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IPRoyal 2024 Q1 Update: Upgraded Documentation, Seamless Social Logins, and More!

Simona Lamsodyte

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At IPRoyal, we never stop improving our services to provide the best possible experience for our clients. As always, we’ve worked hard in the first quarter of 2024, developing and implementing new features, expanding our network with new locations, and refining our platform to improve your overall experience with us.

Let’s go through IPRoyal’s 2024 Q1 updates.

Live Documentation

We understand the importance of transparency in business relationships, so we’re proud to introduce live documentation that is accessible directly from our website and dashboard. This comprehensive resource provides both existing and prospective clients with insights into all aspects of our products and services.

2024 Q1 features update 1.png

From integration tutorials and web scraping guides to product updates and billing information, our documentation ensures accessibility and clarity throughout your journey with IPRoyal.

Support for Alipay Payments

While we already support various payment options, such as Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, and cryptocurrencies, we’ve introduced yet another popular payment method – Alipay!

Our goal is to ensure global accessibility and streamline the checkout process. With the addition of Alipay support, we’re one step closer to a seamless ordering experience, especially for our Asian clients.

Social Login and Signup

We understand that no one likes to waste time setting up a new account or remembering usernames and passwords. That’s why we’ve decided to simplify the login and signup process for our clients by introducing the social login option.

2024 Q1 features update 2.png

From now on, you can log in to IPRoyal with Gmail or LinkedIn. Just choose the social media platform you prefer, and we’ll create an account using the associated email address. And if you already have registered with us with the same email address as for these social media platforms, you’ll be instantly logged into it.

Automatic Notification When Desired IP Locations Are Back

On rare occasions, IPs in your preferred location may be out of stock. While we used to email our clients when their desired proxy locations were restocked, we did this only on demand.

Now, IPRoyal clients can get an automatic email notification if they prefer. This way, we ensure you stay informed the moment your desired Datacenter, Static Residential, and Sneaker DC proxy locations become available again so you can perform your activities on time without any delays.

UX and Proxy Performance Improvements

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the user experience and simplify the process of purchasing and managing proxies, we are constantly refining the entire customer journey. Our goal is to ensure maximum convenience for our clients, with our platform consistently evolving to meet their needs.

We’re also committed to optimizing proxy performance by constantly maintaining, measuring, and improving the quality of our proxy network. You can also track our proxy network health through our Network Status page , where we provide transparent updates 24/7.

Referral Program Dashboard Optimization

Our referral program lets you earn 10% of each referred client’s order. However, to start earning, you need to share your referral link with your colleagues, partners, and associates.

2024 Q1 features update 3.png

To streamline this process, we’ve added a new section in our Referral Program dashboard that shows your unique referral link anytime. You can simply copy and paste it into the desired platform without generating it manually.

New Locations, Greater Possibilities

Last but not least, we’ve added plenty of new locations for most of our services. Whether for bypassing geo-restrictions, enhancing workflows, or improving connection speeds, ensuring all our clients can find proxies in the location they need remains a priority.

Our static residential proxy clients now have access to IPs in Slovakia, Finland, Ireland, Croatia, and Slovenia, making a total of 22 locations to choose from.

On the other hand, our mobile proxy network is enriched with IPs in Spain and Italy, offering you a choice of 7 locations worldwide.

Finally, we’ve expanded our datacenter proxies and sneaker DC pools with 12 new locations, bringing the total to 41 locations worldwide. You can now find IPs in Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Vietnam, Finland, South Korea, and Luxemburg.

Looking Ahead

We remain dedicated to improving our services at zero costs for our clients, so we won’t stop here. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to streamline your online operations and scale your business.

Keep an eye out for an exciting announcement from IPRoyal! We can’t wait to share what’s next as we keep innovating and enhancing your experience.

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