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Dealing with an Instagram IP Ban: How to Regain Access to Your Account

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Do you remember when Instagram allowed users to have multiple accounts, like so many posts at once, or bombard others with spammy comments? Well, those days are now behind us. Today, Instagram controls all users with strict anti-spam and anti-botting software.

This means that if you’re trying to grow your account in a non-organic way, you’ll get an Instagram IP ban. Don’t worry, though – we provide tips and strategies on how to avoid it.

But first, let’s explain an Instagram IP ban, its potential causes, and the various types of Instagram bans.

What Is an IP Address?

To understand Instagram IP bans, you first need to know what an IP address is . So, let’s start from there. An IP address is a unique identification code that identifies an internet-connected device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Without these codes, devices won’t be able to communicate with each other. The IP address can change depending on whether you’re using Wi-Fi, local, landline, or mobile connection.

It’s assigned by an internet service provider and contains information about the user, such as their approximate location. It’s how websites and platforms can restrict access to their content based on the user’s geographical location, also known as geo-blocking.

But an IP address reveals more than just your geographical location. In fact, the IP address is associated with all your online activities, including those on Instagram.

Does Instagram Know Your IP?

Instagram, or any other online platform you want to use, can see your IP address when making a connection request. It’s how they know where to send the response. Although your IP won’t reveal personal information about you, it does help Instagram separate you from other users.

This way, it can monitor your activities on the platform. And if you wonder whether Instagram logs your IP, the answer is yes. Much like other social media platforms, Instagram keeps a record of the IPs used when accessing it. It’s part of their privacy policy.

What Is an Instagram IP Ban?

Now that you know what an IP address is, let’s explain what an Instagram IP ban is.

Since the platform can see your IP address and associate it with your activities, it can easily block it if you perform any untrustworthy actions, such as spamming others. This means it’ll automatically reject all requests sent from the banned IP address, regardless of whether you use the website or mobile app.

You’ll also be unable to access the platform from your device or network, even if you open a new account. The problem is that usually, more than one user is affected.

That’s because everyone using the same Wi-FI can suddenly get banned, such as roommates or family members, even though only one of them has violated the rules.

Why Is Instagram Banning IP Addresses?

While there aren’t many reasons why this platform bans a particular IP address, it’s good to know what actions can cause it so you can avoid it. Generally, it bans IPs when they are associated with actions that violate their rules.

So, if you’re a casual user who just wants to share photos occasionally or scroll through Instagram, you have nothing to worry about. But if you have an online business that depends on this platform, you should know what actions can get you banned.

Causes of Instagram IP Bans

Instagram tries to maintain a user-centric approach where everyone can engage, share, and connect in a positive and genuine environment. For that reason, it bans IPs that prevent this curated experience.

So, here are the most common things that violate the platform’s guidelines and terms of service, leading to Instagram IP bans.

Suspicious Activity

An Instagram ban is common after following too many users, liking too many posts in an hour or day, or sending messages in quick succession. But you can also get punished by unfollowing many accounts in a short time.

The action is perceived as suspicious, and the punishment can be either an action block or a temporary ban.

The first blocks access to a specific feature, such as ‘Like and Comment’, for a short time. It can take two hours or sometimes even two weeks before it’s once again available to you. A temporary ban is usually given after ignoring multiple action blocks in the past.


Managing numerous accounts just to post inappropriate or irrelevant comments, (often referred to as spammy content) can result in an Instagram IP ban. This way, the platform tries to provide a safer and more enjoyable environment for users and deter others from engaging in prohibited activities.

User Complaints

Every Instagram user has an in-app reporting feature that allows them to report an account they consider a threat. Users can also report accounts that post content without the owner’s permission.

So, if your account is perceived as a threat to others or if you post someone else’s original content without permission, you can easily get banned due to reports from others.

Promoting Violence/Nudity/Abusive Behavior

If your account promotes hate speech and violence, engages in harassment, displays nudity, or any form of harmful or abusive behavior, you’re violating Instagram’s terms and conditions. Such posts can get flagged, and your account or IP banned.

