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10 Benefits of Mobile Proxy Servers (That You’re Probably Missing Out On)

Jenna Bunnell

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For those who don’t know, a proxy server acts as a middleman between your device and the internet. They allow you to access sites anonymously, hiding your IP address and acting as an extra layer of security while you browse the internet.

Think of them as your cape of invisibility!

Mobile proxy servers work differently than regular proxy servers, which pull from a set list of IP addresses that are often detected and blocked. Mobile proxy servers act like mobile devices and display a genuine mobile IP address that has been pulled from a pool of other users.

If you don’t understand the benefits of using a mobile proxy server, you may well have experienced some of the problems arising from not using one.

Perhaps you do understand what a mobile proxy server is or even have one. Do you know the benefits? Are you making the most of it?

What Are the Key Benefits of Mobile Proxy Servers?

In the second quarter of 2022, 58.99% of web traffic came from mobile devices. This is an increase of 10% in the past three years. More importantly, it’s set to continue rising as more companies adapt to customer demand. The expanding mobile network means the IP address pool that a mobile proxy server pulls from is ever-increasing, making the system even better.

So what are the benefits of mobile proxy servers?

1. Better Online Security

Some websites are malicious, containing malware or phishing links. Anyone accessing malicious sites from your office or home may infect your systems or devices. This is critical when dealing with sensitive information such as payroll processing for small to medium-sized businesses , where employee data security and protection are paramount.

An all-in-one mobile proxy server will block malicious websites. Even if you or an employee does fall victim to a scam site, the server will become infected instead of your device.

Cybercriminals use your IP address to determine your location and garner personal information. One of the key benefits of mobile proxy servers is that they conceal your IP address and prevent this from happening.

If you’ve moved over to a cloud PBX phone system , a mobile proxy server can offer protection when you’re communicating online.

mobile proxies allow more online freedom

2. More Online Freedom

Have you ever been in that frustrating situation where you can’t access a website because you’re in the wrong region?

Enter; a mobile proxy server.

Because mobile proxy servers are not geographically tied, they can bypass such restrictions. This is particularly useful in global business for those wanting to see how content appears in a target country or for individuals trying to access unavailable content from foreign services such as Netflix.

If you live in a country with strict online censorship laws, a mobile proxy server will enable you to bypass restrictions and access banned online content.

3. Web Scraping

Gathering large amounts of data and content online is valuable to businesses for research, marketing, and analytical purposes. However, using software to do this efficiently can be problematic. Some websites don’t allow web scraping and use CAPTCHAs to prevent web scraping bots from accessing the site.

Mobile proxy servers are great for bypassing blocks and reducing the chance of encountering CAPTCHAs.

4. Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

This is particularly useful for businesses that provide social media management services or anyone needing more than five Facebook or Instagram accounts. If you use the same IP address, most social media sites will block you from creating too many accounts. A mobile proxy server provides mobile proxies for Instagram , so the social media software won’t detect they’re all originating from the same device.

5. Getting Accurate Price Comparisons

Whether you’re an individual pricing up holidays or a business trying to secure the best prices for a product or service, mobile proxies can help. Some retailers display different costs depending on your location and mobile carrier. A mobile proxy server hides this information, ensuring the price displayed is correct and inflated.

mobile proxies boost your internet speed

6. A Speedier Internet Connection

Because mobile proxy servers cache any data garnered from visiting websites and store it instead of it being stored on your device, there’s less data stored in the background to clog up and slow down your internet connection.

7. No Cookies

No, not the delicious kind (thankfully), but the ones that track you online and slow down your internet connection. Cookies are useful because they store the details of any web pages you visit, meaning you can return to them much quicker, but they also log your browsing history, which you then have to remember to delete.

A mobile proxy server downloads cookies but doesn’t pass them on, so your device stays clear of speed-clogging cookies. However, you still get the benefits of having them.

8. Reduces the Chance of Proxy Detection

A mobile proxy server works differently from a normal proxy server. Traditional proxy servers use a set list of IP addresses which can and often do become blocked or users often encounter CAPTCHAs. This means any bot software you’re using will be blocked. Because a mobile proxy server pulls from a giant pool of random IP addresses, this problem is largely overcome.

9. Protect Your Communications

It’s not just your web browsing that mobile proxy servers protect. They can offer protection to businesses or individuals using VOIP systems. Imagine the devastation telemarketing companies could face if their security was breached.

This is something you should consider when deciding on a VoIP or regular landline system.

mobile proxies protect your online communications

10. Check Your Digital Marketing

In 2019, 95% of small businesses planned on increasing their digital marketing spend. With a much higher investment, it’s important for businesses to monitor their quality to track return on investment. This isn’t always easy when trying to look at how adverts and content display in different regions and where they’re being displayed.

A mobile proxy server can help you to access your adverts in foreign territories as a local person would see them. You can then monitor where the adverts are being displayed and monitor traffic etc.

Final Thoughts

Mobile proxy servers are becoming increasingly more important as website security improves and online threats increase. There are also many countries across the globe employing stricter censorship of websites making global business more challenging.

As a business analyzing areas for improvement, online operations will be a big area of consideration. You can use a template to strategize operations and plan decision making. Blank templates such as the PandaDoc commercial proposal example will help you review if a mobile proxy server is a good investment for your business.

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