
What is a residential proxy?
A residential proxy uses an IP address assigned to a device by an internet service provider (ISP) along with its physical location. A residential proxy replaces your IP address with its own, hiding your identity online and maintaining your anonymity. They're a perfect choice for web scraping, ad verification, and other scenarios where preserving your anonymity is a must.

Why You Should NOT Use a Free Iran Proxy

By using free Iran proxies, you mark yourself as an easy target for governmental surveillance and malicious hackers. Free proxies tend to monitor and collect user data, and some might even infect your device with malware. Viruses can continue snooping for valuable information until you leak banking details. Moreover, you can be a target for governmental surveillance, and if you’re not abiding by the strict Iranian internet laws, you can get in trouble. That’s why it’s highly advisable to avoid free Iran proxies at all costs. Even if security is not your top priority, free proxies will never be as fast as a paid service because you share free proxies with other users and have less bandwidth to work with.

Use the Fastest Iran Proxy Addresses

Speed is essential for the comfortable use of proxy services. Our Iran proxy network is optimized to provide the best speeds possible to save you time and money. High customization ensures you can use a proxy the way you need to. For example, you can scrape information from the web, make an in-depth price comparison, perform SEO research, and access geographically restricted data. We guarantee online privacy and excellent success rates whatever you choose to do with your proxy. If you run into trouble, drop us a message, and we’ll provide the solution.

Try our best Iran IP Addresses

If you’re having trouble picking the best proxy for your needs, you can either check our Proxies page for a clear definition or contact us, and we’ll help you pick the best option. We provide residential, datacenter, sneaker, and static residential proxies at great prices. We’ll ensure you can access a more open and secure internet at the best speeds possible. Our proxies are ideally suited for data gathering, streaming services, and social media management and are easy to use. So even if you’re not a tech-savvy person, you’ll find setting them up a breeze.

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