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One of the Best Aezakmi Browser Proxy Servers

Aezakmi is the safest browser you can use when it comes to things like multi-accounts, betting forks, traffic arbitrage, social media marketing, and contextual advertising. It allows you to be invisible on the internet and avoid getting bans from various websites.

This anti-detection browser is mostly used for creating multiple accounts on websites. But, no matter what you do, websites will know that all of those accounts you’ve made are coming from the same device because of your unique IP address. That’s where proxies can help.

Aezakmi Browser Proxy
Residential Proxies
From 0.80USD/GB
  • 180+ countries available
  • City/state targeting
  • Flexible rotation/sticky options
  • Traffic never expires
  • SOCKS5 supported
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Datacenter Proxies
From 1.30USD/proxy
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth & threads
  • Not shared
  • API access
  • SOCKS5 supported
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Sneaker Proxies
From 0.80USD/proxy
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & threads
  • Instant delivery
  • Unbanned on most websites
  • 1-day plans available
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Static Residential Proxies
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Premium ISP providers
  • Unlimited bandwidth & threads
  • Not shared
  • SOCKS5 supported
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Why Do You Need Proxies for Aezakmi Browser

Using proxies will ensure that you take full advantage of Aezakmi and everything it has to offer. But, let’s explain how this browser and proxy servers work before we cover why you should use them together.

Aezakmi Browser Overview

Aezakmi browser allows you to stay anonymous on websites by preventing them from collecting information about you, including your browser data, default language, time zone, GPS, screen resolution, and other data. Websites can gather all this information by using special scripts to identify you from the rest of the internet users. This is called browser fingerprinting.

Now, the Aezakmi browser can help you replace your browser fingerprint by creating a fingerprint profile in your account, thus allowing you to use the internet anonymously.

Once you create a fingerprint profile in the browser, you can use them, and each website you access will get that information instead of your real fingerprint data. If you want to work with several fingerprint profiles simultaneously, you should create multiple Aezakmi browser profiles.

Aezakmi database includes over 20,000 unique fingerprints from real user devices, thus ensuring each one is unique and different from the rest.

Advantages of Aezakmi include online anonymity, easy setup, quick start, adaptation for Facebook, and great technical support. The browser is premium, but it does offer a 2-day trial. It works on both macOS and Windows.

Proxy Overview

A proxy is another computer on the internet that connects your device to the website, app, or service you’re trying to reach by providing a gateway between the internet and your local network. It receives all of your web requests and forwards them to their destination on your behalf.

Also, it receives all responses and sends them back to your device. The website content you want to access is provided by the proxy, which works on your behalf.

In the process, the proxy hides your real IP address from website servers, thus preventing them from finding out your location and other identifiable information about your device. Website servers can only see your proxy’s IP and location, which are different from yours. This is how proxies help you to surf the internet anonymously. A premium proxy service like IPRoyal provides you with millions of different IP addresses from locations all around the world to pick from.

Reasons to Use a Proxy for Aezakmi Browser

You need to create different Aezakmi fingerprint profiles if you want to open and use multiple accounts on websites without getting detected and banned. But, to work with Aezakmi fingerprint profiles, you first need to have unique Aezakmi browser profiles.

If you want each of your Aezakmi browser profiles to be unique, you should make sure they have different IP addresses. That’s where proxies come into play.

A quality proxy service provider will give you as many different IP addresses as you need, thus ensuring each profile gets a unique IP address. This way, when you access websites from multiple accounts on your device, their servers will think the accounts come from different users, locations, and devices. This is why many social media marketers use Aezakmi.

Best Proxies for Aezakmi Browser

Aezakmi browser supports SOCKS5, HTTPS, HTTP, and LTE proxies. When it comes to IP addresses, proxies can be residential or datacenter, and Aezakmi works with both.

In general, residential proxies are more reliable than datacenter proxies as they provide authentic ISP-issued IP addresses used on real devices. On the other hand, datacenter proxies provide great speeds, which can be helpful if you need high-speed connectivity for your online activity.

The most important thing is choosing a quality proxy provider and avoiding free proxies as they are unsafe. IPRoyal is a premium proxy provider that offers more than two million quality residential and datacenter proxies, ensuring each of your Aezakmi browser profiles gets a unique IP address for full anonymity.

First, you need to create a new fingerprint profile and then tick Enable Proxy. Then, select the required protocol, which can be HTTPS, HTTP, SOCKS5, or LTE, and enter all the required information which you'll get from your proxy provider. Check the proxy and once you ensure it works, click Save. Open the extension, choose the new Aezakmi profile, and click the A-E-Z-K-A-M-I button. The proxy configuration is now done and you're ready to use it.
Yes. Not only does the browser support proxies, but it also encourages users to use proxies. That's because proxies can ensure you're 100% anonymous when using the browser.
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