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The Importance of Ethical Residential Proxy Sourcing

Justas Palekas

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While residential proxies offer plenty of benefits, such as anonymity and the ability to perform uninterrupted web data collection, there’s only one way to ensure your online activities remain legal and compliant – using ethically sourced residential proxies.

This means working with a trusted proxy provider that adheres to ethical standards, such as IPRoyal.

Before we discuss IPRoyal’s ethical proxy sourcing and our commitment to data protection and legal compliance, let’s explain what residential proxies are and why ethical IP sourcing is important in the first place.

What Are Residential Proxies?

Residential proxies are IP addresses obtained from real or genuine residential internet users and ISPs (internet service providers.) Using a residential proxy server means having a middleman between your internet-connected device and the website or service you want to access or use.

What Are the Benefits and Use Cases of Residential Proxies?

Since you’ll be using a real IP address but not yours, target websites and services will treat you as another online user when performing your online tasks.

This way, you can enjoy online anonymity, privacy, and unrestricted internet access, which is imperative for tasks such as web scraping, market research, ad verification, social media management, and much more.

However, all these benefits are only possible if the residential IPs are sourced ethically and legally. Considering the common mistakes associated with residential proxy usage , it’s also important to ensure that this proxy type is the best option for your specific task.

Even though residential proxies are generally considered legal, it mainly depends on their usage.

If you use them for activities such as responsible web data collection and not for malicious activities like fraud or hacking, then you’re using them legally.

What Is the Importance of Ethical IP Sourcing?

Transparent and ethical IP sourcing is the cornerstone of trust between proxy providers and clients. It’s how providers protect clients’ privacy and security, allowing them to use their residential proxies with peace of mind.

Clients know the users behind the IP addresses have agreed to be part of a residential proxy pool and that they can always opt out if desired. Users are informed how their IP addresses are used and are compensated for the resources shared on the network.

Adhering to ethical practices involves staying updated with the latest legal and ethical regulations associated with data protection and privacy.

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Who Benefits the Most from Ethical IP Sourcing?

In a nutshell, ethical proxy sourcing is beneficial for everyone involved. The proxy provider establishes trust by ensuring ultimate privacy and security and minimizing the risks of using unethically sourced residential proxies for clients.

Clients can count on trustworthy proxies for uninterrupted business operations without worrying about data interception, legal consequences, or financial risks.

Users get compensation and peace of mind, as they can rest assured their IP addresses and bandwidth are used in full compliance with legal and ethical standards.

How Does IPRoyal Acquire Proxies?

IPRoyal has built its proxy pool from scratch because we wanted to know where our residential IP addresses come from. It was the only way to provide complete transparency to our clients and ensure they get ethically sourced proxies.

For that reason, we’ve built a global, bandwidth-sharing app called Pawns.app, originally known as IPRoyal Pawns.

The app lets people around the world with an internet connection share their unused bandwidth and get compensated fairly. This way, we know that each IP address in our network is authentic and, most importantly, sourced ethically!

How Does IPRoyal Ensure Transparency and Ethical Compliance during the Onboarding Process?

We’re open about our IP sourcing methods and inform users how their bandwidth is used. We require clients to verify their identity to be able to access everything we offer. With our KYC policy, we prevent fraudsters or criminals from using our residential IP addresses for illegal purposes.

Adherence to KYC regulations ensures our proxy network complies with legal and ethical standards, nurturing trust and credibility among clients. This way, they can rest assured their online operations are protected against malicious attacks.

How Does IPRoyal Ensure All Activities Are Conducted Ethically_847x400.png

IPRoyal adheres to the latest legal and data protection standards in the industry, such as GDPR and CCPA . This way, we guarantee that we follow the principles and regulations about data gathering, storing, and processing, respecting individuals’ rights and providing optimal privacy.

With the privacy of our clients and users being at the center of our services, we don’t collect unnecessary information from our IP source users or reveal their personal information to our clients.

How Does IPRoyal Ensure All Activities Are Conducted Ethically?

In terms of IP sourcing, we believe the only way to ensure it’s conducted ethically is to build it from scratch, just like we did.

Thanks to our bandwidth-sharing app and compliance with up-to-date ethical and legal standards, we know that each residential IP address in our pool is truly ethical.

How Does IPRoyal Prevent Proxy Misuse?

We have a team of professional constantly monitoring our proxy network and ensuring no one is using our residential proxies for illegal purposes. When noticing suspicious activity, our agents reach out to the client to verify what’s really happening so they can prevent any possible proxy misuse.

If no response or logical explanation is given, we terminate their account immediately. At the same time, if anyone tries to use our IPs for illegal purposes, we have their information obtained through our KYC verification process.

How Does IPRoyal Handle Financial Rewards or Compensation for Users Providing Proxies?

Since we source our proxies through our global app called Pawns.app, each Pawns.app user gets rewarded for sharing their IP and bandwidth with our clients.

Users providing the IP addresses get financial compensation. Besides enabling the bandwidth-sharing option on the app, they can also take paid surveys to boost their earnings.

How much money the IP source users earn depends on multiple factors, including:

  • Their location
  • The number of GBs they share
  • The number of devices connected with their account (as long as they are all on different networks with different IPs).

What Measures Does IPRoyal Take to Raise User Awareness of Its Practices?

At IPRoyal, we ensure our users are well-informed about our practices through a comprehensive approach. This includes providing blog posts and robust marketing strategies to spread awareness about our ethical standards and transparent practices.

On top of that, our dedicated customer support team is always available to explain our ethical IP sourcing methods and compliance with the industry’s highest data protection standards.

Final Words

Ethical residential proxy sourcing is no longer an additional benefit; it’s a necessity! This way, proxy providers like IPRoyal ensure their proxies provide ultimate privacy and security to clients performing their online tasks and peace of mind for users providing the IPs. With an ethical network built from scratch and compliance with the latest ethical and legal regulations, IPRoyal cultivates a trustworthy and sustainable industry for everyone.

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