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How to Get a Fake IP Address? 100% Working Solutions Added!

Milena Popova

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Your original IP address can expose details of personally identifiable information (PII) , which isn’t a safe practice online. Cybercriminals can use it to determine your geographical location and internet service provider’s information to launch devastating cyber attacks.

In this article, we will elaborate on how to get a fake IP address to substitute the original. Let’s dive into all the benefits it provides!

Why Would Someone Need a Fake IP Address and What Are Its Applications?

It’s easy to understand an IP address as your internet home address. People who message you and the websites you visit send the information to your original IP address. Simultaneously, hackers target unique IP addresses with DDoS and other malign cyberattacks. And governments limit online information access by blocking specific IPs – a lot is going on there!

Hiding your original IP address safeguards it from cyber threats and protects your online privacy . But cybersecurity benefits are but one part of a bigger picture. Here’s a full list of fake IP address advantages.

Anonymous browsing

Online surveillance exploits unique IPs to monitor user’s online activities. Internet service providers can see what websites you visit and how long you stay there or even monitor torrenting and p2p traffic. Did you know that ISPs in the US can legally sell user data without consent? Crazy! By using a fake IP address, you will hide your online activities from third parties and enjoy the benefits of anonymous browsing.


An IP address is at the core of numerous cyberattacks, like the Ping of death DDoS attack or many types of Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks. Obtaining a real IP address is relatively easy, and any cybercriminal with basic networking knowledge could do so. That’s why it’s best to protect your IP address using proxy servers that will substitute the original with an alternative so cyber attacks cannot reach your device.

Unrestricted internet access

The internet is divided into separate regions with numerous access restrictions. For example, China blocks Google and Facebook, Russia bans LinkedIn, and many US websites are inaccessible from Europe due to GDPR . You can use a fake IP address from a different country to bypass geo-blocking and access its content. For example, you can connect to a proxy server in the US from Europe and watch Netflix shows that are otherwise available only to US viewers.

Web scraping

Web scraping is an amazing tool for gathering publicly available online information for data analysis and business task optimization. However, many websites block information-gathering attempts from the same IP address . You can use a fake IP address whenever you target websites for specific information. For example, IPRoyal’s rotating residential proxies change the IP address every few minutes and are perfect for anonymous web scraping.

Avoiding IP bans

Many online services, like Discord, use IP bans to remove unwanted users from the platform. However, sometimes, they mistakenly select the wrong IP or ban a user from a server for no good reason. You can use a fake IP address to avoid the ban and rejoin the community . The same applies to video games as much as online forums and messaging apps.

How Can You Obtain a Fake IP Address Using Different Methods or Tools?

There are several ways to obtain a fake IP address. Some excel at bypassing geo-blocking, while others are oriented toward online privacy protection. Whichever you choose depends on your needs, so here are the different methods.

  • Proxy servers

Proxy servers are the best way to obtain a fake IP address because they are versatile, affordable, and provide various IP types. For example, you can get a mobile, residential, or a datacenter IP according to your requirements. Proxy servers can also be configured to inspect incoming traffic for malicious elements contributing to cybersecurity.

  • TOR browser

TOR browser is a primary tool to access the darknet, but it is also used for anonymous browsing. This browser sends your traffic through multiple nodes before the end destination, and each node assigns a new IP address . This way, no one can trace online activities back to your device and obtain your original IP.

  • Customized traffic routing

When using proxy servers, you reroute your traffic through another device to protect online anonymity. But there are more rerouting options. For example, you can create a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and route all traffic through it using its IP address. The main difference between a VPS and a proxy is that the former is designed to host applications, and traffic rerouting is an additional benefit.

  • Virtual private networks

A Virtual private network (or VPN) is another popular form of online privacy protection and cybersecurity software. Worthwhile VPNs have thousands of servers you can use to obtain a new IP address. They also encrypt the data flow to protect it from third-party spectators. But remember that additional encryption slows down the internet speed, so opt for proxy servers when you require a speedy connection instead of additional encryption.

What Are Some 100% Working Solutions to Acquire a Fake IP Address?

Like most things on the internet, getting a 100% foolproof service takes some time. Unfortunately, various shady businesses exploit the demand for fake IPs and provide lousy or even fraudulent services . For example, numerous VPNs collect user data instead of providing online anonymity, and they can even leak users’ original IP addresses, defeating the whole purpose.

Simultaneously, the TOR browser has entry and exit points vulnerabilities that could expose user identity if controlled by a single malicious actor. It doesn’t mean that TOR and all VPNs are bad. It’s best to use TOR cautiously with additional privacy protection for the most sensitive online operations, and always check user reviews before subscribing to a VPN service.

The same applies to proxy servers that come as close to 100% as possible. If you subscribe to a reliable proxy service provider, you will get access to millions of servers. IPRoyal currently provides over 8 million global IPs that successfully obfuscate and replace your unique IP , and our service quality is backed up by the 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot.

Can a Fake IP Address Ensure Anonymity and Bypass Geolocation Restrictions?

Unfortunately, a fake IP address alone cannot ensure online anonymity but significantly contributes to it. Current online surveillance systems are extremely sophisticated and can use browser (or device) fingerprinting to identify the user, even if they use a fake IP address . However, suppose you apply additional online anonymity and privacy software (like private browsers). In that case, it is mandatory that you also substitute the original IP address as it is still the primary online tracking tool.

We’re happy to say that a fake IP address is the best way to bypass geolocation restrictions . Services like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and others block IP addresses, limiting worldwide content availability. And the same applies to authoritarian governments. You can connect to a proxy server in a country with the desired content and get unrestricted internet access – as simple as that!

It’s mandatory to understand that fake IPs do not enable criminal activity . They are a powerful online anonymity tool, but using it for criminal purposes will get you in trouble. It’s best to use fake IPs to streamline business operations, protect online privacy, and access geographically restricted content if that content is considered legal where you reside. Let’s take an example.

You can use proxies to access online casinos inaccessible from your location. If your country allows online gambling with real money, then accessing a restricted online casino website is perfectly legal. On the other hand, if gambling is considered illegal where you live, using fake IPs to gamble online can have dire consequences.


Is using a fake IP address illegal?

No, using a fake IP address is perfectly legal and has numerous online safety and privacy benefits. On the other hand, using a fake IP address to participate in illegal activities is, of course, illegal. Fake IPs do not enable actions against national laws.

Can a fake IP address be traced back to the user?

Only on rare occasions. Hackers can exploit a few vulnerabilities in the TOR browser, and VPNs leak original IPs from time to time. However, tracing a fake IP address to a specific user is extremely difficult, so you can feel safe using one if you’re not a target of the most professional hackers.

Are there any specific settings or configurations required to use a fake IP address effectively?

No, fake IP address services like IPRoyal’s residential proxies automatically assign the user a new IP address and reroute the traffic through its servers- there’s no need for any additional settings and configurations.

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