Running Multiple Instagram Accounts from the Same IP Address

The platform automatically flags IP addresses associated with multiple Instagram accounts. However, users on the same Wi-Fi will most likely have the same IP address when accessing Instagram. That’s because all devices in a coffee bar or apartment will probably use the same router to connect to the internet.

This, however, doesn’t mean they will automatically all get banned for sharing the same IP to access their Instagram account. The platform imposes a limit on the number of user accounts that can be accessed from the same IP address. If this limit is surpassed, an Instagram IP ban is imminent.

Buying Followers, Likes, and Someone’s Account

If you buy followers, likes, or someone else’s account, you’re violating the platform’s rulebook. That’s because we all agree not to sell, license, transfer, or assign our accounts, username, followers, and any account rights when making our Instagram accounts.

Using Bots

Using bots goes against the platform’s terms of service and can lead to an account suspension or Instagram IP ban. In fact, the platform employs various methods to detect automated behavior, including the use of bots.

But if you’re running an online business or you’re an influencer, you’ll need to use automation tools or bots sooner or later. They can help you increase your follower count, boost your engagement on the platform and improve your visibility by automating comments, likes, and direct messages, perform marketing strategies, stay ahead of the competition, and attract monetization opportunities.

Despite these potential motivations, it’s essential to recognize that using bots on Instagram is against the platform’s rules, which is why you need a solution.

Types of Instagram Bans

Did you know that around 1,400 user accounts get banned from Instagram every day? And that’s only in the US. However, not all Instagram bans are the same. They vary in severity and duration.

Here are the three types of bans on this platform.

Temporary Ban

A temporary ban can last anywhere between 3 to 21 days, depending on whether the user will continue violating the rules. If you have this type of ban, you won’t have access to specific features for a particular time.

For example, you may not be able to like, follow, or comment on posts or send direct messages to other users. These are known as communication restrictions. Posting restrictions is when you can’t post reels, posts, and stories.

And lastly, you may be temporarily blocked and asked to verify your identity so you can access your account again.

Permanent Ban

Getting a permanent ban means that your Instagram account will be deleted without offering you a chance to restore it. It can be caused by continuously violating the rules, such as mass following, mass liking, or spamming.

In that case, anyone who wants to visit your account will see that the page is unavailable.

The Shadow Ban

When it comes to the shadow ban, you can’t really find any rules about it on Instagram. Yet, it very much exists. Users describe it as a significant drop in their engagement and hashtag reach. In other words, getting this ban means limited visibility of your content without being notified by the platform.

This type of ban is usually caused by violating the community guidelines.

How Do You Know If Your IP Is Banned from Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t always notify you that your IP address or account was banned. Still, there are some signs that indicate a possible ban. But before we tell you more about them, try clearing the cookies from your browser and see if this solves your problem.

If you can see the sign-in screen, it’s only your account that has been banned. But if you can’t access the Instagram website altogether, it means you’ve received an Instagram IP ban.

Check out a few common signs of an Instagram IP ban.

Inability to Open a New Account

If you can’t create a new account on the platform using the same device or network, you’re most likely banned. In that case, you won’t succeed even if you use different login credentials. That’s because the platform has blocked your IP address, so any attempt to create a new account from that IP address will be unsuccessful.

Inability to Log In

If you can’t log into your account, you’re probably banned from Instagram. No matter how many times you enter your username and password, you’re still redirected back to the login page or get an error message.

“Action Blocked” Messages

If you keep seeing “Action Blocked” messages when trying to follow, comment, like, or do any other action on Instagram, the chances are your IP address is banned. This could mean that the platform has flagged your IP address as suspicious, preventing further actions from that IP.

Consistent Problems across Multiple Accounts

If you’re unable to access various accounts from the same network or device, you might have an Instagram IP ban. That’s because the ban applies to all accounts linked to the banned IP, not just the one that has caused the ban.

The Best Strategies to Bypass an Instagram IP Ban

Whatever the reason that your IP address is banned on Instagram, there’s a way to get around it. Here are a few things you can try to bypass the ban and continue using the platform.

