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Antik Browser Review: Anonymity Amplified

Milena Popova

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We first noticed the Antik anti detection browser at the end of 2023 and decided to give it a try. Anti-detect browsers are becoming more popular yearly as their primary benefits boost marketing operations to draw sales and automate tedious tasks to save human resources. You can also find anti detection browser users among crypto traders and casual internet users looking for easy proxy integration and privacy-oriented software.

Like many other anti-detect browsers, Antik is designed to manage multiple accounts efficiently. However, what sets it apart is its distinctive feature that allows you to modify browser details, thereby thwarting online tracking and ensuring your online activities remain private and secure.

Among other online privacy-oriented software, anti-detect browsers stand out by providing tools specifically for browser fingerprint obfuscation. A virtual machine also lets you simulate other operating systems, CPU, or memory settings, but using them requires good tech know-how and time. In our dedicated blog post , you can learn more about virtual machines and antidetect browser differences.

Whichever anti detection browser you choose depends on your demands. So, before we dive deeper into Antik’s features, let’s see what you can do with it.

What Can You Do With Antik Browser?

Anti-detect browsers are relatively versatile and have a broader use case scope. However, as you will see, they are primarily related to digital marketing.

We strongly recommend the Antik browser to social media marketing managers who require hundreds of browser profiles for marketing campaigns. Social networks like Facebook and TikTok limit account numbers per single user and may ban or restrict accounts that exceed these limits.

Antik browser lets you manage up to 300 profiles with Solo plans, or up to 1,000 with Team plans. If that’s not enough, you can tailor your custom plan. Regardless of plans, all profiles get authentic browser fingerprints to avoid detection. Once you start automating social media posting tasks, you’ll notice how much time it saves and ensures better brand visibility.

This anti detection browser also excels at data scraping. Websites often impose anti-scraping methods, like CAPTCHAS, IP bans, and request limits. These methods rely on identifying users’ IP addresses and browser fingerprints. Antik browser includes easy integration with proxies, so you can assign a different IP address to each browser profile and evade website detection. Here’s how to set up proxies in the Antik browser if you want to jump straight to it.


Lastly, this browser has use cases that are beneficial to casual internet users looking for online privacy protection and access to a more open internet. Once again, you can create several online profiles and assign different IPs using proxies to separate work accounts from personal ones.

Journalists use them to communicate online outside of governmental surveillance and censorship, and access geographically blocked content, like alternative news sites or blocked social networks.

How Does Antik Browser Compare to Others?

Like many other anti-detection browsers oriented at multiple account management, the Antik browser has many similar features. For example, the anti detection browser GoLogin also offers advanced user agent customization options, such as font, time zone, and CPU class management. Both support team mode that lets you assign tasks, group and share large numbers of browser profiles, and create team tags. For a better view, take a look at the Antik browser team management section.


Although we found the Antik browser largely user-friendly and very much suited for beginners, as you can see from the image above, it does require some development and polishing. Although I have selected English as my primary language, some parts are still in Russian with nonsensical information pop-ups. On the other hand, some other products we reviewed are slightly more challenging to navigate but offer a more finished product.

But that doesn’t mean you should skip the Antik browser. In fact, it is a fully functional antidetect browser that you can already use to create hundreds of accounts risk-free and streamline group tasks. Simultaneously, it has a very minimalistic user interface that is effortless to understand, so this option is one of the best anti detection browsers for beginners and more basic tasks.

Antik Browser Features

Antik browser cannot boast of feature variety, but that’s common for software prioritizing ease-of-use. After all, not all social marketing managers want highly customizable software that takes hours of training to get used to. Antik browser is compact and lets you reach profile creation and team management sections with a few clicks.


The Create Profile section is fully equipped with the required customization options and a few extras. For example, you can attach a label to a profile, like Facebook, Google, or Crypto, to know which extensions and proxies should accompany it. Currently, it lets you simulate only Windows and macOS operating systems, so we’d like to see Linux and smartphone support updates in the future.

The advanced settings zone offers more specific customization options. You can manage webRTC, spoof a time zone, and change geolocation settings. The Antik browser lets you select CPU cores and memory and change WebGL, Web GPU, and Canvas settings. After you input your chosen user agent, your profile will look like this.


You can create multiple projects in the team section, set default extensions for the chosen account platforms, and add bookmarks and tags. Additionally, you can use Selenium and Puppeteer to automate your routine browser tasks.

At the bottom left, you have the Support, Docs, API documentation, and profile migration options. The support opens a chatbot that lets you select specific topics for AI-generated answers. However, it can connect you to a real person if you require more details, although the answers come after some time.


The Docs option redirects you to the Antik browser knowledge base online, which has 25 articles in total. The knowledge base will guide you through getting started, the main functions, and in-app options like profile cache storage, profile migration, subscription and balance, and others. The service so far does not run a blog, and the available information is somewhat limited but sufficient to get you started.

The API documentation redirects you to Antik’s instructions on connecting APIs to it. This feature lets you automate some processes with self-written bots, so it is for advanced users. However, the instructions are elaborate, so with some Googling, even new anti-detect browser users should be able to integrate APIs.

Lastly, head over to the profile section on the upper right. There, you’ll find the API token, logs directory, subscription details, and a Google two-factor authentication. We particularly like that the Antik browser decided to integrate authentication security from the very start, which is crucial when used for work-related tasks.

There’s also a referral link to invite other people and get rewards. Although we didn’t find any information regarding it online, the in-app referral section states you get 15% from your referrals’ purchases.

Antik Browser Pricing

This anti detection browser offers straightforward plans. You can choose solo tariffs or team tariffs or contact them directly to negotiate a deal that best suits your demands.

The solo tariffs have four tiers. There’s a free trial to create up to ten profiles for up to seven days, although we only got a three-day trial when registering. AB6.png

The most basic Lite plan costs $20/month for 30 profiles. The Solo plan provides the best value with 150 profiles for $40/month, and Pro lets you create 300 profiles for $80.

There are two team plans. The Team 500 costs $149/month for 500 profiles and unlocks full team collaboration features. The Team 1000 costs $299/month for 1000 profiles. The pricing is similar to other anti-detect browsers, as the MultiLogin 1,000 profile plan costs exactly the same.

What Are Best Proxies for Antik Browser?

To reach its potential, a functional antidetect browser must have access to reliable proxies. This lets you create multiple accounts with different IP addresses to minimize the chances of identification and bans. Simultaneously, residential rotating proxies are optimized to enhance data scraping and can target hundreds of websites simultaneously for faster results.

We recommend using residential proxies whenever you require a private connection. They will mask your original IP address and reroute all the data flow through a proxy server, so tracking you online becomes much more complicated. Combine it with Antik Browser spoofing features, and you can safely manage hundreds of online profiles without revealing their connections.

However, we understand that sometimes, affordability takes precedence over online anonymity. In such cases, our datacenter proxies offer a cost-effective solution. They boast one of the best speeds in the industry, with an impressive 99.9% uptime. It’s important to note, though, that datacenter proxies are more easily detectable due to their data center IPs, which can reveal information in HTTPS headers.

In the end, it all boils down to your needs. We believe Antik anti detect browser and our proxies mix well, as both are very user-friendly services optimized for beginners and valuable for advanced users.


Overall, the Antik browser was a pleasant experience. This tool doesn’t pretend to be anything else than what it is - an online account creation tool with sufficient spoofing options. What sets it apart is the user-friendly app that is a breeze to navigate.

The two-factor Google authentication is secure and shows developers’ dedication to making this browser a fully professional application. Because their support assured us the Android and iOS spoofing features are planned for the future, we’re waiting to see what it brings.

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