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New Royal Residential Plan Features - Your Tools for Success

new royal residential plan features

Simona Lamsodyte

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Last week, we covered the new features of our entire proxy lineup and what these changes mean for our clients. This time, we’ll focus on our most popular service - the Royal Residential plan.

In the last few weeks, we’ve introduced some significant updates to our residential proxies . All these features represent the culmination of extensive research, development, and client feedback. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the most significant ones. We’ll also explain how they benefit you from a user’s perspective.

Residential Proxy Pool Growth

The most important part of the Royal Residential plan is our residential proxy server pool. As you know, we built it with nothing but ethically-sourced, authentic residential IPs from all over the world. Each IP comes from a genuine desktop or mobile device backed by a real ISP connection.

We’re proud to say that we recently hit the 2-million milestone! What does adding new IPs to this pool mean for you as a Royal Residential plan user? All available IPs are less shared among clients. This means you get faster proxy servers, higher success rates, and less IP flagging. Whatever your needs may be, our residential IP pool can meet and surpass them!

Easier Management With Session Rotation

The Royal Residential plan recently got the “Rotate all sessions” button for sticky IPs. Let’s say you generated a proxy list and started using your sticky IPs. If you want to replace those IPs with new ones, you previously had to generate a new list with brand new credentials you’d have to update manually.

The “Rotate all sessions” button will switch all your previously generated sessions to brand new IP addresses from the pool. There’s no need to update the credentials for each session manually. The more sticky residential proxies you use - the more time you’ll save with this feature!

Transparent Bandwidth Usage Reports

Providing accurate usage reports has been a commonly requested feature for a while. As always, we listened and developed a solution that provides valuable insights and helps our clients make the most of their bandwidth.

By clicking the “Generate data usage report” in the dashboard, you can get a CSV file with detailed information on the websites you accessed, along with access dates and the traffic you used on each website. By tracking your data usage, you can optimize your tools and parameters to save your bandwidth. For example, you can turn off the scraping of images and other bandwidth-intensive content.

High-End Pool Option for Peak Performance

Our high-end pool option ensures you only get access to the fastest and most stable IP addresses currently available with our Royal Residential plan. All you need to do is tick the box next to the “High-End Pool Enabled” option in the dashboard.

Yes, this feature limits the number of proxies you can use. However, we’re convinced it will be highly beneficial for certain clients. Web scrapers, marketers, sneaker shoppers - if you value speed over the number of available IPs, this option is for you!

Looking Ahead

Since the very beginning, we’ve been dedicated to improving and expanding our services. Addressing our clients’ challenges and meeting their needs remains our focus as we move forward. We’re looking forward to growing and innovating together with you!

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