Use Proxies or VPNs

The best way to get around an Instagram IP ban is to modify or change your IP address. You can easily do that with residential proxies . Using a proxy server means connecting to Instagram via a different IP address, solving your problem within seconds.

High-quality residential proxies or mobile proxies won’t reveal your original IP address or that you’re using a proxy in the first place. Instead, they will make you look like another user when you access Instagram, resembling someone using another device in another location.

That’s because residential proxies carry IP addresses assigned to genuine users by ISPs and mobile proxies carry genuine mobile IP addresses. And that’s exactly what you need to regain access to Instagram without triggering any alarms.

A VPN is another option to change your IP address, only these work on a system level, as opposed to residential proxies which work on the app level. Whether you go with an Instagram proxy or VPN, make sure you use a trustworthy provider, as Instagram keeps getting better at detecting these tools.

Use Another Device

Once again, the goal is to change your IP, which, except for proxies, only your internet service provider can do. However, that may cost you a lot if you have a static IP. But if you have a dynamic IP address, you can try using another device.

That’s because ISPs typically reassign IP addresses to different users within a certain timeframe. By the time you power on your device again, you’ll likely have a new IP address assigned to you.

Contact Customer Care

Here’s another option to access Instagram again, provided you haven’t done anything to deserve the ban. Reach out to their customer care service and file a complaint about your unsuccessful attempts to access your account.

Expect a response and follow the instructions. While this can take a while, it’s still an option to consider.

How to Automate Instagram without Getting Banned

If you don’t adhere to Instagram content guidelines, you’ll probably end up getting banned. But if you need to complete bulk tasks, there’s something you can do to automate them without getting your accounts banned.

Of course, you can do it manually, but it’ll take you too much time. This is why most social media managers use automation tools or bots to boost engagement on their multiple accounts.

Automation tools work well with Instagram and similar platforms, but only if you use them with proxies. With proxies, you basically get a fake IP address by rerouting your connection through itself.

So, if you use different proxies for your accounts, you’ll prevent Instagram from discovering that all of them belong to you. This way, you can own and automate as many accounts as you want and still avoid detection and ban.

Tips for Avoiding Instagram IP Bans

Do you want to know how to avoid Instagram IP ban? The short answer is: don’t violate the platform’s terms of service, and you won’t have to worry about getting an IP or account ban. However, that’s not always the case, so here are a few suggestions on how to stay away from an Instagram IP ban:

  • Show Instagram you’re a genuine user by posting gradually on your own account instead of first liking, sharing, and commenting on other users’ posts.
  • Ensure your Instagram content is aligned with the community guidelines. The platform allows anyone 13 and above to register, so your content should be appropriate for a diverse audience, meaning no nudity or any type of sexual content.
  • Don’t post violent or gory content to avoid violating the rules, even if your goal is to raise awareness.
  • Post original content, and when reposting or sharing someone else’s, make sure you give them credit or ask for permission beforehand.
  • Ensure the number of your likes and comments stays within the daily limit to avoid being flagged as spam. For example, if your account is rather new, don’t share, like, comment, message, or follow other accounts more than 30 times each per hour. For older accounts, this limit is 60.
  • If you have more than five accounts related to one IP address, you’ll get banned, so keep this fact in mind.
  • Since Instagram doesn’t share how many posts are too many posts, which results in a ban, it’s best to avoid posting too frequently.
  • If you want to use bots or automation tools on Instagram, use quality ones that won’t get you banned.
  • The same applies to mobile or residential proxies. If you need a good Instagram proxy service for automation or managing multiple accounts, get it from a reliable proxy provider.

To Sum Up

Instagram and similar platforms offer a great place to connect with people worldwide, promote your brand, and increase your sales. No matter how you want to use the platform, you must adhere to its rules.

Therefore, try to avoid the possible triggers. Since this is often easier said than done, consider the strategies we offered to help you bypass and avoid Instagram IP ban. Only in this way can you use the platform to the fullest!

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