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IPRoyal Receives Proxy Server Service Accolade From High-Ranking B2B Platform

Justas Palekas

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IPRoyal got another feather in its cap recently when a high-ranking B2B software directory presented our proxy server service with a pivotal award.

CompareCamp, one of the high-ranking software marketplaces today, recognized IPRoyal with a Rising Star Award, acknowledging our product’s consistently expanding customer base and prominence. The award is presented to new business software providers that have swiftly acquired market validation.

Among several bases, CompareCamp checked out the striking volume of favorable feedback and social mentions on our product as a badge of customer satisfaction. Software specialists from CompareCamp also penned a thorough IPRoyal review and concluded that it provides a worldwide network of reliable, affordable, and secure proxies created for different personal or business activities and purposes. It also found that we allow individuals and companies to use genuine IP addresses derived from mobile networks, internet service providers, and data centers.

In their analysis, specialists at CompareCamp commended our product’s full-scale features and handiness. Among the qualities they took note of are our high-quality proxies, optimized web scraping, and corporate privacy and security.

The review mentioned that IPRoyal enables users to use exclusive residential and mobile proxies that are harder to detect, allowing for higher trust and reputation ratings than other proxy types. When users access websites and services, operators and providers will recognize an IP address related to a genuine ISP or mobile network customer rather than the users’ actual IP addresses. Users can be assured that the likelihood that they will be banned due to IP- and location-based restrictions is prevented. We also provide cost-efficient and top-performance datacenter proxies that allow users to scrape, cache, and retrieve data from various sources at higher bandwidth and throughput rates.

These aside, the review also mentioned that users can gather huge amounts of new and accurate data across different websites and locations and allocate them all in a unified venue. Our proxies send traffic through HTTPS and SOCKS5 connections. Hence, the data passing through a proxy is encrypted and does not require to be rewritten or converted. This reduces data errors, amplifies transfer speeds, and enhances user security and proxy performance. Additionally, users can immediately change their residential IP addresses at specific intervals with automatic IP rotation.

The review also praised our ability to help businesses and organizations prevent their employees from browsing unsafe websites and downloading unwanted content and applications. This lessens the chances of having their employees’ and customers’ personal data breached by intruders and hackers.

IPRoyal would like to extend its appreciation to CompareCamp for this prestigious accolade. Being recognized by distinguished organizations such as this one motivates us to do better at providing top-notch proxy server service solutions .

We would also like to give our thanks to the teams who have trusted us for their proxy server needs. Rest assured that we will keep on delivering prime services and features so that you can improve your experience and satisfaction with our products. We look forward to more years of working with you.

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Justas Palekas

Chief Marketing Officer

Since day one, Justas has been essential in defining the way IPRoyal presents itself to the world. His experience in the proxy and marketing industry enabled IPRoyal to stay at the forefront of innovation, actively shaping the proxy business landscape. Justas focuses on developing and fine-tuning marketing strategies, attending industry-related events, and studying user behavior to ensure the best experience for IPRoyal clients worldwide. Outside of work, you’ll find him exploring the complexities of human behavior or delving into the startup ecosystem.

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