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How NitroPack Uses IPRoyal to Provide Additional Value to Clients and Increase Performance

Simona Lamsodyte

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NitroPack offers an all-in-one speed optimization solution for websites. It’s compatible with WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and custom websites. The cloud-based platform doesn’t require any coding or tech skills. Any website owner can set it up and take advantage of everything it offers in just a few minutes.

It’s all about approaching web performance from a unique perspective. Aside from caching, code optimization, and other common methods, NitroPack takes advantage of modern CPU architecture, offloading tasks away from the main thread. Countless clients all over the world rely on NitroPack, as it currently speeds up over 204,000 websites.

The Challenge

Loading speed and responsiveness is a critical factor for any modern website. Aside from improving the user experience, this metric impacts SEO rankings and conversion rates. Faster loading enhances user satisfaction, minimizes bounce rates, and improves the success of a website by providing a competitive advantage.

“We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to speed websites up even further,” said Georgi Petrov, the Co-founder and CEO of NitroPack. “As proxies can significantly impact traffic routing, we decided to look into it and see if there’s a way to harness them.”

The distance between a user and a web server impacts the number of nodes a connection has to go through. Each node introduces a delay, so a request can arrive at its destination a lot later for users who are in a remote location. “We decided to try out residential proxies in different locations and do some testing to see if this approach can mitigate the delay.”

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The Solution

Reverse proxies are already a go-to tool for this purpose, with caching, load balancing, and other features that can significantly speed up content delivery. Forward proxies, on the other hand, would reduce the distance data needs to travel for an additional boost. In other words, if a user accesses the website through a proxy in the same region as the destination web server, this would improve performance.

“After assessing the market, IPRoyal seemed like the obvious choice,” said Mr. Petrov. “What helped us make the final decision was IPRoyal’s pricing and location coverage. With proxies from a wide selection of countries, we could easily cover all parts of the world at minimal cost.”

IPRoyal accepted the challenge and provided everything necessary for testing. NitroPack automatically selected servers in the right location based on the incoming requests and assigned them automatically to users.

The Results

The testing phase was a great success. The team was able to monitor the performance closely, and the impact of this approach was obvious. According to Mr. Petrov, “IPRoyal offered everything we needed and beyond, including assistance and expertise of their senior team members.”

After examining the results, NitroPack decided to integrate proxies into their service for an additional performance boost. “While the results vary depending on location, connection speed, and other factors we have no control over, the benefits are definitely there,” confirmed Mr. Petrov.

“Thanks to IPRoyal’s dedicated residential proxies, we’ve seen page load times reduced by 32% on average . We can now improve website speeds even further at a minimal cost and provide a clear advantage for all our clients. We have a reliable partner for our operations, and we’re certainly looking forward to growing together!”

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